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More Lies! It has become the cosy left-wing mantra since February 2022—The outrageous spike in energy costs, inflation, food shortages and supply chain problems are due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine! No No No! This problem was introduced months before the invasion

Elekes Andor, own work, credit Wikipedia.

The fact-checkers?

It has become the cosy left-wing mantra since February 2022— The outrageous spike in energy costs, inflation, food shortages and supply chain problems are due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Left-wing news establishments, like the BBC for instance, who often like to "fact-check," so-called "conspiracy theorists" have been telling us, the energy and food crisis started after Russia invaded Ukraine. Is that so? No way, it's another lie— Let's fact-check the BBC, shall we?

In, September 2021, more than 6 months before Russia invaded Ukraine I posted an article on TBW:

In September 2021, a 70% rise in wholesale gas prices prompted US-owned CF industries to stop production causing a 60% shortage of the UK's CO2 production almost overnight. The gas is used to stun animals for slaughter, package meat and also in refrigeration systems. It is also used in fizzy drinks, beer, cheese, fruit and vegetables and crumpets, among other items.  

To make matters worse, the UK's "energy companies" were also in panic with some facing closure as desperate companies had urged the Government to scrap the price cap and allow them to add hundreds of pounds to the average bill as the UK wholesale price of gas soared to a record high and suppliers went to the wall at the rate of one a week.

Seven firms collapsed in 2021 in total many being only in existence for five years. Experts predicted that up to 39 would go in the next year, 2022. It was the same story in Europe too with Holland expecting customers to have to pay an extra 500 Euros to heat their homes during the winter of 2021.

Just a year later, the same energy firms are making so much money, they have likened their success to a licence to print money! (How could this be and why are they blaming Russia, now?)

Curiously, the jolly green giant of sustainable fuel was struggling at the time too. Shortage of wind around the UK, Ireland and Western Europe had ground wind turbines to a halt. Additionally, a number of other power generators were unavailable or had reduced capacity, while normal support from Britain through the East-West Interconnector was lessened due to their own diminished supplies. Meanwhile, Ireland was forced to halt transmission via the Moyle Interconnector, which usually exports electricity from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

Back in the summer of 2021, electricity prices across Europe were already at near record-high prices. In the wholesale market, an auction for UK intraday power prices reached $2,766 per megawatt-hour from noon to 12.30 pm, nine times higher than prices just four hours earlier. In Spain, electricity prices rose 7.5 per cent to a record $180 per megawatt-hour. In France, the benchmark power price for next year's delivery 2022, rose 2.2 per cent to a record $117 per megawatt-hour. Ireland already had concerns that it might not be able to generate enough electricity to avoid power cuts when consumer demand increases ahead of the winter in 2021.

In America, the situation back in the summer of 2021 was not much better. 

Historian and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns claimed that the present day is one of the worst times in American history. Burns made the remark while on the “SmartLess” podcast, hosted by Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes, comparing current events with the Civil War, the Depression, and World War II. “It’s really serious. There are three great crises before this: the Civil War, the Depression, and World War II. This is equal to it,” he said on his Sept 20 episode when asked about the direction the United States was headed. 

The world economy was already causing crippling world debt and runaway rising energy prices, affecting fragile infrastructure, businesses, and most of the world's population. The Covid crisis had systematically killed the middle class, destroying millions of small to middle size businesses and creating a chronic labour shortage of key workers, cutting the world supply chain, and emptying supermarket shelves.

The world was already running out of everything, yet our governments didn't seem too concerned, where was the urgency? From tin food to meds. From toilet paper to semiconductors. Cars to shipping containers. Farms closed by the thousands daily. The global supply chain began to collapse. Not enough workers, a worldwide shortage of truck drivers, and a shortage of fuel. Gas and energy prices began to climb, rapidly, going through the roof. Full story

That same weekend in late September 21, saw long lines of cars and trucks queuing at gas stations for petrol which wasn't there. Ugly fights erupted between customers across garage forecourts across the UK as frustration and anger reached fever-pitch. Empty shelves greeted shoppers at supermarkets, that great unstoppable "behemoth," inflation has taken on a frightening run.

After 18 months of a pandemic lockdown, Britons had awakened to a different world, a world of rising prices and shortages. A massive labour black-hole opened due to the UK walking away from Europe. Brexit caused a shortfall of more than two million foreign workers. Foreign workers who did work the British themselves do not like doing: Driving trucks, factories, and agricultural work. 

By October 2021, gas prices rose by 37% in just one day in the UK. Since the energy crisis began in the UK a couple of months earlier 13 providers had gone bust with more on the way. For the first time the now often-heard quote, "heat or eat" was being used by the media. The poorer half of the country we were told would have to decide whether to heat or eat last Christmas. 

We should quite clearly understand what is happening. There is much talk by our "sincere" leaders and their international news corporations that the world is on the verge of WWIII. This 'new' world war we are told is being masterminded by the evil Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Evil, he surely is, but as the war in Ukraine intensifies, more and more evidence appears to point to the fact, America, the West and Nato may have been, poking the Russian bear, with a very big stick and the provocation has been going on for some time.

As news broke of a new Sars-type virus breaking out in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, a new threat to our way of life was quickly established, eventually leading the entire planet into lockdown. However, almost immediately, before the virus had even reached the West, the White House was asking scientists whether the new Coronavirus outbreak, was actually, bio-engineered, was this new Covid-19, as it had been christened a weapon leashed onto the unsuspecting world. Almost immediately, claims and counter-claims began. America was blaming China and China blamed the US, for leaking this new menace.

It turns out though, the unsuspecting world may have been taken by surprise but governments and the military had known about the virus months before it reached the news headlines. The US government reportedly gave Israel an advanced warning over the emerging threat the coronavirus posed in China around mid-November 2019, more than a month and a half before the official warning came from China.  According to Israeli broadcaster Channel 12, US intelligence agencies became aware of the danger posed by COVID-19, the information was then handed over to the White House, “which did not deem it of interest”.

Despite the Trump administration's dismissal of the information, US intelligence decided to warn its close allies of the contagious disease, specifically NATO (30 member states) Nothing was done.

By early March 2020, a prominent Chinese official had promoted a theory that the United States military could have brought the novel coronavirus to China and it did not originate in the city of Wuhan, as claimed by the Americans. Posting to his more than 300,000 followers on Twitter, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian republished a video of Robert Redfield, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, addressing a US Congressional committee on March 11. In the clip, Redfield said some influenza deaths in the US were later identified as cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. "CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in the US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be the US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! The US owes us an explanation!" the Foreign Ministry official said. Hundreds of athletes from the US military were in Wuhan for the Military World Games in October 2019.

Now, on the 26 of September 2022, the world once again held its breath when the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline carrying gas from Russia to Europe was sabotaged. The western press blamed Russia of course, however, just days before Russia's initial invasion of Ukraine back in February 2022, Joe Biden claimed: "If Russia invades [Ukraine], that means tanks or troops crossing the border, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it." When asked how, the president says, "I promise you, we will be able to do that."
Full video here: Biden said they were going to do it—It happened “overnight” on the 26th of September.

But can we be sure Biden had the pipeline blown up? According to a special operations military flight tracker who provides insight into military special operations, tracking flights to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the War in Ukraine as well as several other locations. He claimed the only aircraft in the area of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline during the time of the sabotage was actually an American Navy, Poseidon 8 Bomber. The Bomber had to refuel over Poland. Later, a Poland Ministry Official posts a tweet thanking the United States for taking out the Pipeline On September 29th in front of the UN Security Council a Russian Federation spokesperson presents the known facts and asks the United States representative directly in a yes or no requested response, “did the United States take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline” which the US representative did not confirm nor deny it and didn’t answer the question, but instead took an offensive posture. Full story

Back in March 2022 a few days after President Biden told the world he would take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Israel 365 issued a press release claiming the Pentagon had admitted running bio-weapon labs in Ukraine and were worried they would fall into the hands of the Russians.

"Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons," US Senator for Florida Marco Rubia asked. In response, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said, "Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, in fact, we are quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach. Video here

The theory that US-run bio labs in Ukraine were developing COVID-related diseases as part of a plan by Dr Anthony Fauci, (more on him later) to release a new pandemic on the world was debunked by the mainstream media as “QAnon conspiracy theories” and “Russian disinformation.” But testimony by a US government official in front of Congress revealed that at least part of this “conspiracy theory” is, in fact, true. The prestigious Foreign Policy site described it as a “discredited QAnon conspiracy theory.” The article called for the claim of US bio labs in Ukraine to be removed from the internet by “regulated social media networks” as it appeared on “unregulated platforms such as Telegram and 8Chan.” Full story

According to China, the US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification. They claim that U.S. bio-military activities in Ukraine are only “the tip of the iceberg,”. “Under various names, the U.S. Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries.” (NATO member states?)  At the same time, Xinhua News Agency, the official state press agency of the People’s Republic of China, reported in March 2022, that it had been “confirmed,” that pathogens from deadly diseases stored in US-funded laboratories in Ukraine had been destroyed. But that would still leave 210 biological laboratories dangerously placed around the world.

It is so very obvious we have been fed disinformation from the western media and our own governments, (the very people we elected) regarding the Covid pandemic, the consequent lockdown and the vaccine mandate. Lies, 'alternative truths and double-speak,' regarding China and Russia, especially after the invasion of Ukraine have also brainwashed us into believing Ukraine and the West are the innocent parties here. But is there a deeper, hidden agenda? Does a part of the American elite have eyes on another conquest? It sure looks like it.

A report by WND's Shari Goodman back in March 2022 wrote:
Ukraine was also was hardly a democracy prior to the invasion. Opposition journalists are routinely jailed there. There is no freedom of the press in Ukraine. It is not by coincidence (and contrary to the paid for hire fact checkers) that the sons of Democrats in leadership positions (Biden, Pelosi, Kerry) either sat on the boards of energy companies in Ukraine or were doing business in Ukraine. When a new Ukrainian prosecutor, Kostiantyn Kulyk, opened an investigation into the business dealings of Burisma where Hunter Biden (with no energy experience) sat on the board, Joe Biden, as vice president, threatened to withhold financial aid to Ukraine and triumphantly bragged about it on camera. YouTube video here
Interestingly, throughout this conflict our media has not mentioned the existence of a New World Order as envisioned by Klaus Schwab and the role they may be playing behind the scenes. It is unsettling that our entire source of information is dependent on six corporations engaged in censorship largely due to their participation in the NWO. The six corporations are News Corp, Time Warner, Comcast, Sony, Viacom and Disney. All are funded by two major hedge funds, BlackRock and Vanguard. 
While our media has kept Americans  and Westerners in the dark when it comes to the New World Order and the power behind the movement, it is vitally important for Americans to learn about this new ruling class, the billionaire oligarchy behind it, its ties to the World Economic Forum, The World Economic Global Institute, it's mission and the pivotal role it has played here at home and throughout the globe. Klaus Schwab, a German economist, formed the WEF in 1971. Its mission is to erase national sovereignty as well as capitalism and replace it with a one-world centralized authoritarian communist government under the auspices of the billionaire oligarchy that meets in Davos yearly. 
Nearly every major political figure throughout the Western world in over 100 countries has graduated from the World Economic Forum's Global Institute (the likes of Justin Trudeau, Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, George Soros, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, among many others). In addition to the many global leaders, there have been nearly 20,000 Global Shapers placed throughout the world in positions of leadership in government, banking, education, corporations, the media and nearly all of our institutions. 
As Schwab has openly stated, in his version of the future, "you will own nothing and be happy." The notion that our private property rights are in jeopardy is a frightening vision and at odds with the right to pursue a life of liberty as enshrined in our Constitution. There is no freedom without private property. A few months prior the release of COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab in China, Karl Schwab and Bill Gates held a simulation of a worldwide pandemic at a symposium they termed Event 201, envisioning millions of lost lives and the opportunity for a Great Reset to follow. 
They proclaimed a pandemic would present for the New World Order the perfect set of circumstances to reset the globe's political and economic future by the year 2030. Unfortunately for them, the virus proved to have a survivability of 99.8%, and now that the fear of COVID is no longer viable, masks are scientifically unworthy, and the need for lockdowns has been eliminated, the NWO has moved on to what they call Phase II of the Great Reset. By deliberately poking the Russian bear, the United States under the direction of the NWO has lit a match that has cost the lives of innocent Ukrainians and with it the possibility of igniting a worldwide nuclear World War III. When a chorus of uni-party legislators (Lindsey Graham, Maria Elvira Salazar and many others) deliberately and callously call for the assassination of Putin and for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, they are not taking their talking points from a feeble Joe Biden. Instead, they are taking their marching orders from George Soros who has called for America's involvement in Ukraine as a call to war. 
It should be a warning to the rest of us. They are willing to sacrifice America in Phase II of the Great Reset in their quest for global dominance. Standing in opposition to them is another alliance consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). This is not the first totalitarian movement seeking global domination, but unlike other evil movements in past years, today's evil power grab carries the risk of global annihilation. Full story here
Many organisations, foundations, elitists and influential names have emerged since the dark days of December 2019, just as Covid came onto the scene. All have suddenly become household names.

Klaus Scwaube's famous speech reliably informed during the pandemic:
We now face the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," I am convinced of the stakeholder concept’s relevance. The World Economic Forum – and its work with "leaders" from all “areas of global society” – has never been more vital. I also believe the Covid Pandemic represents, a rare but "narrow window of opportunity" to reflect, reimagine and reset our world. "Build Back Better!” "The Grand Reset!"
Build Back Better has become the new "buzz" phrase on the tongues of future kings, Presidents, government leaders, the UN, NATO, the International Monetary fund, the World Bank, and WHO, to name just a few, alongside billionaires such as Bill Gates and George Soros, the world's leading foundations such as the Clintons. Elitists, influencers, health and climate experts. According to the organisations above, “our” old society should be changed to a new one because they think the old one doesn’t work.

Klaus believes, we, as citizens should be expected to give up our sovereignty and become subjects of a new world government (we will all have to "chip in," pardon the pun and do the right thing to save all humanity). People, like you and me, will be expected to own “nothing.” We will be expected to work for the State in exchange for housing, healthcare, and "basic needs (food and clothes).”
In his book, The Great Reset, Schwab claims by 2030 we, you and me, will own nothing but—We will be all the happier for it!—Whatever we need we will rent.
Politically, a small group of countries will dominate—Which is a different way of saying we will become citizens of a “New World Order."

Stay safe everyone.

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Hawkeye said...

Don't forget geoengineering earth's climate system! That too is a big part of all Gary wrote about here.

If one still does not believe it is real or really happening to our global weather then does one think it is just a meer coincidence that along side all these economic woes historic record breaking weather events are wiping out food crops, infrastructure, people's lives and forcing populations to relocate? Isn't it in line with the voices of the "WHO" thugs?
How many times do people have to be demolished by storms before they look up at the sky and realize those lines are just not normal and they are not just "con"trails of harmless vapor exhaust from engines?

I am a victim of this weather modification evil and believe me the "build back better" words are only words. Building back better is not in the plan!
Example; the community of Matlacha SWFL USA has been 90% wiped out from hurricane Ian on 9/26/22. The few remaining are at a halt to build back better because the army Corp of engineers is saying they can't rebuild because the area is at the mercy of the sea now and no more infrastructure will be allowed. Residents are fighting this talk but sadly it seems right now their fight is wasted time. I will keep you posted on that as it progresses.

The same thing is happening all over the world in many other places also. War, economic downfalls, and severe weather events are the causes. Causing what news calls mass exodus of populations to other areas. Weather modification is weather warfare and it is war like.
It is 31 days since Ian demolished my area. We are still knee deep in debris and clean up. We are still homeless, and without employment, and we are still living in lousy conditions from damage. Majority of businesses are still closed. Where are the trash collectors?
Insurance companies are screwing people left and right. Totaling many homes with payoffs just a fraction of the costs to repair and or rebuild. Properties that were valued at 300k and would cost near that to rebuild are being paid off as totaled at 15k, 22k, and the highest I've heard so far for my community was 28k! That is criminal. So those people can not build back better and are homeless, bunking with friends or family.
Even if official permission is granted to build back better, no one can afford to do it. This is what is happening here now post Ian. No coincidence I'm sure!
Well most people want to repair and rebuild these islands that went under water and were ravished by 150 mph winds for over 24 hours long. I'm not one of those people. I want to leave and get off the coast but I'm stuck here and not happy about it. People are still clueless to why this happened, still don't believe in CC/GW. They say Ian was historic and odds of it happening again are 1 in a million. Ha ha, no that is not so. Odds of it happening again are very very high because none of it is natural it is on purpose. They have the power to steer storms, so then why do they steer them directly in to our homes and not away from us?
I know it will happen again and I have had enough. Every summer for 20 years now there are hurricanes and or bad tropical storms either threatening our area causing panic and preparations that end up not needed or we do get hit hard. Going through that fear factor of pre storm threat is quite enough never mind getting hit and living through the storm and it's aftermath. I simply can not take it anymore. I pray for a way to leave and get to another place that is not as vulnerable to wind and water damages and I wonder why God leaves me stuck in all this mess with no way to get out of it.
Maybe He wants me to keep sounding the alarm? I don't know.

Gary Walton said...

I'm sure He Does!