Monday 14 November 2022

An Update From Florida, Hawkeye Survives Two Devastating Hurricanes In A Month: I know now the sea will not spare us. The reason we are so demolished here from that hurricane is because of the 15 ft storm surge flooding AND because that storm stayed on top of us with 150 mph winds for just over 24 straight hours.

Hi Gary and readers of TBW

Well, I made it through the hurricane Nicole storm a few days ago! It made landfall on the east coast near Vero Beach and my area experienced tropical storm weather, 30 mph winds and lots more rain but no storm surge this time for us. The East coast had a [surging] flood even [though] Nicole was only a cat 1 hurricane with 75 - 85 mph winds.

The link I attached has a few really good videos to see that east coast flood from the Atlantic Ocean swallowing their coast up and you will see more of what I'm going through here in the never-ending aftermath of these storms. I thought of you to send this to because you had asked me about why the flimsy construction...[These] videos show that these storms are toppling more than just the flimsy construction! You will see that and it will help you understand me better as I will talk about the future and as I have talked about things regarding the weather makers and all that is related to them. 

Also, I commented today on your most recent post about the Fiji quakes. Earthquakes were my first big interest when I began to awaken to the truth. It's all connected you know! Ian caused my area to be littered with sinkholes! Nicole caused the east coast shoreline to crumble away, so similar to sinkholes and quakes, the way it is like the earth collapsing. Water is so very powerful and tides are and have been on the rise here noticeably for the past 4 or 5 years.

This hurricane was my wake-up call big time! Even with all I know of what's really going on still I was never thinking I have to get off this island, but now it is a must. I know now the sea will not spare us. The reason we are so demolished here from that hurricane is because of the 15 ft storm surge flooding AND because that storm stayed on top of us with 150 mph winds for just over 24 straight hours. Those two things changed everything as far as outcomes go. It is a pattern too. I have said it many times about the hurricane that stood still off FL's east coast and stayed on top of the Bahamas for 36 hours destroying everything there. There have been many others too and it's becoming the norm for storms. Not norm! Geoengineering! It is impossible naturally for that to happen and hurricanes used to be only like 4 or 5 hours, now they are 24-plus hours long. 

I'm sorry I keep bugging you with my storm woes, but it nags at me so and more than ever since it happened to me. Not much has improved here still. Houses and buildings are being knocked down every day and will continue for months I bet. I'm in it but wish I was not! My days are hectic, still cleaning things up and trying to organize work to be done on my place for my landlord is wearing me out! The wait lists are long, people don't call you back, no one can find supplies, etc etc., so I'm living in all the damage still and realize I will be for a long time. It's very stressful and depressing to keep looking at the aftermath all day long. So thanks for your ear! It helps to write it and get it out! 

My passion to speak out and tell the truth about it all has been strengthened tremendously from my experience. So I will give it a try and write a page for you on TBW. We shall see how it goes. I hope I can do well for you with it. When you have time write me all I need to know with regards to writing and as I get some quiet moments alone I will begin to figure out what God wants me to write for you.

Thank you! I have lost all my work and I have a very upsetting life trying to recover now, so I do need to do something good to feel normal again!

Talk again soon,


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Hawkeye said...

Thanks, Gary for reporting on this quake activity because our MSM global news never does. Do we know if populations have been negatively affected by these quakes, or was it just felt slightly on those islands due to being centred in the ocean?

The earthquake activity globally has been very high for over a decade now and same old story....the world has no idea of most of it. Even if the masses do know they continue to make excuses for all the said: "natural disasters" going on. Earthquakes come from gases underground rising up from deep down inside the earth. As those gases rise up they seek paths through gaps/cracks in the earth to release out into our atmosphere, that rising gas is why the ground shakes. So, it is very significant to understand how it all relates to the #1 issue in our world today, global warming/climate change/geoengineering and the biosphere collapsing. I comment to remind your readers of this fact because it is in warning that I remind. Get good with Jesus and Our Father the almighty God is the message.

Amen, stay safe Hawkeye!

Hawkeye's Page



Dear Gary, Hawkeye, and Big Wobble readers,
Yesterday Anchorage got rocked by a 4.9 and then within the next 29 minutes was hit by 4 smaller quakes. The 4.9 was rocking this cabin, as it did my first thought was I would rather have this than Hawkeye's hurricanes!!!
I have been through 2 forest fires, volcanic eruptions, many earth quakes that broke up roads, buildings, rock slides, and other head aches. I much prefer them over hurricanes, which I have not been near, and tornados which I have. My last tornado was enjoyed from inside a phone booth in Texas, the roar was so deafening. As the roof of a building went flying by my mum could not hear me over the phone as I was yelling into it describing this "wish I was not here moment!"
It was shortly after that I started reading about harp and stuff they were lacing the sky with. Man should not try to play weather god, because God can within an instant bring about destruction that is unsurvivable. I hold on just waiting for Him to with a flick of his little finger destroy those who have damaged his perfect creation as the Earth reels like a drunk in the Heavens and crumbles. Thank you Hawkeye for all your research.
Come quickly Adonai come quickly!

Gary Walton said...

A geomagnetic storm is on its way Bill, watch out for them headaches buddy!

Gary Walton said...

And thanks Bill for your wonderful donation!

Hawkeye said...

Hello everyone!
I too Bill can't wait for Him to flick his finger and crush all the evil ones who have damaged His perfect creation! Well said! When that feeling comes on me to the point of tears and anger I have a posted note I read to calm me down....Psalms 37:7-13 ... Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. ...

Many reasons He tells us that, for our own good as always.... because vengeance is mine says the Lord, because us getting upset only hurts us, body and spirit, .... because as this world says it is karma and karma is a bitch! Well it's not karma, it's God and His law of an eye for an eye that will come upon all who knowingly sin. But I hear ya Bill! Sometimes the wait time feels endless. But when it does show up boy is it ever a wow factor everytime!

I am grateful for the geographical happenings Bill and Gary write of in their back yards, regarding all these abnormal and over activity earth events going on constantly now, because it is rarely to never reported in main stream news and it is needed for readers to become awake to the truth. Lifting the veil of blindness, that is what seems to be our mission as Ambassadors of Christ!
Never stop telling the truth is part of walking in the spirit! For me I don't give a crap if people try to discredit me or attack me for speaking out for our Lord, all I care about is when I meet Him face to face that I hear from Him..."Well done my faithful servant!" That is all that matters tp me so thanks for being on that right side of it you guys and I hope to see more comments boldly proclaiming these truths we speak of as it is being seen in their neighborhoods also.
We are the real news, people on the ground telling of what we see in our back yards! The more faith you have in God and Jesus the more fearless and bold you become. Its an awesome feeling I highly recommend it!.