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Angels On Assignment: Warrior Angels Activating Now (video)

Earliest fossil evidence of Homo sapiens found in Morocco, rewriting the story of our species

Planning a massacre: Moment laughing London Bridge terrorists joke and hug after one tosses away his phone so the gang can't be bugged as they plot five days before the attack

Heart-stopping video shows moment armed police gunned down London Bridge terrorists in a hail of bullets seconds after all three jihadis stabbed a passer-by

North Korea fires suspected land-to-ship missiles as South Korea delays THAAD

French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Crosses the Line With Gruesome Theresa May Cover

UK General election 2017: Voters to go to the polls

Comey may hold back accusations on Trump over his ties with Russia

‘Nobody would survive’: Putin to Oliver Stone on ‘hot war’ between Russia & US

Iran's parliament and Khomeini mausoleum attacked

Paris's Notre-Dame: Attacker shot outside cathedral

Qatar row: Trump wades into Gulf stand-off

Congressman calls for Christian holy war on Islamic radicals: ‘Kill them all’

5 people reported dead in Orlando workplace shooting

SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters

Qatar row: Five countries cut links with Doha

149 Dead So Far In Ramadan Attacks

Muslims Take Over New York Street – Start Praying in Front of Trump Tower for Ramadan (VIDEO)


Why is the liberal Left so reluctant to call this man an Islamic terrorist?

The politicians now have hundreds of troops protecting them while telling the rest of us to Keep Calm, Stay 'United' and Carry On. But who is protecting OUR kids from the terror THEY let in?

UK counter-terrorism police slams US leaks of Manchester bomb pics

'This trophy is for them' - Paul Pogba and Juan Mata dedicate Manchester United's Europa League win to victims of terror attack

Trump's Promises to Israel Foretold in the Bible?

Obama Speaks on Global Warming, Then Spews CO2 With Private Jet, 13-Car Motorcade

Symantec says 'highly likely' North Korea group behind ransomware attacks

Slaughter in Manchester: Muslim 'Suicide bomber' kills 22 with scores more wounded at rock concert

Around 3,500 suspected terrorists in UK

British Jihadi brides return home after being widowed or sent back by husbands preparing last Isil stand

Trump warns of Iranian nuclear threat on visit to Israel

Donald Trump should worry about another 9/11 rather than making claims about Iran, says Tehran

Hepatitis danger from Full English breakfast... caused by EU meat: Sausage bug has been dubbed 'the Brexit virus'

Venezuela anti-government unrest marks 50th day with huge marches

Saudi king slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism'

North Korea in new missile test, South says

'The proper war is just commencing': Jubilant Julian Assange punches the air on balcony of Ecuadorian embassy after Sweden drops rape probe against him and threatens to fight Britain over arrest warning

‘I Have A Sickness:’ Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sexting Teen Girl


From artificial auroras to radiation belts around Earth: Cold War-era nuclear tests spurred dramatic space weather events

‘You might get shot any time’: Saudi forces raid Shia town as Riyadh welcomes Trump

Chinese jets intercept US aircraft over East China Sea, US says

US jets bomb pro-government Syria forces advancing on militant base

Black Sea fleet warships conduct live firing drills

Israeli minister says Assad should be killed

War between 2 Koreas is highly possible, new S. Korean president warns

Trump’s presidency is beginning to unravel

Putin offers transcript to prove Trump did not pass Russia secrets


North Korean hacking group is thought to be behind cyber attack which wreaked havoc across the globe

Family's private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

London private school may let boys wear skirts

Dropping on the streets: Dead man found on subway is fourth public corpse in four days

Kim Jong-Un fires ANOTHER ballistic missile that lands 60 miles from RUSSIA - after months of threatening Trump with nuclear war and days after a new president took office in South Korea

Gearing up for World War Three: Nato tanks put on massive show of strength in Germany while Putin's troops practise dropping their armour by parachute

Intel Report: Iran Refining Nuke Delivery System in Flagrant Violation of Ban

North Korea says will have dialogue with U.S. under right conditions: Yonhap

China deploys AWACS aircraft near South China Sea: Report

The Day The World Was Hacked

Ransomware virus plagues 100k computers across 99 countries

Don’t WannaCry? 5 easy tips to protect yourself from ransomware

Cyber-attack: Europol says it was unprecedented in scale

Chelsea are Premier League champions: Antonio Conte targets Double

Muslim cleric urges FIFA to BAN Christian players from making the sign of the cross after scoring

FBI chief James Comey fired by Trump

North Korea vows revenge over failed attempt to poison Kim

"There is no, there was no and there will be no force that can conquer our people," the Russian president stated during the military parade in Moscow

‘World continues to reward Saudi Arabia despite crimes against women'

Vladimir Putin sends three Russian warships into Nato waters after US vessel arrives in Baltic Sea

EXCLUSIVE – Congressional Expert: North Korea Prepping EMP Catastrophe Aimed At U.S. Homefront

Pentagon eyes Iran-North Korea military connection


As America's CIA director makes unannounced visit to Seoul, North Korea vows to unleash nuclear fury

N. Korea warns of nuclear test 'at any time'

Al-Qaeda says fighting alongside US-, Saudi-backed militia in Yemen

Take virtual tour of downtown Pyongyang thanks to this brave Finnish reporter (VIDEO)

May Day madness: Riot police are set on FIRE during violent clashes in Paris as protesters take to the streets around the world

Putin is planting deep-sea 'mole nukes' near the US coast that are capable of causing a TSUNAMI, Russian military expert claims

North Korea warns of 'catastrophic consequences'

We come in piece, shoot to kill! Leader: Iranian people removed 'shadow of war'

US anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe violate INF Treaty - Russian foreign ministry

‘Miserable end’: N. Korea threatens to sink US nuclear submarine in S. Korea

Donald Trump: N Korea's Kim Jong-un a 'smart cookie'

Trump says 'major, major' conflict with North Korea possible

Hawaii threatened by North Korea now, U.S. commander tells Congress

North Korea faces tighter sanctions under Trump strategy

US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel in Persian Gulf

Feds prep for nuclear attack in NJ

Kim Jong Un is ready for war!

US, Zionists leading enmity toward Iran, Islam

Moscow court turns down Jehovah’s Witnesses bid to fight Justice Ministry’s ban

UK risks being ‘wiped off the map with nuclear counterstrike’ – Russian senator

Entire US Senate to descend on White House for N. Korea briefing

Japan warns citizens they might have only 10 minutes to prepare for a North Korean missile

North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea

N. Korea stages firing drill marking military anniv

Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live then takes own life

The NEW French Revolution: France kicks out the old guard as Europhile newcomer Macron narrowly wins first vote to take on Le Pen - the far-Right's Madame Frexit - for the presidency

Passengers flee in panic as knife-wielding man is tackled by police at Paris' Gare du Nord Eurostar terminal just days after terror attack rocked France

Iran Wants to Import Tons of Uranium. Opponents of the Nuclear Deal Want the Trump Administration to Say No.

The election that could sink the EU: ROBERT HARDMAN reveals how an anti-Muslim fascist and a Maoist who wants 100% wealth taxes could be the two winners when terror-hit France votes tomorrow... and, oh yes, both want FREXIT

Marine Le Pen gets poll boost after Paris attack as Donald Trump says her chances of victory have improved

Afghan casualties in Taliban Mazar-e Sharif attack pass 100

Paris shooting: Gunman was 'focus of anti-terror' probe

Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea after China also sends soldiers to its boundary over fears Trump will attack Kim Jong-un, sparking a tidal wave of refugees

North Korea says 'don't mess with us' as U.S. plans next move

CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top-secret documents to WikiLeaks

Sentinel satellites to monitor every volcano

US accuses Iran of 'alarming provocations'

'Gibraltar-sized' space rock passes Earth

Le Pen's FN party calls EU flag 'oligarchic rag'

Russia claims it can wipe out entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb’ in bizarre
propaganda report

Russia’s cutting-edge weaponry capable of ‘blinding’ enemy's army 

‘Sword stands ready’: Pence vows ‘overwhelming & effective’ response to N. Korean attacks

North Korea tension: China 'seriously concerned' about nuclear threats

Is this what Armageddon would look like? Terrifying archive footage from the 1950s shows mushroom clouds burst into the sky over Nevada and the Pacific Ocean during US nuclear tests

US 'sends two more aircraft carriers to Korean Peninsula' after Trump warns that Kim Jong-un has 'got to behave'

'He’s going to get absolutely MULLERED!' Nigel Farage rebukes Corbyn's election chances

Why #Brenda4PM is trending: Britain finds a new hero in the woman who spoke on behalf of the nation with her withering 'Not another one!' reaction to snap election news

Russia’s Putin congratulates Erdogan over referendum outcome

‘Ready to fight & win’: US marines deployed to Australia amid N. Korean ‘nuclear threat’

Space debris problem getting worse, say scientists

Kori Ali Muhammad Three dead in central Fresno shooting spree; suspect caught, linked to Motel 6 slaying

Attorney General to go to court to BLOCK prosecution of Tony Blair over the Iraq war after families of dead servicemen brought case against him because he 'misled Parliament'

Google Searches For 'World War 3' highest ever

Cyber Wars: North Korea's unsuccessful missile launch 'may have been thwarted by US hack attack'

Russia’s hypersonic anti-ship Zircon missile reaches eight times speed of sound

Pyongyang’s ballistic failure explodes on Twitter, triggers chain reaction of mockery

Kim's plan to kidnap Western tourists from South Korea to hold as hostages if the US attacks the Hermit Kingdom... as American carrier strike group closes in on the North Korean coastline

U.S. military says North Korea missile blew up almost immediately

N Korea missile launch fails day after military parade

Putin taunts Britain again: Two Russian warships are escorted through English Channel by Royal Navy amid escalating global tension

A very rare major quake! A magnitude 6.2 - 67km ESE of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile is only the third major quake of April

Russian senator calls for taking possibility of US attack on North Korea seriously

North Korea displays ballistic missiles, vows due response if US attacks

N. Korea blasts US ‘military hysteria & aggression’ in Syria, vows to mercilessly foil provocations

Rogue states like Iran face tougher action as US says nuclear attack by North Korea 'closer than ever'

North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack'

US government 'hacked global bank system'

Tens of thousands of perfectly-choreographed, fanatically-chanting North Korean troops parade through Pyongyang for Kim Jong Un on Day of the Sun amid threats of nuclear war with Trump

'We will pulverise the HQ of evil and ruthlessly ravage US troops': Kim Jong-Un vows to take on Trump with 'merciless' strikes on South Korea and American bases as China warns of imminent war

Nasa announces one of Saturn's moons could support alien life in our solar system

U.S. May Launch Strike if North Korea Reaches for Nuclear Trigger

Air China cancels some Beijing-Pyongyang flights

Japan readying for N. Korea emergency

First on CNN: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

China, South Korea urge calm as North Korea prepares big celebration

Japanese warships to join US fleet near North Korea as tensions rise

North Korea 'is preparing to test a new nuclear bomb to mark 'Day of the Sun' as Kim Jong-un warns of 'big event' TODAY and Trump's armada moves in

GAME OVER: We crossed the red line years ago and no one is telling you: The world as we know it is collapsing like a pack of cards

Iran defense chief discusses US raid with Russia, Syria counterparts

Poll puts Le Pen, Macron as frontrunners in first round of French presidential race More:

African migrants raped & murdered after being sold in Libyan ‘slave markets’ – UN

'North Korea is looking for trouble': Trump tweets extraordinary warning!

Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosions

North Korea vows response to 'reckless' US Navy move

Trump orders military advisers to prepare plans to hit North Korea

China 'deploys 150,000 troops to deal with possible North Korean refugees over fears Trump may strike Kim Jong-un following missile attack on Syria'

Great Barrier Reef: Two-thirds damaged in 'unprecedented' bleaching

Reuters: Russia, Iran Joint Command Center Will 'Respond With Force' If US Strikes Syria Again

'I didn't see you raising your voice against President Obama’s inaction': Syrian chemical attack victim hits out at CNN host Brooke Baldwin for trying to make him criticize Trump

Chinese GP: Hamilton beats Vettel

Breaking Egypt church blast 'kills at least 13'

'Assad is trying to kill everyone that survived the chemical attack,' says resident of Syrian town being bombed once again

Oslo terror! police destroy 'bomb-like device'

Weakened Putin's last great bluff: Military experts dismiss Russian president's threats to block further US attacks on Syria, saying he's desperate to avoid a clash with America

Palestinian TV: If you have to beat your wife, follow Quranic instructions

Swedish police hunting Stockholm terrorists are pelted with STONES while arresting suspects in the migrant district called a 'no-go zone' by Donald Trump

Trump’s Options for North Korea Include Placing Nukes in South Korea

Expert: Watch to see if Kim Jong-Un goes into hiding after Syria strike

Fukushima Bill! Clean up well into the next century

Donald Trump warned he is 'one step away from military clashes with Russia' after Syria blitz

U.S. Strike in Syria Raises Tensions With Iran Officials in Iran accuse White House of violating international law and siding with Islamic State

Was it really sarin, was Assad to blame and could Western spy agencies be involved?

Kremlin warns the U.S. it is 'on the verge of a military clash with Russia' as President Trump says he will hit Syria AGAIN after his attack on Putin's ally Assad triggers new fears of World War Three

Eta: Basque separatists begin weapons handover

Farage warns UK against joining another US military intervention

Russian Defense Ministry to suspend communications hotline with Pentagon as of April 8

Crazy up close battle footage of Iraqi troops stopping ISIL suicide bombers

Opposition Fabricated Chemical Attack Following Failure in Talks: Foreign Minister

2 Tornadoes Touched Down in DC Area During Strong Storms Some of DC's famed cherry trees were felled by powerful storms that ripped through DC

WORLD WAR III FEARS Kim Jong-un declares he’s on ‘the brink of a war’ with US as Donald Trump is urged to assassinate North Korean despot

Could World War 3 really happen? The risks, the players and the weapons that bring on the Apocalypse

Russian warship steams toward US destroyers that launched Syria strikes

Stockholm lorry rams crowds, killing at least three people

VIDEO of US warships launching Tomahawks against Syrian air base

Philippines' Duterte orders occupation of South China Sea islands

Putin rebukes Netanyahu over ‘groundless’ accusations on suspected chemical incident in Syria

Assad: Terrorists ‘fighting for Israel’ in Syria

Kremlin dismisses US envoy’s photo display of Syrian attack victims as ‘emotional gesture’