Monday 12 July 2021

The red tide plague is still killing marine life and destroying the vulnerable ecosystem A record number of manatees have died this year in the US State of Florida, primarily from starvation due to red tide: 15 tons of dead fish collected in recent days

Red Tide in a harbour, credit Wikipedia
It is an extremely dire situation and is deliberately being under-reported. The Florida red tide plague is still killing marine wildlife and destroying the vulnerable ecosystem around the massive panhandle. The actual problem is a spiral caused by human pollution causing the algae, the algae kill the fish which causes more algae which of course kills more fish. This never-ending cycle began in 2016 and has never gone away and has created, "dead-zones," in and around Florida's coastline leaving many experts wondering if the waters will ever recover.

A record number of manatees have died this year in the US state of Florida, primarily from starvation, wildlife authorities say. At least 841 of the marine mammals died in waters near the eastern state between 1 January and 2 July. That breaks the previous record set in 2013 when 830 manatees died after exposure to harmful algae. This year biologists say seagrass beds manatees rely on for food are dying out because of rising water pollution. They say the main issue is the increasing waste contamination of Florida's waterways, which triggers the accumulation of algae and the loss of seagrass.

Florida's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute said most of the deaths had happened during the colder months when manatees migrated to the Indian River Lagoon, where most seagrasses had died which lies on the Eastern coast of the peninsular. Parts of the Sunshine State on the Western coast are dealing with some serious red tide trouble. Tons of dead fish are washing onshore across the Tampa Bay area.

The unhealthy situation has prompted several beaches to close for around-the-clock cleanup. It’s a disturbing sight to see and smell. Dead fish are littering the shorelines across Tampa Bay. Baitfish, sport fish, stingrays, even dolphins and manatees have all been killed by red tide and are piling up and officials don’t think this problem will be resolved quickly. Almost 20 t0ns of dead fish have been cleared by officials in the last 10 days.

This is a problem now in its 5th year and is shockingly being under-reported.
A dead manatee floated up in Anna Maria Sound on Aug. 26 2018 to the dock at the Sunrise Lane home of Holmes Beach Commissioner Judy Titsworth.

I stumbled on a news report back in March this year which beggars belief and shows, once again the "fake news and lies" we are being fed by Government Agencies and the absolute incompetence of mainstream media's ability to properly research and check-out information given out by State-sponsored agencies. In the USA Today report, the article I read made my jaw drop by its inaccuracy.

According to the USA Today, quoting the "Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission."

 It’s turning out to be "another" deadly year for Florida manatees. More sea cow deaths have been documented through the first two months of the year than were recorded during those same two months in 2019 and 2020 combined, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission records. Three hundred and seventeen manatee deaths occurred through Feb. 12, 2021. Former FWC commissioner Ron Bergeron said he thought the number was closer to 350 sea cows.  Manatee advocates confirmed the die-off, saying it’s another example of poor water quality. Pat Rose added...

“It’s something we’ve never really seen before,” said Pat Rose, director of the Save the Manatee Club. “It looks like we have a substantial number of manatees that are starving.” "The past five-year average shows 100 documented deaths each year, with about eight perinatal deaths."

"Something we have never seen before, really? "A 100 documented deaths a year, really?

On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, TBW reported; 
It has been one of The Big Wobble's biggest and most tragic stories of the last one and a half years. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission attributed 213 manatee deaths to this episode of red tide, which began in late 2017, leading the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to declare an unusual mortality event. Combined manatee deaths from red tide, human actions, cold stress and other causes was 824, according to a preliminary FWC report. According to the Herald Tribune, a previous die-off killed 803 manatees in 2013 during another red tide bloom. 
Preliminary data from FWC showed that the 824 manatee deaths in 2018 from both red tide, sickness and human-related causes surpassed the previous record of 803 set during another red tide outbreak in 2013.
Apart from the manatee, sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins deaths, it is thought "billions of fish" and countless birdlife have also died.
Because of the partial U.S. government shutdown, NOAA has not provided updates for dolphins on its UME website.

A month later on Tuesday, 5 February 2019, TBW reported;

Don't believe the phoney hype! Officials in Florida claim red tide killed 267 tons of marine life when the actual total is thousands of tons, (links provided)

"This was Florida's Deep Water Horizon!" An incredible 408 marine life die-off's, almost one every day from July 2016 to November 2018 and is the biggest marine disaster in Florida's history and today the Coastal Conservation Association Florida and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have come up with an official number of deaths during that period, they are claiming the red tide killed 


ROSIE said...

God keeps warning America and the world He isn't happy,yet most of America are deaf dumb and blind and so Judgement will continue...People do not like Repentance and don't have a clue about Yahway due to the Bible and Ministers dying out in the churches. Many ministers are spiritually dead. So sad and bad....

Hawkeye said...

This toxic water situation is so much worse then this report and this report is very bad. Being posted here helps my head as it gives me the opportunity to vent truth to your readers Gary. So thanks much for that Gary!
This morning in swfl local news there is a report of 600 tons of dead fish washing up in Tampa Bay.....oh no worries this is normal....says the liar news, and it only happens once a year....?? What!?

Truth is, this is our new normal. We have had red tide since October 2020, it never went away and as soon as all the fake cold is finished and temps warm up to summer conditions that fall bloom goes in to over drive. Every single year consistantly and ongoing for a few years to date.
I write this because it bothers me and the news bothers me with their complacent bull shit each and every day with all news, but this environmental stuff really hits a nerve. About a month ago news reported a woman on vacation went to Ft Myers Beach after shaving her legs and left the beach with flesh eating disease on both of her legs. How's that for poison water!? Then the news has the nerve to say "people think swimming in the Gulf is good for you but oh no, that water is full of bad bacteria". Lol....ok...

Real Estate was booming for a while and home prices have skyrocketed to all new heights, point is why are people spending all kinds of money ranging from the 500 thousands up to 2 million to be on this poison water!? Ha ha, it's insanity is all I can say to that. They must have taken the "stupid" shots (covid vacs).

Dont believe the news folks. FL environment is collapsing right before everyone's eyes but near no one sees any of it. They keep going to the beach, keep buying homes on the water, keep going fishing, like nothing is wrong. Fishing? There are no fish the birds are all starving. I see this and I act. Feed the birds and give them water access. Help them! My neighbors attack me for this because they are brain dead, I fight them and keep up what I do. Not enough space here to tell you all, but know that we are all being poisoned. How about turning off the damn tv news and paying attention to life!?
Thanks again Gary! Best to all.

Gary Walton said...

Hawkeye, fighting her neighbors? I can't imagine, haha