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#1957—Part Two: Chapter 8—What The Future Holds For Our Environment: When it's too late we will realise—Nothing sold to us can be more “pure or more valuable” than what is, “freely,” given to us.

Elk Bath, an award-winning photograph of elk avoiding a wildfire in Montana, is credited to Wikipedia.

Part Two

What The Future Holds For Our Environment.

A Revelation To John 11:18
The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small—"And for destroying those who destroy the earth."
Hosea 4: 2-3
“There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgement of God in the land. 2 There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed. 3 Because of this the land dries up, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea are swept away.
Around 66 years ago our climate began to change. Today, many of us live in areas which had quite stable weather back then, however over the years, the very same areas have, for many people become 'unlivable', especially at certain times of the year.

Left: I realised in the early noughties I could get away with growing subtropical plants in my sunny back garden despite living so far North. I now grow grapes, palms, and olives. The olive tree in the photo is now established in the ground and is producing olives. 

I started The Big Wobble back in 2008, ironically to cover climate change—But, it was actually eight years earlier, the turn of the century when I noticed the climate was changing here in Holland.

I arrived here from the UK in August 1988, Dutch winters back then could be quite harsh with temperatures often reaching -20 degrees C (-4F).

The Dutch have a wonderful winter tradition, when winter arrives the famous Dutch canals freeze over and the entire nation takes to the frozen canals to skate on the ice. Ice skating is not just the national winter sport in Holland, but is also an obsession. Everyone has a pair of ice skates and the Dutch speed skaters are just as famous as professional footballers and dare I say, much more successful. Sadly, however, as the years have gone by the winters have become considerably milder, and without ice people can't skate. By the turn of the 20th century, winters had become considerably milder and more often than not snowless and iceless.

These days, winters have become increasingly softer, last winter for instance, I can't remember the temperature dropping below 5 degrees C (41F) which is wonderful for garden plants but not so good for wildlife. The winters here, have become so mild, that hedgehogs, toads and other little animals are not hibernating any more. The effects and implications of this ‘unheard of’ phenomenon are yet to be discovered, but we should be worried. Reports of Hedgehogs and toads still being out in people’s gardens during winter were absolutely unheard of until a couple of winters ago. Noord Holland is located as far North as the Southern tip of the Hudson Bay in Canada! It should be cold here in the winter.     

Crazy temperatures!

Back in July 2019, I measured an unofficial record temperature of 41.1 degrees C (106 degrees F) in the shade of my back garden, left.

Meanwhile, summers are going the same way as winters, they are becoming much warmer. Back in 2008, any temperature over 30 degrees C, (86 degrees F) was considered unusually hot and was relatively scarce. Now though, fast forward just 15 years, and temperatures regularly approach 35 degrees C, ( 95 degrees F) and sometimes even higher.

'Warning—The chapter below is not for the squeamish!

Let me put this into some kind of perspective, in 2008 I started blogging, climate change was my passion. As I said, back then 30 degrees C, (86 degrees F) was considered unusually hot and relatively scarce. 15 years later, however, those kinds of temperatures are now considered quite normal in the summer months. In July 2019 Holland broke its own heat record twice in just two days and smashed through the 40 deg C ceiling when a temperature of 41 degrees C (105 degrees F) was recorded. July 2019 must have been some kind of a benchmark because heat records were smashed all over Europe—Since then Holland has regularly recorded temps of 37, 38, and 39 degrees C in each of the summers since 2019. I would quite honestly predict 45 degrees C, (113 degrees F) will happen here within the next five years! Dutch summers are clearly warming up. I have personally observed that global warming is increasing, so it's not unreasonable for me to predict that 1 degree C, or 1.8 degrees F can be added to the average temp every summer because this is precisely what I have witnessed here in Holland since 2015! If warming continues as it has done during the last 15 years, temperatures of somewhere around 65 degrees C (149 F) or even higher will be quite possible by 2050 here in Holland. These temperatures are quite frankly unlivable, not just for us but for any living organism, anywhere in the world. Our whole ecosystem would have collapsed long before 2050 if this were to happen. What I'm saying, is quite simple, we are nearing (if we are not already there) the tribulation period prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. Now then, here is the caveat for anyone reading this post, you do not have to be 'religious' to understand. . . 2050 is not very far away!

Holland's climate problems are tiny compared to what is happening around the globe, however. I can honestly say, that in my fifteen years of reporting climate change, I have never witnessed anything like I witnessed last summer. The unprecedented fires in California in 2018/19, Australia, in 2019, California the following year and the ones in Canada in 2021 were record-breaking, outrageously frightening and an incredible phenomenon to witness. However, they were localised.

The summer of 2023 was the summer when just about every country in the Northern Hemisphere appeared to be on fire. What happened to France, Spain, (Tenerife and the South) Portugal, Italy, the Balkans, Greece, the UK, Turkey, Kazakstan, the US, (Hawaii, California, Colorado and Oregon) Canada and many parts of North Africa, (Algeria, Tunisia and Morrocco) and not forgetting Asia was not only unprecedented but quite honestly disturbing. It was so bad one reporter claimed on the usually very calm and collected BBC:
"July will be unlivable over here [Southern Europe] very soon!"

Fact is, Mr BBC, July will "very soon" be unlivable all along the Northern Hemisphere. . . 

Other, experts and climate buffs' were describing the fires as 'Biblical,' and, how right they were—' for once anyway.'

Strangely enough, a large part of the world's leaders don't even believe in climate change, (the ones who deal in coal) and this is what I can't understand because it's so clear for everyone to see! Every month—Massive wildfires fueled by drought, tinder-dry winds and heatwaves. Huge hurricanes and typhoons, fueled by extra warm sea temps (rocket fuel for water-based storms). Record-breaking floods often, as a result of out-of-control storms caused by an erratic jet stream. And bone-crunching cold spells from high-pressure systems, also trapped by an erratic jet stream. It's happening all around us. Our planet is facing the biggest threat it has ever faced in our 6,000 years of history. And it's accelerating, each year will probably be worse than the year before. For example, the experts claimed 2023 would be the hottest year ever—However, they said this long before August had even arrived! Such an early prediction has never happened before!

The clues are becoming more and more ominous,  and, speeding up. Every month it seems, scientists are claiming "last month was the wettest ever," or the dryest or the hottest, the coldest, and so on and so on, every month is a record-breaker, it never stops anymore. The sad part is, it's now too late, this climate change thing is as powerful as a runaway freight train, it can't be stopped, well, I suppose we could blow it up. . . Don't laugh the US government has already been looking at plans to detonate a nuke or two into our atmosphere to filter the sun's strength, more on that later.

“1962/63—The year the Gulf Stream stopped.”

Climate change doesn't have to take the hot fiery route either, it's not all about heatwaves. In the winter of 1962/63 (there's our timeline again), the UK suffered its own, unlikely, "Day After Tomorrow"!  Out of the blue, the UK experienced its worst winter since the mid-1700s. In the winter of 1962-63, something quite incredible happened. The winter had begun somewhat mild but stormy until just before Christmas, 1962. The entire British Isles was suddenly plunged into an unexpected and unprepared “Day After Tomorrow” mini-ice-age event which was later dubbed “The Year The Gulf Stream Stopped.”

The historical winter lasted from December 1962, through January, February, March and well into April 1963 with snow-covering lasting well into spring. But, it was the severity of the cold that took the nation down. The unexpected and unprecedented blast of cold, wind and snow crippled the UK and brought the infrastructure, economy, labour market and worse still, its people to their knees overnight. The record cold and snow of 1962-63 was a record-breaker and was only preceded by the record-breaking winter of 1683–84, (itself known then as the "mini-ice-age"). We have to remember, that the UK is surrounded by sea—The winter of 1962-63 was so severe the sea froze around the ports of the UK disrupting shipping imports, exports and the crucial fishing industry.

A Beast From The East 

On the 22nd of December, a “beast-from-the-east,” a weather front of clear high pressure, brought in brutal cold air from Syberia and planted itself, firmly above the UK. Incredibly, this was followed by another high-pressure system bringing in even colder air from Iceland, Britain became the frozen meat in the sandwich. The extreme cold established itself over the UK and didn’t move for more than three months plunging the country’s roads and transport systems into chaos, isolating towns, cities and villages around the country. Great Britain’s infrastructure was not designed for a weather event like this and couldn’t cope. Cold northern winds brought blizzards sweeping across the country dumping incredible amounts of snow with drifts as high as 20ft, or 6 + metres in many places, an incredible and unprecedented amount of snow for the UK.

The relentless snow, along with the bone-chilling cold and fierce winds carried on through January, February and March causing misery and hardship for millions of British people. Most hospitals struggled to cope and thousands of people died from illness or the cold. The old and frail suffered the most, and keeping warm became an art form in itself. Shops struggled to keep up with supplies and simply stopped trading. Many people starved to death. Farming became impossible, resulting in thousands of dead cattle and frozen crops along with millions of dead local wildlife, especially local birds. The whole three months turned into a modern-day disaster, highlighting the inadequacy and fragility of modern-day infrastructure when hit with a once-in-a-lifetime extreme weather event.

Remember Wexler's Warning?

So, just what happened to the UK in 1962/63? We have to go back to chapter four of this book, and to 1958, a chap named Harry Wexler, remember him? He was a prominent scientist at the time on JFK's team of space race scientists and ironically in 1962, the same year as the UK storm, warned the US government that the increased pollution from "rocket exhausts" and nuclear weapon testing was doing “terrible” things to our atmosphere. Harry Wexler warned the government that chlorine and bromine, the stuff coming out of rocket exhausts were destroying our atmosphere and ozone layer and would eventually disrupt the “jet stream” which in turn would cause worldwide weather chaos.

The jet stream is thought to be one of the biggest causes of extreme weather (global warming) recently. And this 'weather driver' is causing much of the chaotic weather behaviour we are witnessing today. The erratic jet stream is causing horrendous storms, flooding, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts and bone-crunching cold spells. We can't repair the jet stream which is already out-of-control and a mass killer, bringing death and damage to the Northern Hemisphere and costing governments billions of dollars.

The year the Gulf Stream stopped was caused by an erratic, lazy, jet stream. The extreme cold became trapped by the jet stream and didn’t move for three months, but more importantly, nor did the lazy jet stream. This is exactly the scenario Harry Wexler warned JFK about a few months earlier and does without doubt happen now, and, next time, the cold snap could include the Polar Vortex to boot, which could cripple the entire northern hemisphere.

Recently hurricanes in the North Atlantic have been slowing down, often parking themselves over islands and coastlines causing much more damage than they should have. Once again this is thought to be caused by the erratic (lazy) jet stream.

Ironically as a kid, I actually caught a glimpse of Wexler's warning. I can't remember any of the problems the adults had at the time. But, I do remember playing in the snow with a sledge my dad had made me. I can also remember having to go to school through the snow drifts. I can still recall my hands being purple and screaming with pins and needles from the bone-crushing cold after throwing snowballs with other kids. And I can still see in my mind's eye, tons and tons of snow sliding from the terraced house rooftops when the snow began to melt in April, I was just 6 years old at the time but the memories are like yesterday. . .

Long after Britain's record-breaking winter of 1962-63, many countries, some rich but many more not so rich are being hit by extreme weather events, rendering their countries, or parts of their countries, unlivable for seasons or long periods of time and it's getting worse very quickly. We didn’t know it at the time of course, but, the winter of 1962/63 gave the Brits and the rest of the world just a tiny glimpse into the future and what extreme weather events can do to the world. How could we have known then? But, in just 60 years' time, our whole world would be in danger of a sixth extinction event?

The last generation!

Not only are we now facing the prospect of losing crops, plants, animals and marine life, the very food we need to survive, but also, insects, bees and butterflies, the small but equally important species which pollinate flowers, fruit and crops. Was it human greed, or Divine intervention which caused the collapse? Whatever it was, the collapse has brought the entire planet to its knees in just a short time, the actual collapse started around 66 years ago, and in just 9 years' time, 2032, the collapse will have lasted one whole Biblical generation. Is our generation the last generation so often mentioned in the old prophesies? 

It is much worse than we are led to believe! In March 2021, the American government-run National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA) released its monthly national report on the American weather which had just recorded its coldest February in more than 30 years. The report claimed record-breaking freeze had caused many parts of the country, especially Texas of all places, to become, "unlivable!" February 2021 was a brutally cold month for Texans: Several locations across central Texas — including Austin and Waco — broke records for the longest streak of below-freezing temperatures. Every county in Texas was under a “Winter Storm Warning” and experienced wind chill values well below zero as far south as the Rio Grande River and northeastern Mexico.

The Texan infrastructure just like Britain’s 63 years earlier was brought to its knees almost instantly. At one point eight million Texans were boiling their water to make it safe to drink, others were reduced to drinking a “yellow, foul-tasting sludge” from their taps, while platoons of plumbers and engineers struggled to repair the damage done to countless homes and businesses by the cruel winter storm. Millions more were without electricity for almost a week. Many Texans faced food shortages as grocery stores tried to stay stocked, just as the shops had done in the UK more than 60 years earlier. Huge crowds descended on food pantries already under stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic which continued to threaten Texas during the severe cold. It was relentless! According to NBC News, almost 100,000 Texans died of COVID-19 and a further 5.8 million people were infected.

At the height of the storm 1,445, public water systems reported service disruptions due to the cold, affecting almost 15 million Texans across 190 counties. Also, while power had been restored in much of Texas after the state's power grid buckled in the face of the historically low temperatures, many people were also hit with massive electricity bills because scarce power means higher prices in the state's market-based system. Millions of Texans were already suffering from a pretty deep recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ironically the US still reeling from “unlivable” weather events which happened in the previous September and October of 2020: Historic, record-breaking wildfires had burned across the entire Western coast. To make matters worse, unprecedented tropical activity had churned up the Atlantic causing a record-bustin hurricane season. On top of that, large swathes of the country had struggled with record-breaking heat waves. The first nine months of 2020 brought a record-tying 16 billion-dollar worth of weather disasters to the nation, according to scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. Seven of those events—Western wildfires, a Western/Central U.S. drought and a heatwave. Hurricane Sally, Hurricane Laura, the Midwest derecho Hurricane Isaias and the February cold snap—All occurred in just a seven-month period after June 2020. 

What happened to the UK in 1962/63 was a precursor to what we are beginning to see in certain areas of the world today. Vast areas are now becoming impossible to live in due to climate change and extreme weather events, whether, hot, cold, drought or flood. Many of the areas have for years been heavily populated but are now, at least for certain parts of the year,  have become"unlivable."

At the beginning of 2020, the entire eastern coastline of Australia, a vast area covering millions of square miles, was engulfed by flames, killing 2 billion animals. Almost 25% of temperate forestry was lost as was 60% of the Australian summer crop production. Many people died, and thousands of houses and businesses were lost as drought, unprecedented heat and tinder-dry conditions sparked the biggest wildfire season by a country mile for the Aussie people. A normal severe wildfire season in Australia would normally destroy 2% of temperate forestry, this one burned 25%!

Ironically, the following summer an El Nina event dumped record amounts of water on Australia, once again killing millions of animals and destroying tons of agriculture.

An expected mass displacement has begun and will increase dramatically as this decade unfolds. On the 16 of March 2021, The Red Cross claimed more than 12 million people had been internally displaced around the world in less than six months, mainly due to climate and weather-related disasters. In just 6 months, 12.6 million people, more than two million a month and more than the entire population of Belgium had been displaced around the world, beginning a trend that will eventually dominate the ‘2020s. Extreme weather refugees.

In just “23 days” during January 2021 Indonesia suffered an incredible "185 disasters" including two major earthquakes (mag 6 or higher), “seven volcano eruptions,” with a further 3 showing activity, as well as deadly tornadoes, landslides and floods killing and injuring thousands and displacing many more. 

Indonesia’s neighbour the Philippines was battered by Typhoon Goni, the world’s most ferocious storm in 2021. Three more storms battered the Philippines in as many weeks, leaving over 3 million people destitute. These figures released by the Red Cross show just how desperate life is becoming for many people around the world thanks to increasing extreme weather events and other natural disasters. I could go on—Into 2020 and 2023 but it's just more of the same. . . And each time a little more severe.

Nothing sold to us can be more “pure or more valuable” than what is, “freely,” given to us. This should become very clear to mankind as this ship of fools begins to sink—And is, in many ways, an indication and proof of creationism as opposed to evolution and will give those of us with a conscience and the ability to think clearly that it is the powerful, wealthy and strong who have destroyed our planet and not the meek, and just as we were told, we have nothing to fear. 

Human or any other life form here on Earth has “NOT,” evolved. On the contrary, our world is on the verge of collapse for everyone and everything, not only the weak but the powerful, rich, fat and greedy alike. Despite mind-blowing technological advances, mankind has not been intelligent enough to see this simplest of deceptions. When God created Adam, he was given a “free choice,” to follow his heart, freeing him up for an eternity in paradise without pain or sorrows. Or selling his choice for a lie, at the same time condemning himself and the human race to death. Incredibly he bought the lie. . . And the rest of us have followed suit ever since.

I read somewhere (I think it was a quote from “The Four Horsemen'') that to really understand something is to be liberated from it. Yet, how can we liberate ourselves from our vain attempt at global progress, which has eventually, destroyed the planet we live in? The very word progress means a movement towards a refined, improved, or desired state. Incredibly, our fantastic advances in technology have “systematically destroyed” the very place we are trying to improve. Planet Earth will very soon be unlivable for all forms of life due to our hubris!

Mankind has become the perfect parasitoid, which is a parasite that eventually kills its host. Indeed, our world is in a state of collapse, an implosion on a scale unimaginable just a few years ago, the carnage which is about to be unleashed has been sneakily growing under our noses and is now inevitable. We will shortly have a situation where nearly 8 billion people will be trapped on a dying planet with no food to feed them and nowhere to hide from the killer weather. 

The Watcher On The Wall—1957


Quartermaster said...

When I was in High School (late 60s, early 70s) the predictions were for another ice age. Saw some pretty cold temps, but it didn't happen. Then we started hearing that we were all going to cook to death during the summers. Didn't happen either.

Summer was much milder here in the Mountains of North Carolina. We had on 90 degree (F) day, when we would have has many days above 90 before. The number of overly warm days has consistently declined since I moved to NC in 2005.

Over the years, we have seen temps go up and down. There has always been variations, but it does not vary near as much as the climate change hoax would claim.

Gary Walton said...

Hi, thanks for the comment.

A steady increase or decrease is just as bad, as I wrote above, a steady increase in Holland where I live started to be noticeable around the turn of the century, follow that steady increase to the year 2050 and If warming continues as it has done during the last 23 years, temperatures of somewhere around 65 degrees C (149 F) or even higher will be quite possible by 2050 here in Holland.

These temperatures are quite frankly unlivable, not just for us but for any living organism, anywhere in the world. Our whole ecosystem would have collapsed long before 2050 if this were to happen. What I'm saying, is quite simple, we are nearing (if we are not already there) the tribulation period prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago.

Now then, here is the caveat for anyone reading this post, you do not have to be 'religious' to understand. . . 2050 is not very far away!

Have a good day!

Hawkeye said...

Reading comments like quartermaster just wrote are so damn irritating! I'd like him to know that the ignorant nonsense he printed is a waste of time because most everyone today can see there is something very wrong with the climates globally. Eldery and middle aged people from both sides of the polly ticks crowd see this and say it now.
Please save your breath quartermaster, you're going to need it to breath soon.
We ARE "cooking to death" EVERY SUMMER NOW, and freezing to death EVERY WINTER as well, the EXTREME "variations" are quite visible and quite noticeably felt. Oh and BTW, lines in the sky are NOT NORMAL and not natural either. Those are why you should save your breath!

Gary Walton said...

And welcome back to you gal!

Hawkeye said...

Thanks Gary. I've been sick with a crazy flu bug of some kind for two weeks. I'm hearing about so many others here in my area who are also ill. There is a wave of covid and there is also some strep throat bug and bronchitis going around. One of my neighbors asked me if I thought maybe I got sick from the "climate change" of winter temps hitting our area now. I was so tempted to answer that was a thought because last few weeks the sky spraying has been really heavy! That is what always happens during our winters now as the weekly manufactured cold fronts roll through EVERY weekend. Every weekend is a red flag. How can that be natural? It's not is the answer. What's in that damn spray?

Aside from that thought my neighbor is probably correct in what he asked me. We go from mid to high eighties in winter months, then in hours after those cold fronts roll through we drop 40+(F) degrees! It's been going on so long now that people think it's normal weather behavior, but there is nothing normal about it I promise you that! Then after we are forced to endure those extreme "variations" in temps for two or three days, the temps quickly rebound back up to high eighties even nearing 90F for the remaining two or three days of the week, and then comes the next cold front to start the pattern all over again.

During summer (April thru Oct. for SWFL) we really are cooking from extreme heat. Each summer season sees higher temps then the previous summer, this past year we were topping out at 110F in the shade! I didn't dare try to put the thermometer in the sun for that temperature reading because thermometers only go up to 120F degrees and it surely would have exploded the mercury in the thermometer if I did put it in the sun. So for us here in the so called tropics of USA, those examples Gary gave quartermaster in reply are only about 20 degrees off from being reality. There is no possible way we are making it to 2050! That is a pipe dream. Photosynthesis stops at 104F. That means plants can not grow.
Oh but climate warming!'s just a hoax. Haha, they think if they keep saying that people will believe it, think again! Most people have and are experiencing some kind of weather catastrophe from this climate change hoax. Another big reason no one is buying that spin talk quartermaster wrote above. As TBW readers know, I am one of those people. Hurricanes are every summer now for years and just like the temps, every year is worse then the year before. My area is still trying to recover from September 2022 hurricane Ian that demolished our coastal communities with 155 mph winds and a 4ft flood because it sat on top us without moving for over 24 hours. Imagine a 155 mph cyclone that doesn't move for that long!? That is no hoax!
My other thought on why everyone all of a sudden is sick is mold poisoning. It was one year this past September since the flood and many of the rehab homes smell like mold now. Right after that storm for about 7 months the smell of mold was really strong outside walking past all the homes awaiting demo, then all that debris full of mold went where? In the ground, in the waterways, in our breathing. How much ground is contaminated? I'll bet it's a probable cause to these illnesses if not only from the sky spraying. One thing is for sure, it's something we are all breathing because all these illnesses are upper respitory and that means we breathed it in. So take your pick, mold or geoengineering spray dispersion? We have both.
Keep up the good work Gary!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, pal

And with record rainfall in October, and November here in Holland mould is surely going to be a huge problem here in the coming weeks!

Stay warm and safe Hawkey xxx