Thursday 14 July 2022

An extremely loud warning, deafening and unbelievably close by: A warning of a catastrophic, cataclysmic event screaming at the world with a mega bullhorn, and millions of people I fear, are not listening! The Arab Spring began in response to oppressive regimes and a low standard of living which has arrived in the West

Enough is enough protests in Yakooza Hollywood after the George Floyd murder—Scenes like this are coming again soon. What our governments are asking from us is in my opinion, grotesque and inhuman they are on course to crash Western Democracy. Credit Wikipedia

The recent escalation of riots and protests against corrupt and weak governments around the world here in the West since 2020, is I believe a precursor to a Western-type version of the Arab Spring. That uprising caused governments to fall, causing millions of deaths from three deadly civil wars and sending even more millions of refugees into Europe. What our greedy, corrupt, and very much out-of-touch leaders are about to force on us is the same kind of financial pressure and poverty pushed onto the Arab working class and will end in tears here too for our so-called Democratic leaders. 

An extremely loud warning, deafening and unbelievably, right under our noses, which of course are stuck, and glued to our handheld devices has arrived. A warning of a catastrophic, cataclysmic event that is starting to scream at the world with a bullhorn, and millions of people I fear, are not listening!

Yesterday, I drove to the petrol station to fill up my already quarter-full, German, reasonably-priced car, no, it's not an expensive Mercedes Benz, actually, it's a Polo. What used to cost me just over 50 Euros to fill her up just a couple of months ago, cost me yesterday just over 100 Euros, and it wasn't empty!

Anyway, on the way home I was listening to a BBC phone-in program hosted by the money-saving expert, Martin Lewis. What he is promising regarding the energy price hack which will arrive in October and January is frightening, criminal, and dystopian.

One worried pensioner who called in claimed he had a state pension for himself. His wife had no pension because she had never worked but they both lived in a 5 bedroom house, in a well-to-do area and he had a little put by. At the moment he pays around 420 pounds a month for his energy bills, which is just over 5,000 pounds a year, now, in October his energy bills will rise to over 7,000 pounds annually which will leave him with less than 100 pounds to pay for food and other bills for the rest of the year because his yearly state pension is just 7,900 pounds! That is insane! But, wait. It's all going to rise even more in January????

How are this man and his dear wife going to cope with the other disasters promising to come our way, insane inflation, and massive food shortages, I do feel for him, but luckily, he claims he has some savings for a rainy day—A monsoon is coming to you Sir and the rest of us! 

How on earth is the single parent going to cope, bringing kids up alone and not being able to work? Or the sick people living on, barely-manageable benefits? Or the low-paid people with many mouths to feed?

I have already read stories of old people in the UK using their free bus passes and taking all-day bus rides last winter to stay warm! Or sitting for hours in the city library and cafes, huddled up next to the radiator? Thousands of sick and elderly will die this winter in the West, no, not from Covid or Monkeypox but from cold and hunger.   

According to the BBC, the increase is based on the price energy suppliers pay producers for electricity and gas. This has risen sharply because demand for gas increased as the Covid pandemic eased, and because the war in Ukraine has threatened supplies from Russia. (Wouldn't the demand for gas have decreased after the Covid pandemic eased, or am I missing something, I mean, I could be?)

We have seen what can happen when people have just had enough and can't take it anymore. This week for instance the people stormed the living quarters of the Sri Lankan President. Gotabaya Rajapaksa has confirmed he will resign after tens of thousands of protesters stormed the official residence. Sri Lanka is in a deep financial crisis and the crowds say they won't leave until he quits his post. A day later, Shinzo Abe, the Japanese nationalist was assassinated during a political speech in the Japanese city of Nara.

Riots are happening around the world since 2020 and they are going to get a hell of a lot worse—Strikes are being used here in Europe with workers already demanding pay to rise with the hike in inflation. They can't increase everyone's pay, so, as usual, it will be the poorer people, the uneducated, the old and sick who will be first to be hit—Shades of Covid-19, can you now see what's going on?

The mainstream media across the West tried to have us all believe peaceful protest was taking place in many of our cities across the globe in 2020 and 21, but this was not true. The people had reached a boiling point—The constant bombardment of conflicting facts, alternative truths, and downright lies have become the symbol of 2020/21 and they are going to ramp them up in the coming months. What we are about to witness in the West this winter will become a carbon copy of the Arabian Spring, which started when a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions spread across much of the Arab world in the early 2010s.

The Arab Spring began in response to oppressive regimes and a low standard of living, starting with protests in Tunisia. From Tunisia, the protests then spread to five other countries: Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain, where either the ruler was deposed (Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, and Ali Abdullah Saleh) or major uprisings and social violence occurred, including riots, civil wars or insurgencies. Our so-called sophisticated leaders are now attempting the same strategy on us, but we won't take it either!

The West is going the same way and is heading for its own unprecedented"boogaloo" (civil war), "Western Spring." The American George Floyd murder sent seismic ripples all the way from California to London and Berlin to Sydney, causing the BLM, Antifa, and left-wing militants to rise up against police brutality, inequality, and racism. These movements brought the white Supremacists out of the rotten woodwork to lock horns and start bustin' heads. What's about to happen will make those riots look like a walk in the park, really.

If American and European politicians can't come together and find a proper way to help their people a new Western Civil War could erupt which will surely reverberate around the democratic world, especially if people can't feed their kids or keep them warm. And of course, domestic civil unrest will hand over even more clout and power to China, Russia Turkey, and Iran.

It is only with the passing of time and much research I have come to realize just what terrifying horrors are been introduced to 'OUR' world. Nothing sold to us can be more “pure or more valuable” than what is, “freely,” available and, that will become very clear to mankind in the very near future.

I read somewhere (I think it was a quote from “The Four Horsemen'') that to really understand something is to be liberated from it. Yet, how can we liberate ourselves from our vain attempt at global progress, which has, in all intents and purposes, destroyed the very place we live in? The very word progress means a movement towards a refined, improved, or desired state. Incredibly, our fantastic advances in technology have “systematically destroyed” the very place we are trying to improve and that place will very soon be unlivable for all forms of life due to our hubris! Our leaders have become the perfect parasitoid, a parasite that eventually kills its host.

Indeed, our world is in a state of collapse, an implosion on a scale unimaginable just a few years ago, the carnage which is about to be unleashed has been sneakily planned, right under our noses and is now I'm afraid inevitable. But the people will only take so much. . .

It is now well known among experts and many once doubting skeptics that without a doubt if we continue on our current path (which we will) we will lose our home and everything in it. It is now an undeniable fact, that mankind’s society is collapsing just as fast as its environment. Planet Earth’s resources are dwindling at an alarming rate. Animals, plants, fossil fuels, minerals, water, air, and soil are all diminishing at an unsustainable speed while the world’s population is increasing. At the very time, these price hacks happen 8 billion people will be officially declared as living on this planet. We have the technology to feed every one of those 8 billion people but that agenda is not in the pipeline, no, 8 billion will be trapped on a dying planet with no food to feed them.


Hungary’s government has declared an “energy emergency” in response to supply disruptions and skyrocketing energy prices in Europe, an official said Wednesday. There is “unlikely to be enough gas in Europe for the autumn and winter heating season,” said Gergely Gulyás, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff. 

Gulyás cited Russia’s war in Ukraine and consequent sanctions from the European Union as the cause of what he called an “energy crisis” on the continent.“The prolonged war and the sanctions from Brussels have caused energy prices to rise dramatically across Europe, and in fact, a major part of Europe is already in an energy crisis,” Gulyás said. Hungary is heavily dependent on fossil fuels from Russia, and last year signed a 15-year agreement with Russian energy company Gazprom for the purchase of natural gas. Hungary gets around 65% of its oil and 85% of its gas from Russia. 

Leaks have forced a stoppage at a Norwegian gas platform in the North Sea, Reuters reports. A Norwegian gas platform and the transportation hub Sleipner Riser at the same field were shut down on Tuesday after separate gas leaks occurred, operator Equinor said. The company indicated it was unclear when operations would resume. "A gas leak at the Sleipner A [platform] occurred yesterday morning," an Equinor spokesperson stated, adding "No person was injured and production was shut. When we tried to restart, a new gas leak occurred, late Monday night. "Sleipner Riser is a key hub for the transport of North Sea gas to Britain and Belgium.

The repairs are expected to take 10 days. Norway is Europe's second-largest gas supplier and currently meets around 25% of gas demand on the continent, according to S&P global. Its role has come into sharper focus since Russia moved to reduce gas deliveries to Europe. This month, the Norwegian government ended a strike by the country's offshore oil and gas workers, who had been demanding wage increases to compensate for rising inflation. The strike, which resulted in the closure of three fields, threatened to exacerbate Europe's energy crisis.

Stay safe folks, we are in for the ride of our lives!

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Ray said...

Hi Gary, You are so right and there is no stopping this runaway train. The big cities will be hell on earth. Rape loot and pillage squared. All you can do is prepare. And pray.

Gary Walton said...

A modern-day Viking rampage!

Hawkeye said...

Spot on Ray & Gary! Found this news report today:

CIC is the acronym for that "group" of Satan minions.
I'm posting this particular link today because it is soooo in line with Bible prophecy. Keeps amazing the reader! It said, "one of the CIC's primary narratives is ALL RELIGIONS MUST UNITE...." and they have that united belief all in writing to replace all religions.
Lol, good chuckles. They really think they can delete God, Jesus, the entire Bible with some one belief in what exactly? If it weren't so wacko and evil it would be funny. But still funny to think they can be more powerful then God is.
Good advice from Ray's comment, PRAY!
Prayer is powerful! More so when many of us do it simultaneously.
More good info Gary. Thank you!!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the link!

Christopher said...

Thank You Gary for this post and your previous posts. I hope this finds You and Your Readers healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. I have not worked for money since 3/29/2022. I have been doing some volunteering and I have been going to school to learn ART from Dr Detrick Klinghardt- Autonomic Response Testing. I have been strongly encouraging friends, family and neighbors to purchase one or more 55 gallon food grade water containers, A bung wrench to open them and the hand pump that screws onto the 55 gallon containers. Once we have used our water we can move the barrels to house down spouts for a rain catch. PS Always filter rain water.
Hold on tight. Blessings to All.

Gary Walton said...

Thank you, old friend, good advice, stay safe buddy!