Thursday 22 February 2024

Signs and Wonders—BOOM! Two more X-class flares released from the Sun as expected—The 4th and 5th this year already as Massive Sunspot AR3590 turns toward Earth on the Sun's Eastern limb

Credit SDO

It was expected. . . Massive Sunspot AR3590 would eject strong solar flares as it turned toward Earth on the Sun's Eastern limb—And last night and early this morning region 3590 didn't disappoint, producing two powerful X-class flares! Luckily there is no evidence of a CME (coronal mass ejection) and is not expected to cause any damage.

We are only into the middle of February but as Solar Cycle 25 approaches its peak 2024 has already witnessed 5 very powerful X-class flares. . . The biggest firework display known to man occurred early on 1st January when the biggest firework imaginable, the strongest flare of Solar Cycle 25 (so far) and the most powerful eruption the sun has produced since the great storms of Sept. 2017 exploded on New Year's Eve, just after 24:00 hours. 

More signs and wonders occurred, once again, this time on Chinese New Year's Eve, yes, that's right—An X3.4-class Solar Flare on the eve of Chinese New Year's celebrations. . . You can't predict this or make it up folks.

Sunspot group AR3590 is so big it can be seen with the naked eye, although when looking at the sun you are well advised to use eclipse glasses or other protection.

More flares are inevitable, it just depends on how big—And another giant sunspot group is on its way—AR 3575, the source of an X3.3 solar flare on February 9th and the likely source of multiple farside eruptions the past week or so is now located just beyond the southeast limb. We will begin to see what remains within the next 48 hours.



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