Wednesday 24 January 2018

Fukushima rocked as a mag 6.2 hits Mutsu Japan: The Pacific ring is on fire! 3 major quakes in 24 hours and 3 potentially massive volcano eruptions

Credit USGS
The Pacific ring is on fire!
The Pacific ring of fire continues to alarm as the third major quake in 24 hours rocks the Fukushima nuclear palnt with a mag 6.2 hits Mutsu Japan.
It could be seen as another lucky break for millions of people as was the millions who got lucky along US and Canada coast once again yesterday when a massive 7.9 quake rocked Alaska.
Japan was also rocked when Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupted yesterday killing 1 and injuring 11 some of them critical with at least 78 skiers still trapped as exploding rocks caused an avalanche.
And we must not forget the 80,000 people in a state of "zero visibility" living with explosion-type earthquakes which have caused 61,000 to be evacuated as the volatile Mount Mayon volcano prepares to blow, as well as The Papua New Guinea Kadovar island volcano remaing "dynamic" with white steam plume rising.
Todays major quake is the 8th major quake to strike our planet this month and of course 2018.
Todays earthquake is also the first major quake this year to occur without a coronal hole facing Earth!
It is a Big Wobble project this year to document just how many major quakes occur during a coronal hole facing Earth, so far, it's 7 from 8, not quite 100 %.


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