Friday 16 February 2024

BOOM—The enormous departing sunspot AR3576 has erupted this morning, producing a very powerful X2-class solar flare causing a danger to satellites. It is the 4th strongest solar flare of Solar Cycle 25. . .

 BOOM—The enormous sunspot AR3576 (seen left) has erupted this morning, producing a very powerful X2-class solar flare. It is the 4th strongest solar flare of Solar Cycle 25 and comes less than a week after AR3576 shot off a powerful M9-class flair which was an X-class flare in everything but name! A coronal mass ejection (CME) is expected to hit Earth in a couple of days. 

It will come as a shock to NASA and NOAA who had predicted just a 15% chance of an X-class flare in the coming 48 hours. 

Coincidently, wrote this morning before the X-class flare eruption that the massive sunspot AR3576 was about to disappear over the sun's western limb making it uniquely dangerous:
Sunspots located near the sun's western limb are magnetically connected to Earth. The sun's magnetic field spirals around like a lawn sprinker--a shape known as the "Parker spiral." Lines of magnetic force coming out of the western limb curve around and touch our planet. AR3576 is now in the "danger zone." If there is an eruption today, (which there was) or in the next couple of days, debris may be funneled back to Earth by the Parker spiral. The resulting radiation storm could pepper satellites with high-energy protons, fogging cameras and causing reboots of onboard electronics. At such times, shortwave radio propagation can become difficult to impossible especially around the poles.

NOAA Space Prediction Centre showed this morning's X2-class flare and the powerful M9class flare late on February 10th, both flares caused by Sunspot Group 3576.

The fourth strongest solar flare of the current solar cycle (impulsive X2.5) was just detected around AR 3576 nearing the SW limb at 06:53 UTC (Feb 16). A coronal mass ejection (CME) is now emerging in the latest coronagraph imagery. A type II radio emission with an estimated velocity of 2674 km/s was recorded. Although the bulk of plasma should be aimed ahead of our planet, an Earth-directed component will be possible.


Hawkeye said...

Hi Gary! It's been a while since I've commented, but I'm still reading your posts. In November 2023 I had a terrible flu like illness, my most dear friend had literally collapsed and rushed to the hospital, and life just got too crazy that I had to stop and focus on other things.
Found out that my illness was no virus or flu, it was black mold in the house I am living in. Mold poisoning is why I got sick. Direct result from the aftermath of hurricane Ian! We are still living in terrible conditions from that on purpose storm. Oh sure rebuilding and all that gives some areas back nice curb appeal, but hold your breath because the truth lies in the air we are breathing! The water and the air here in SWFL is terrible but as is the way of this world, Godless people don't see it.
My friend just passed away last week. So very sad I have been over that. I'm wondering what the death certificate lists as cause of death because she was never treated medically for her diagnosis and in her last 4 months she had some of the clot shot symptoms. Honestly I and many of her family members think the system just let her die. She was vaccinated with c19 shots and coincidence(?) , that is when she started going down. Two years of disoriented brain activity and severe weight lose, blood clots, loss of appetite, upper respitory illnesses, organ failure, until the day she collapsed. Diagnosed with a stage 3 liver sclerosis, "you're not dying" they told her, but no direction medically after that and 4 months later she is dead.
After a literal battle with my landlord I got the a/c tubing with it's black mold removed and I got better but still smell more just not as bad as it was. I'm trying hard to leave this mold island and find a place to live that has not been under water, that is my goal. So life has had me too busy too sad and too sick to get into these blogging boxes. Hope you all are doing OK.
Oh and BTW Gary, I recently watched a documentary film on DVD called The Christ Quake. About the quake that is written in scripture that occurred as soon as Jesus died on the cross. It was about proving that quake really happened. It is proven! Seismites in the Dead Sea prove it. The really interesting part I want to share with you is the depth of that Christ quake ... guess what it was? 10km!! How many times have I pointed that out to you regarding today's quake depths!? Not really sure what it means but it was an eye opener for me. Could it be related to seismic activity in our present times? Is it Him coming? Wow! Got to wonder and I hope so! Love and blessings of love to all!

Gary Walton said...

Hi Hawkeye

It's so lovely to hear from you, although, I'm sorry about your friend and all the other annoying circumstances.
Incredibly, we are all fine here and reasonably happy under the circumstances.
You have sent alarm bells ringing in my head. . . (not for the first time) I, am now wondering if the 10km depth in major quakes was introduced in 1957 and is the reason for the hyke in recent numbers—I will go check today, interesting, thanks.
Well, as I said, great to hear from you.
Stay safe and close to God xxx

Gary Walton said...

Hi Hawkeye

I checked major quake data on the USGS website and found major quakes at depths of 10km were being recorded as long ago as 1910, I didn't feel the need to go back earlier—They have been around for more than a 100 years. . .