Wednesday 19 July 2023

A Revelation To John speaks of two wild beasts, one is the Anti-Christ but . . . What is the other and could it have already arrived? If it has it has swallowed hundreds of thousands of jobs in a couple of months by the end of year that will be millions, by the end of 2024 billions!

A grotesque image produced by AI, credit Wikipedia

For anyone reading this post below, and, who understands it and acts on its grave implications for our world, may God bless you.

The Summer of 2023 so far has smashed temperatures across the globe, from California to China, and, we are warned the heat will intensify as the Summer continues. Our world has entered unchartered territory with insane temperatures grabbing the headlines. Temperatures hovering around 50 C (122 F) have been reported in North America, Europe, Pakistan and China this week. The week before had the three hottest days ever recorded for the entire globe.

As sea temperatures rise, cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes will surely follow, the warm seas acting like rocket fuel to the storms which will be bigger and stronger than ever before. The fires have already started, Canada, of course, has been burning for a couple of months but wildfires in Spain and Greece are breaking out too. 2023 will undoubtedly be the warmest year ever. World leaders, politicians, weather and news senders are preparing us, claiming this is 'the new normal.' It's not new and it's not normal.

Inflation is crippling many more people. Unable to keep up with mortgage payments tent cities are popping up across Western town centres, giving many, once-affluent inner-city areas the look of something from a dystopian sci-fi movie. Drug addiction and alcoholism are spreading like wildfire, leading to a meteoric rise in gun and knife crime, murder, rape and muggings.

And of course, there is the threat of a third World War hanging over everyone's heads like a dark cloud. People are on edge, we all sense something is wrong with the world we live in, and of course, something is wrong. 

And while all this is happening, something evil and dark has been introduced to the world while almost everyone was looking elsewhere.

In 2019 the crowning glory of emancipation fell into the laps, of the leaders of the world. The Coronavirus enabled “The New World Order” a chance to press a “reset” button and by doing so introduce the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Let me refresh your memory, at the end of January 2019, (the dawn of the new 'era!') the world was taken by surprise by Covid-19, while the world was in a panic, billions of people were forced to be vaccinated, by what a colleague of mine calls—'Satan's Spit' (most people had to take the vaccine to keep their jobs, no vaccine no work, no money. The vile captains of industry had launched their test, the world can be easily controlled—by just a simple vaccine, they now had their foundation for 'the mark of the beast!' Everything was, and is, going to plan, please bare with me . . .

Many devoted researchers, whistle-blowers and bloggers dug deep and found this 'Covid virus and the consequent vaccination drive had been planned years earlier by certain groups—ie, WHO, CDC, The UN, many of the major bankers and billionaires, including Bill Gates, King Charles and other royals and of course, Klaus Schwab, the leader of the Economic Forum—As the pandemic unfolded, the world's elite kept telling the unsuspecting public, that the Covid pandemic was a "WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY FOR A GREAT RESET!" An opportunity to—"Build Back Better!" We were promised. that—a world after covid would be seen as the "4th Industrial Revolution," a chance for AI to make our life even easier. That was, and is, a lie, a great oxymoron of deception.

There were of course a great number of people who tried to resist the vaccine or question the ethics of certain Big Pharma companies, not surprisingly these people became pariahs of society. Doctors were struck off, and nurses and medical workers who had been seen as heroes when the pandemic started were soon finding themselves sacked for not accepting vaccines. People who refused the vaccine were called terrible names and treated like lepers, but that was then, eventually Covid, almost magically disappeared just as quickly as it arrived . . . 

Now then, we move forward to 2023, we are just "SEVEN YEARS" before the 2,000-year anniversary of Jesus's death, yes—precisely (7) years . . . Something called Chat GPT is launched in tandem with AI. While most people are looking around trying to get a grip on the world situation and worried to death about an uncertain future for themselves and their beloved families—a beast has been launched into the world. Yes, while we were 'sleeping in our shoes,' hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost to this technology already. (It's only been around for several months)

A Revelation To John speaks of two wild beasts, one is the Anti-Christ but . . . What is the other?

Chat GPT, AI, or whatever you want to call it has caught the attention of everyone around the world and are rushing to try it out, it will change the world, no doubt, indeed it will be the 4th Industrial Revolution—By the end of this year, millions of jobs will have been swallowed by this 'beast.'  By the end of next year, 2024 'billions of jobs will have gone forever, swallowed up by this all-consuming technology. Already billions of unsuspecting people are worshipping it, and it is only three months into circulation—I will stick my neck out and say at the end of 2026, which is "3, 1/2" years from now, almost everyone will be unemployed because of this beast, yes, we know what happens then!

Of course, I don't know the date of the return of Jesus, no person does but this beast which landed on our doorstep could well be the trigger for the beginning of the tribulation period. Many scholars are claiming 2030 as the time when Jesus returns, as I said, I don't know but this monster has arrived from goodness knows where and in the coming years will take away everything we own, and according to the elite, we will be happy!

If this beast has swallowed up hundreds of thousands of jobs in just 3 months and still people are worshipping it, well it is already fitting several very scary Bible prophecies

We need to be looking now very closely for the two witnesses, I do think the Tribulation period just may have started.

Take care, people!


broandrew said...

Thank you for your site and info. We are always to be ready to go up. I feel the Great Tribulation as written in the Bible, does not start until the Holy Spirit leaves the Earth. Right before the pole shift, Nibiru debris trail passing, as I saw in a vision during the day, 40 years ago. I know it will be a pre-trib. rapture for I studied this word "rapture" for about 40 years. A word that is heavy and splits churches and believers. Best to love each other and do not argue over opinions. We will know all about this rapture event, the day after it happens, if at all.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks Andrew