Monday 13 February 2023

Once again a major quake coincides with another geological occurrence! A magnitude 6.1 was recorded in the Kermadec Islands, above North Island, New Zealand in the middle of the arrival of Cyclone Gabrielle. New Zealand declared a state of emergency on Monday as Cyclone Gabrielle started to lash the North Island.

Credit, Earthwindmap

Yesterday I promised more major seismic activity in the coming days and we didn't have to wait for long. . And once again the quake coincided with another incredible geological occurrence, right in the middle of the arrival of Cyclone Gabrielle.

As I mentioned yesterday on January 9th this year, a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia at precisely 18:47 UTC—Just 3 minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! I have never seen these two powerful events so closely linked together before. Full story

This morning's major quake (mag 6 or higher) was the 7th major quake so far in February and the 18th of 2023.

New Zealand declared a state of emergency on Monday as Cyclone Gabrielle started to lash the North Island. People in several regions such as Northland and Auckland, the country's largest city, have been warned of a high risk of tidal flooding by the civil defence department.

Thousands of people are cut off power in the North Island. According to the forecast, 400 millimetres of rain and wind gusts of 130 km/hour are expected over the next 20 hours. The national carrier Air NZ cancelled all domestic flights in and out of Auckland on Sunday, and many international flights are also cancelled. Most schools and childcare centres in the region have closed, and 26 emergency shelters and civil defence centres have been set up across Auckland, according to the civil defence department. 

Auckland and many other places in the region were upgraded to red alert on Sunday as MetService, the national meteorological service of the country warned that the worst weather is yet to come. The government asked residents to prepare sandbags to buffer their homes, store food and water, and be ready for necessary evacuations in the coming days. Many sandbag stations are set up across Auckland overnight, and locals are encouraged to prepare their own sandbags for extreme situations.

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins urged people to "take the severe weather warning seriously" and "stay at home, cancel all unnecessary travels." This is only two weeks after Auckland and the adjacent region Waikato were inundated by record downpours and floods. Red Warnings are only issued for the most significant weather events, and this is the second time already in the year 2023.

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Hawkeye said...

Warnings to residents, "400 millimeters of rain and wind of 130 km for TWENTY hours..." twenty hours, same as my hurricane Ian....over 20 hours of pounding wind and rain with storm surge flooding...
Because these storms are steered and held in place to cause maximum destruction! Do people see this yet?!! It's on purpose folks, no kidding.
It won't stop. Prepare as best you can no matter where you live on this earth you are at great risk of some horrible catastrophe. Look at Ohio now. More poison air falling in to waterways and floating via wind to other areas.
It's getting to a tipping point now. There have been so many farms ruined and crops destroyed from the weather makers and now there is more poisoning to livestock and farms and waters from this train derailment burning toxic chemicals.
How much more can we take?! What are people doing about it?...buying mold flood damaged real estate on the poison gulf of mexico! So ugly they are!

Gary Walton said...


Listen, good folks!

Laughing-Bear said...

Greetings From Alaska Gary,
I sit back and look at all the sheeple with their heads buried in the sand, there are none so blind as they that will not see! So many do not care about the Them's because they're not the Us's. Problem is that the Us's are the Them's to them! So little regard is given to the environment, for fellow mankind, for God.
So many look at that beautiful sunsets that come from all that pollution produced with HAARP and Chemtrails and think, wow I am a blessed Us's member, while some place in the world like Florida, the Them's are getting pounded to death by cruel weather gods.
Sick men who are playing god's, keep creating weather changes that melt our glaciers which were meant to last. They make our oceans a polluted dish; but its not their problem since they really hate eating fish. In short they are making Earth an unstable toxic stew that is beyond saving at this point. Why you asked, the cancer of greed, which will only be removed when GOD comes back and sets up His Throne to rule. And I love the fact that wee little man can not control the Sun, yep with it the Creator can rock the Earth when and where He wants and no one can stop Him. Just read the book of Revelation, get ready, hell on earth is about to break out.
So I'll sum it all up this way. Back in Deep Time before the cancer did grow, Uncorrupted wee little man, on land did first show. It wasn’t very long before greed began to flow, yearning for things not his, killed brother with a blow. Time always moving forward, demanding power, desiring more, neighbor’s wife, distant lands, oil, gold, he became a whore. Bloodshed continually spilled, coveting, hating, raping, enslaving, the Son, moon, and stars pondered, wee little mans sinful craving. Finally a moment of ultimate…. hate! Buttons pushed, nukes awake, sin and atoms removed forever, all vaporized for greed’s sake.

Just my thoughts as I wait for the Big Quake here in Alaska!!!

Hawkeye said...

Good comment Laughing Bear!! Since you brought up poisoning the earth in to a toxic stew, I would like to share something I just read.... posted by a said truthseeker on a Twitter thread link was a section in the agenda30 literature stating that 'if you live in an area that has been poisoned (air and or water) the plan is to relocate you in to one of the smart cities being planned by the globalists'. You know, now they call them 15 minute cities.
As soon as I read that the Ohio derailment chemical burn came to my mind. Now it makes some sense because some are saying that burn was planned. Meaning the derailment was scheduled so the wicked Ohio local government could make that bad decision they made to burn those railroad cars that derailed to clear the tracks.
With suspicion I consider all view points on all the chaotic happenings going on almost daily now across the globe. I wonder if what I'm reading is correct, and I do always lean on that side of "on purpose" because I know how much of our world is fake and controlled, but why would they deliberately poison the environment/people/animals etc.? What is that motive? They too need to breath and eat, so wtf?

According to the GA guidestones they respect the environment, they do what they do against us to protect the environment....yet they continually constantly poison the environment which in turn poisons all life in the environment. Doesn't add up does it? Well I have to remind myself we are dealing with some extremely mentally ill people in power, that could be why they are not able to discern between respectfulness and murder! Do psychopaths know the difference? Are they able to have rational thought? Is there any compassion in their hearts at all? Are they just so mind boggling wealthy that they have literally lost all forms of cognitive reasoning?
I hope one of them reads this! Haha....and if so I hope they get insulted and receive insight from the grace of God to stop and turn on their wicked ways and buddies!
The people in Ohio within breathing space of that derailment poisoning their air, my prayers are with you all! Please get out of there no matter the sacrifice. Everyone is waiting worried for ww3, what if we are already in it? What if ww3 is not as we know world War to be but rather a war on we the people instead?

Unknown said...

The wicked rich playing "god" with nature will be destroyed by Him at His Coming but they will kill many before then.

Not so odd now to realize the Trumpet announcements God makes are not His Wrath but rather the backfired results of this tampering with God's natural principles.

Hawkeye said...

Yes Unknown, I know you are right! It's the "before then" part that's hard to cope with.
Here is another piece of food for thought that not one news person in any outlet has mentioned with regards to the Ohio toxic rail burn. Those train cars were full of toxic vinyl chemicals, right? The train derailed and how long after that was it before the local gov said burn it? An hour or less maybe? Not long is my point, right?
OK, since when is it legal to make a call like that without getting official permission via permits! I realize it was an emergency situation but normally, in case people don't know, any entity that wants to burn chemicals that are toxic must get a permit and make special circumstance preparations. That includes informing the residents BEFORE it occurs so proper evacuations can happen.

So with zero talk about the usual legal methods to do something like this, it gets even more suspicious! And where are all these truth teller alt news writers to not be asking this same question?! Where did the Ohio government get the authority to burn that much hazardous material from?!

Here in FL I just read this morning of another toxic fire burning on the east coast of my state. Near Miami, a waste facility burn going on for almost a week (news only told of it today) that those city officials are saying is a bit out of control to put it out. Making it sound like it was accidental but I don't know because the news article never mentioned how that fire began, what set it off, nothing at all regarding that has been told yet.
They did say don't go outside, close your windows and evacuate until it is extinguished. Another toxic burn going on! Weird!
If anyone knows otherwise to anything I just said, please comment! I would like very much to be wrong, but I don't think I am wrong.