Sunday 23 October 2022

More exclusive pictures and an an update on Hawkeye's situation after Hurricane Ian landed in her back yard last month! She is, as you might have anticipated remarkably upbeat about her desperate situation!

Hawkey's devastated house and loved-up ducks.

Here are a few more photos showing my wild ducks and the damaged landscape. 

When something like I have been through happens I think to myself God has allowed it to force big changes in our life, changes that one would not have done otherwise. For our own good. In the blink of an eye, your whole world is changed and this causes one of two either turn to God or you get angry and turn against Him. So that is part of the reason. He allows things that are seemingly very negative. There is a blessing in there someplace and something really good will come from it. I know that in my heart but while it is occurring there are days you feel like screaming out, why Lord, why!?

I do care so much for my pets and the wildlife. I can not bear to see any beautiful innocent creature of God suffering from man's hand! The animals seem to know this of me because they come to me. Of course, I will help them if only with a clean drink of water. They look so happy to find it in the yard and with such an enormous amount of debris scattered throughout the ground, the birds do not want to wonder as they normally would. The ducks I care for will not leave my yard since they showed back up after the storm.
The first day after storm day I thought nothing about the dangerous conditions of massive amounts of trees and parts of buildings on the roads but only to get back to my place to check on the house itself and my bird friends. But first, being on foot I walked around the streets of my community to get to the homes of elderly people I knew stayed and did not evacuate. One street was knee-deep in Pine tree branches. Another street had a huge piece of someone's roof blocking the roadway. There was still light rain falling, and puddles in the street that had fish flopping in them gasping for oxygen. The storm surge brought the fish onto land and then went back out leaving them to perish on the blacktop. There were all kinds of dead critters littered in streets and grasses. Many that used to be around I have not seen back yet.

God has shaken things up causing big changes in my life and every other critter and human who resides here. Some of it looks good while some of it appears to be unwarranted. There is misery and then all of a sudden there is such kindness I start to cry. Lots of emotions go through you in an experience like this. Getting it out is a big stress reliever!

You can see what my shed looks like from the surge, washer threw down and slimy brown muck on the floor along with the mess from rushing water. 

For you, the reader, be grateful to read of my experience because there is a lot to be gained from it and it makes you realize what is really important and what is not. So I am grateful for the humbling it has bestowed upon me and that pushes the fear out the door. Where is this all taking me? I don't know, but with great wonder, I can't wait to see the answer!

But for right now, I just want to find a washing machine and dryer! Lol... it's going to be a while before any kind of normal returns I know that.

The next time anyone puts their clothes in the washer or turns on the faucet takes a hot shower or just makes a cup of coffee, think and thank God for it because you never know if it will be there tomorrow. The simple little automatic everyday things we take so much for granted are realized most when they are not there.

You can see the battered stripped trees, the bark on some trees completely removed from the winds, and what the roads look like with appliances scattered and or thrown to the curb inoperable. 

It's pretty overwhelming to have no appliances and clean up the mess. Everything is so expensive to replace. I need a new washer/dryer, stove, dishwasher, and hot water heater, but one day at a time, right?!
I have had to pause the clean-up for a couple days to do other things which one is getting in touch with FEMA for an application for assistance. Wait times on the phone are 95 minutes! Then set up an account on their disaster website. Meeting with FEMA inspectors for interviews, etc. etc. It's time-consuming and stressful! Patience!

I do want to send you more pictures and will in the next day or so. 

Love to all!


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If you want to help Hawkeye and her Husband you can donate HERE in my (Gary Walton) coffee account. (PAYPAL) Make sure you mention the gift is for Hawkeye and not "Gary," and I will make sure she gets the money thanks—Gary.

21/10/22 KT—$27
18/10/22 Bill's mother, Tina Miller—$30
17/10/22 Bill Laughing-Bear—$30, Gary—$60
Total so far—$147

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