Tuesday 28 March 2017

More than 70 dead turtles found in a lagoon in Managua, Nicaragua: Once again an Algae bloom thought to be the cause

Translated from Spanish
More than 70 turtles have died in the last days and an algae is thiught to be the culprit in the Tiscapa Lagoon, Managua, Nicaragua.
Experts of the Ministry of the Environment and the Natural Resources of Nicaragua  claimed "We are doing autopsies to see what can be found, we are thinking that feeding them the product of decomposing algae is what is killing the turtles," said Juan Ramón Campos, delegate of MARENA . Nicaragua: To withstand high temperatures in March "By doing lab tests on both the digestive system of these live turtles you can still see the level of contaminants toxicity these algae have, but remember that there are nutrients that are forming," said environmentalist Kamilo Lara.
They indicated that between March 25 and 26 they made a joint tour with authorities of the Mayor of Managua , where they found 5 dead turtles.
In spite of this hypothesis of the presence of algae indicated that they will continue with the inquiries through tests that will perform to analyze the quality of the water.
These examinations would be carried out by the specialists of the Nicaraguan Aqueduct and Sewer Company, ENACAL .
They will also consult hydrological engineers if the effect of the phenomenon called thermal inversion that was presented at the end of December 2016 in Laguna de Asososca also achieved Affect Tiscapa .
They indicated that a special team of scientists will be permanently work in the lagoon in case there is another dead turtle, they are advised to inform the higher authorities to carry out tests in their tissues that could reveal the origins of the deaths of these species.


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