Sunday 1 January 2023

A letter from America! Hawkeye reports— "It's official now." Releasing Chemicals Into the Stratosphere is commercialised! Company called "MAKE SUNSETS!" Will help the World beat climate change! SW Florida still suffering from Hurricane Ian, summer temps are back after record-breaking cold snap!

Make SUNSETS! Picture Gary Walton.

Hi Gary and readers of TBW!

The link below is the first one of its kind that I have seen that actually admits "it" ( the sky spraying) has begun!

It's official now but no public awareness until NBC or CBS or fox reports it, right!? Well, it's right here. . . Releasing Chemicals Into the Stratosphere has begun!
Well not really, it began about 70 years ago and now it is a daily routine, globally, but the liars who are behind this sinister activity have to start fessing up with some kind of explanation of why there are planes spraying white lines all over our skies! It's getting kinda noticeable. 

So, [here in Florida] this day a week ago we were entering the big chill, and now we are back to summer-like heat. Every single freeze-down cold front is this way, frigid chill, [and] then a heatwave. Yet people don't question any of it! I'm guessing all that fake snow last week in Buffalo NY and other states is melting away this week? Not sure but temps say that must be the case.

I have seen YouTube videos of people going outside during or right after a snowstorm, picking up handfuls of snowballs and lighting a Bic lighter underneath the snowball to show how that snowball does not melt, it turns the area of that snow under the flame black instead and little to no melt! Those videos I watched look very authentic but I'm in FL and we don't get snow, so I have not been able to fact-check that myself to know if it's true or not.

I do believe it is true because of what my research has shown me with regard to the Chemicals used to make all this fake snow. [It is] similar to dry ice, which I can experiment with in FL, but not the real thing falling from the sky.

Next time you get snow maybe you could get out there and try flicking your Bic under a snowball and post a photo on TBW???  ("Well Hawkeye, we don't really get snow anymore here in Holland either!""It's actually in the mid-50s F here at the moment, unseasonably warm.")

I have several more news links I want to share with you but can only attach one at a time to an email. . . is it OK to send multiple emails to you? ("Of course, you can!")
As I predict and fear what will come next, since Ian destroyed [my home and surrounding] I seek out the info on past weather events to prove to myself that the pattern of [Hurricane Ian] is, and will [continue to happen in the future here in Florida.] What I find is too creepy! Such similarities to my personal experiences in how the storms unfolded and what people in it tell news when interviewed. 
Almost the exact same words were used to describe what happened [along with] the exact same pattern of the storms! It's incredible! That tells me my concerns are real and it's what I base my predictions on. History! 

What got me motivated this time was a neighbour I was talking to about Hurricane Ian's aftermath, [which we are still dealing with]. 3 months now and no indication of normality returning yet.

Many of the survivors here are saying, all the Caribbean Islands get hit by hurricanes, and they recover. This is simply not the case anymore. I have seen news stories reporting now 2, 3 and up to 5 years later how Bahamas, Puerto Rico, etc. are still "trying" to recover from hurricanes Fiona, Maria, Dorian, etc. etc.! That's what I want to share with you. It's why I have such urgency now to get out/off this island I live on. Because recovery is not in the reset plans, nor is it possible with the climate chaos situation globally.  That's why I, however, have become determined to get out of this coastal area and relocate to a safer place to avoid the next hurricane storm winds and flooding.

OK, so the neighbour. . . My good friend, she is also my broker for my real estate license. My friend is blind to that fact of life. She lost her home to Ian, flood ravished and windblown to destruction. Homeless at 82 years old! I tell her to sell the land after the house gets knocked down in 2 weeks. However, she wants to rebuild it instead! It's hopeless, they just won't acknowledge the truth of the matter and can not let go of the past that is/was their life. Really it's sad. How many times does it take before people quit putting themselves in harm's way I wonder?

Another homeowner did say how depressing it is here because of so much debris still laying around and also in piles along the roadside, he sees that. He is not a local, he just arrived here 3 weeks ago planning to spend the winter but said he might not stay because it's too depressing here. There are no restaurants open or open fully, no bars open either, and no boating—The marinas are all closed, so no fishing and even if you can get your boat out on the water fishing is closed by law due to water contamination concerns. No claiming, no stone crabs....nothing! Nothing to do here as a vacationer now since the hurricane came in September.  Only clean-up efforts.

But, the real estate market is booming. It's insane! So there is my ticket out of here if I can get enough business and sell some of these mould flood-damaged homes still standing....well then I can have the funds to relocate. That is my hope! Got my first flood-damaged listing today and have several more leads that could become future listings too. Praying hard it happens because I need big money to help myself this time! Too overwhelming it is!

OK, that's enough for now. I will send a couple more links on my search results in follow up to what I tell you in this email and you let me know if you are interested in receiving more info on it all or not, ok? I don't want to be a pest! (You keep sending as much as you want my friend)

Hurricane Links

This is the same as is with my area and it is why I know we are not going to recover anytime soon if at all and especially if another hurricane hits during these said recovery years. 
See, the Bahamas have not recovered yet, 3 years it is since Dorian demolished them, and that storm was almost an exact duplicate of Ian—Dor-Ian! See that, Ian is in that name. Hmmm...
The same thing said, " we have never had a storm with that much flooding." 

Dorian is the storm I refer to often trying to convince readers that a cat 5 hurricane can not just stand still on top of land as this one did, naturally. It was held there by the HAARP heating (orange stuff seen on the radar). Same for us with Ian! Same Pattern!
People don't know. That's why my neighbour thinks the islands will recover! Stupid people. I have more proof...

Puerto Rico, same as Bahamas. 
This is another example of why I worry and know we are screwed. Two hurricanes 2 weeks apart. Irma was not even a direct hit yet did lots of damage Irma came here and did make a direct hit on my area, September 10th it hit us. That was our last direct hit before Ian came to this year end of September. These islands did not recover yet....3 and 5 years later still messed up with power outages still ongoing. 
I'm not really predicting things, I'm following the pattern of the weather makers destruction! 

Now, Fiona hit Puerto Rico less than a week before Ian hit us this September. They were still messed up from 2017 and this one was a mild storm compared. Only a cat 1 when it hit them but caused major flooding again. 

It is proof of what I know will be for my area and why I say it is fruitless to rebuild because it will happen again to us too. The flooding is what really kills us. The focus was on SWFL so I bet people don't even know about this. My friends will drown here or lose their homes again because they think it's never going to happen to us again....once in 100 years storm they no no, this example says they are so wrong.

Well, I know better and I have to get out of here. 
Just wanted to remind you of an example so you understand why I say what I say in prediction! 


Hawkeye said...

Hey, that sky photo you posted for my blog page here is exactly what my skies in FL look like too! Isn't that interesting!?? It says so much more then just the visual. That I will leave up to imaginations....think about it folks!

Gary Walton said...

It's all here, 2019 Mid Feb, can you believe, my dear wife and I were sat outside sunbathing!!!!!!!

Gary Walton said...

In the middle of February!