Saturday 12 November 2022

As I said on Wednesday—Watch this space! The biggest major quake of November (mag 6 or higher) struck the South Fiji Basin this morning: A mag 7.3 along with a mag 7.0 rocked the area bringing the total to 5 major quakes this week

Credit USGS

The busiest sequence of major quake activity this year is impacting the Fiji area, South Pacific this week. On 9 November, three major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) struck South Fiji, a 665 km deep magnitude 7.0 was sandwiched between a magnitude 6.8 and a magnitude 6.6 both at a similar depth to the mag 7.0. Late yesterday evening a magnitude 7.3 struck east of Tonga and this morning a magnitude 7.0 rocked the Fiji region.

So far 118 major quakes have been recorded this year, which is slightly below par with a month and a half left of 2022. At this time last year, 132 major quakes, mag 6 or higher had been recorded. In 2020, 104—2019, 122—2018, 110—2017, 90—1016, 117, according to USGS data.



Hawkeye said...

Thanks Gary for reporting on this quake activity because our msm global news never does. Do we know if populations have been negatively effected by these quakes, or was it just felt slightly on those islands due to being centered in the ocean?

The earthquake activity globally has been very high for over a decade now and same old story....the world has no idea of most of it. Even if the masses do know they continue to make excuses for all the said "natural disasters" going on. Earthquakes come from gases under ground rising up from deep down inside the earth. As those gases rise up they seek paths through gaps/cracks in the earth to release out into our atmosphere, that rising gas is why the ground shakes. So, it is very significant to understand how it all relates to the #1 issue in our world today, global warming/climate change/geoengineering and the biosphere collapsing. I comment to remind your readers of this fact, because it is in warning that I remind. Get good with Jesus and Our Father the almighty God is the message.

Gary Walton said...

Hi Hawkeye, glad to know you survived two hurricanes in a month!

As far as I can tell, there are no injuries, building damage or no tsunamis reported.

I will tell you something though—Every one of these major quakes has been reduced in strength by USGS and they seem to do it all the time!

Hawkeye said...

Hi Gary, yes I survived 2 hurricanes in one month but my environment is depressing and sick from them. We now have a very high red tide ocean illness going on. Our local news is actually reporting this too! That means it's really bad because just like USGS reduced quake strengths so does media reduce or ignore our environmental protect their precious tourism dollars of course! If you live here you know of it, but if you visit you are not told any of it and find out when you get to a beach and start coughing, sneezing, feeling nauseated, see dead fish or sometimes a sign is posted banning swimming.
Our Gulf waters are contaminated with oil, gas, chemicals, sunken boats, housing debris, and all else that blew in to the waters from hurricane Ian in September. Reports of flesh eating disease are up significantly and some other bacterial skin infections also. Don't go in the water! The air we breath is also full of the toxins red tide releases and so being on an island surrounded by contaminated ocean water you can't hardly avoid the cough it brings on you.
But hey, Real Estate sales are back up post hurricane(s). Still these ignorant realtors advertise paradise, best fishing, and great Gulf access value. It is so false and so dispicable to be in this business. I can't do what they do to sell it, so I suffer a bit from low income but I have no bad karma as others will surely reap from their deceit to earn a living.
Anyway, point is anything that is truth is deleted or covered up, buyer beware but buyers are brainwashed and seemingly blind to the conditions and future of this area. Stupid is as stupid does and good luck to them. I wouldn't put one toe in our waters!

Gary Walton said...

I know, I think we all understand Hawkeye, stay strong girl xxx


Dear Gary,
I am so grateful you post the earth quakes and solar storms. There are many living here in Alaska that have come to understand if we are having a stronger solar storm, our feet are going to feel the rumble. There will as well be a up-kick in the amount of quakes.
The Kp index runs from 0-9. I watch this also at, and often when we have a storm that has been in the 4-6 range, I check daily, they will suddenly rework it later and lower past numbers. Just like they lower the earth quakes, hum! Must be by sheer chance, yep that's it!!! On those days the quakes climb in number, though most are under a 3.0 shake.
As an example on the 19th of November I saw a Kp index I'm pretty sure of 5, now it says 4. And other past numbers once again have changed. That day we had 91 quakes with 12 of them being 3.0 or stronger, and many in the same or near same locations. Throw in a New Moon or a Full Moon with these and Alaska rumbles.
Just a mater of time, and likely very soon as the quakes have been ramping up, and then good by Anchorage. My part of the world will be cut off, that will be such a blessing! I will not have to share all the very radioactive salmon, halibut, clams, craps, seaweed, and other once upon a time healthy food before that 2011 Fukushima disaster. And my energy bill will go down because it is already cooked! Oh I am hungry, please bring on a big one. Headed to the beach!!
Just me, Laughing-Bear

Gary Walton said...

Oh yes Bill, the KP index—is a measure of geomagnetic activity in the Earth’s atmosphere.The Sun's activity is linked to seismic and volcanic activity here on Earth. One incredible example is 1957: Our Sun had a record-breaking year of sunspot activity on its surface but—Earth managed to record its record-breaking number of major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) and confirmed volcanic eruptions the very same year! Coincidence?

Stay safe buddy!

Unknown said...

Gary, I lost your emails on my system. Can you restore doing emails?

Gary Walton said...

Hi Unknown

Quite a few people are having problems, something to do with Google I expect. I have installed another way to receive my work, top right of the blog—Subscribe!