Sunday 11 February 2024

Signs And Wonders—More New Year's Eve Fireworks! The Eve Of The Chinese 'YEAR OF THE DRAGON' Is Introduced by a massive X3.4-class Solar Flare—Emulating an X5-class solar flare which was famously introduced 2024 on Western New Year's Eve! What are the odds?

 More Signs And Wonders—And More New Year's Eve Fireworks! An X3.4-class Solar Flare on the eve of Chinese New Year's celebrations strikes just 6 weeks after an X5-class flare erupted on the eve of Western New Year's celebrations. . . You can't predict this or make it up folks—Credit SDO/AIA.

NASA is claiming Friday night's eruption was a massive flare probably much bigger than the X3.4 registered because the blast was recorded partly behind the horizon of the Sun.

They say 'He' works in mysterious ways and Luke 21:11 warns of fearful sights and great signs from Heaven.

How often do we witness X-class flares? Well, the one on Friday night, on the eve of the Chinese New Year celebrations (Feb 09 at 21:15.) was only the third since September 2017. The third in almost 7 years—And curiously, the 2nd of these, 6 weeks ago was on New Year's Eve (Western) on Dec 31 at 22:05 GMT—And if you think that is more than a coincidence, well, this year is called the year of the 'DRAGON' by the Chinese.

The flares keep on coming

Last night the enormous sunspot AR3576 (see below) erupted, producing a very powerful M9-class solar flare which was an X-class flare in everything but for a couple of percentage points!

NASA is predicting a 60% chance of an M-class flare and a 15% chance of an X-class flare in the coming 48 hours, with Sunspot AR3576 having a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbours energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI


The Watcher On The Wall—1957

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