Saturday 13 May 2017

Tropical storm Adrian and tropical cyclone Donna along with a massive Coronal hole on the Sun influence two major quakes within days of each other


  • The mag 6.2 quake El Salvador came on the heels of tropical storm Adrian
  • The mag 6.8 quake Vanuatu came on the heels of tropical cyclone Donna
  • Both quakes influenced by Coronal hole on the Sun

A shallow magnitude 6.2 - 79km SSW of Acajutla, El Salvador is the 7th major quake of May and the 31st of a record breaking low count so far in 2017.
Interesting to note the quake occured almost exactly in the same area where tropical storm Adrian formed 24 hours earlier.

Above tropical storm Adrian rapidly strengthened on Tuesday, becoming the earliest tropical depression and tropical storm on record in the eastern Pacific Ocean since reliable data began in 1966. Full story here

Which is exactly what happened on Tuesday the 9th of May, when the magnitude 6.8 hit Vanuatu just hours after the category 3 tropical cyclone Donna had hit the islands.

Above the mag 6.8 quake, Vanuatu and Tropical Cyclone Donna. Full story here

Another big Coronal hole has emerged on the Sun’s south eastern limb, and is now facing Earth

Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole should reach Earth on May 15-16. Credit: NASA/SDO.


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