Saturday 25 May 2019

BOOM! The fiery colossus, Mount Agung volcano Indonesia spews lava and showers of rocks over a distance of about 3 km (2 miles)

Photo Mount Agung 2019 eruption photo credit AP.

The fiery grumbling colossus, Mount Agung volcano has once again erupted on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali.
Mount Agung volcano spewed out lava and showers of rocks over a distance of about 3 km (2 miles), with ash falling over dozens of villages, officials said.
There were no reports of casualties.
According to Reuters, authorities had 50,000 masks available as a precaution though the alert level on the volcano remained unchanged and there had been no evacuations.

The volcano erupted on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali, causing some overnight flight cancellations to and from Australia as an ash cloud rose into the sky, officials said on Saturday.
Photographs of Agung overnight showed an ash column and glowing lava in the crater of the volcano, which rises majestically over eastern Bali at a height of just over 3,000 meters.
In late 2017, authorities raised the alert level on Agung after a spike in activity, triggering evacuations and travel chaos at the time.
The alert level has since been lowered but the rumbling Agung has erupted intermittently since then occasionally disrupting flights.
A major eruption in 1963 killed more than 1,000 people and razed several villages.
Authorities have forbidden climbing on Mt. Agung since its volcanic activity increased in 2017. "Volcanic activities in the danger zone are dynamic and can change at any time, according to the condition of the mountain," the observatory said.
People living along rivers at the foot of Mt. Agung have also been warned to remain vigilant for possible cold lava flows, which can occur during rain.


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