Tuesday 15 December 2020

Hosea a prophecy revealed: Israel and its people will be revived in two days after the death of Jesus: A day for a millennium, 30 AD + 2000 is 2030 with Israel revived during the 2nd day in 1948 if this is correct we are very very close to the tribulation period

Taken from the wonderful AoC Netwerk video below.

Recently, it has become apparent our world leaders, politicians and even our religious leaders have become “de-franchised” from the people they serve. A Mr Norval Cunningham, a friend of mine once wrote they are showing an "Incompetence Syndrome” and are struck with blindness! This "blindness", or inability to comprehend, can be easily recognised in our leaders who are making astonishingly misguided decisions or comments, on TV or social media. Another way of recognising world leaders are struggling with the "Incompetence Syndrome"; struck with blindness, are the questions that they ask, or fail to ask. Our politicians and religious leaders are being exposed by doing and saying what they shouldn’t be and not doing and saying what they should be.

In Corinthians, 1:19 we read, For it is written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” 

This destruction of the wise and the intelligent, (leaders) will become worse in the near future they will be the ones who will bring final desolation to our planet with their greed and hubris. Our planet is a living breathing organ it revolves with the spirit of God, our planet feels Him. In Isaiah 64:1, we are reminded that the mountains tremble before Him!

Have you noticed many Bible secrets, secrets which have been hidden for thousands of years are suddenly being revealed? This is because we are so close to the return of Jesus. Much closer than you can imagine. Our sick planet feels it and although Jesus told us no man knows when that day will be, He did tell us to look for the season. Today I watched another remarkable video from the wonderful AoC Network, which is below and points to just how close we could be, to the wonderful second coming of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.

Around 753  BC Hosea was a prophet to the dependents of Abraham, the Israelites. Because the Israelites had done badly in the eyes of God Hosea prophesied they would be punished by the nations of the world but because of God’s grace, He would revive them and their nation.

The first part of Hosea’s prophecy was fulfilled in 722 BC when the Assyrians came and took the Israelites into captivity. However, we can clearly see the prophecy was written to parallel future events. Hosea warned the Jews since they had rejected God His hand of safety would be removed but he also offered them hope. Hosea told them their nation will be revived and they would live in the kingdom of the Lord when the Messiah returned.

In chapter 6 of Hosea’s prophecy, God tells the Israelites when they will be revived and when they will be in His presence. Hosea gives us a time frame for when the nation of Israel would be revived and history shows that the prophecy, as you would imagine fantastically accurate.

But first, let us see when the nation was destroyed. In Zechariah 13:7 we read, “strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered and I will turn my hand against the little ones. The Jewish people were always referred to as God’s sheep. So, when were the Jewish people scattered and who was the shepherd who was killed and when was he killed?

In John 10:11 Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd.” “The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.” So it is clear, Jesus was the shepherd and he will be killed.

In Mat 26:31 during the last supper, Jesus said, “this very night you will all fall away on account of me for it is written.” “I will strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will scatter.”

At the time Jesus walked the earth the Jews occupied Jerusalem, however, this would change after Jesus was killed. 40 years after Jesus was killed Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed by the Romans the scattering of the Jews began The Jewish Diaspora had begun.

In Luke 21:24 Jesus explains, “they will fall by the sword (the jews) and will be taken by all nations Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the time age of the Gentiles is fulfilled.” (When the Jews will reclaim their land). Incredibly this happened in 1948 when Israel became a nation again and then in 1967, they recaptured Jerusalem. The words of Christ were fulfilled and a prophecy written hundreds of years before Christ came into the world became true.

Hosea, 6:1-2 After 2 days He will revive us and on the third day he will raise us up that we may live in His presence. We know, in the Bible, days and numbers are often in prophetic codes. Often we read of a day for a year.

In 2 Peter 3:8, we read, with the Lord, a day is like a thousand days and a thousand days are like a year. Hosea’s prophecy is not a day but a millennium and should read thus: Hosea 6:12, After 2000 years He will revive us and after 3000 years He will raise us up that we may live in His presence.

Let me explain. Jesus is thought to have died in 30 AD. One day after His death is a thousand years, so 1030 AD but the prophecy says Israel will be revived in two days which would bring us to 2030 with the actual revival taking place during the 2nd day in 1948. They would then be rose up to live with the Lord on the third day, 2030-3030, the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ. And just to rubber-stamp this prophecy, Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam. 

Just a reminder, no man knows when the Messiah will return but he did tell us to keep looking for the season.

Stay safe folks. 

Here is the wonderful video

The Bible foretold Major events in recent history. This is a must-see for those interested in Bible Prophecy or those who wonder if the Bible truly recorded the future. ► The film featured at the end is "End of the Harvest" and can be obtained here: https://christianmovies.com/products/... ➤ View More Content and Support the Work: https://www.patreon.com/aocnetwork ➤ Our Bible Study Tools and Resources: https://www.aocnetwork.org ➤ See Previous Episodes Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... AoC Network is a Christ-Centered content creator with a goal to represent God’s Kingdom online. Learn More at https://www.aocnetwork.org/about-us • Many of our videos feature movies we highly recommend! A Google search using the title and date provided in the ending credits will help with purchasing them.


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woofer said...

Do you really believe in age-old prophecies? Remember, they are only someone's imaginings, not based on fact or truth.

Unknown said...

Good day Gary

In my corner of the world we have 2020 the Covid year among other things. In 1990 or so we had Rodeny King. In 1960 we had JFK, MLK, and a bit of conflict in Nam. In 1930 we had the Great Depression. I remember there was something for 1900 and 1870, but do not recall at the moment.

Now with that said, let us look at 2050!!
First off we are looking at the end of oil about then. Our population will hit 10 billion. And number three, our oceans in the world will be more or less dead.

What a world, we do not see what is in front of our eyes.
Nough said.

Stingray said...

tks for your post

Pixelstar said...

You would do well to read Dr. John Gill's explanation of Hosea.
All you need to know here:

Gary Walton said...

Welcome Stingray

Unknown said...

The Abraham Accords commissioned by Trump and authored by his "prince" may have already started the 7 year tribulation last January and more and more arab/muslim nations are confirming it. Hasn't it dawned on any of you when you hear people all over the world say, "man, 2020 was the worst year in history all over the world, etc that this might be a clue?? Get over the lie of a pre trib rapture friends, these teachers are setting you up to be "oil less virgins" and you will not see the Day of the Lord approaching thinking that the Lord delays His Coming when all signs point to it. Read Daniel again so you can understand:

Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: Note: The Lord doesn't say BEFORE one week; He says FOR ONE WEEK.

If you think 2020 was bad then you are absolutely unprepared for 2021. Most who follow Christ will be severely persecuted in 2021 and 2022 will be far worse because most followers of Christ will be total outcasts from society by then, unable to buy and sell, be employed or even travel anywhere. True followers of Christ will not take the dna altering vaccines and because they won't, they won't be deluded into believing the LIE and taking the bio-chip that will come after it. This will separate them completely from the beast's economic system.

2020 is the Bible definition of the beginning of sorrows and trust this friends. There is no indication in Scripture that the sorrows our Lord mentioned occur BEFORE the 7 year period, what Scripture truly shows us is that these sorrows occur early on during the 7 year period.

Trump and populism will be crushed in 2021 and so will the Bill of Rights. As America goes, so does the rest of the free world.
Repent now and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Get away from these harlots under the mother and really prepare yourselves for the Day of the Lord:


Anonymous said...

"... and then they stole and drove into ever decreasing areas the Palestinians for decades, showering them with constant terror, and leaving them without clean water, food, medicine and aid. And the world watched scared in the face of the evil powers of some of God's Chosen People who did these cruelties and let it happen silently."

What will God do to remove the evil seeds in his Chosen People?? Will he reward them in his grace?

Anonymous said...

You may wish to be a little more accurate with your Bible quotes.

2 Peter 3:8 ... "a day is like a thousand days ..." needs editing "a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day" is more accurate. I also humbly suggest you specify which version the Bible you use.

woofer said...

"What a load of total crap. Do you guys have a functioning brain!" I agree with that comment.

Unknown said...

Need to read my sections on "The End," and "John's Jesus on a Second Coming" in my new book coming out next year. TT

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, that caught my eye because of it's closeness to the Berisheet prophecy. This is getting exciting now.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish year is 360 days. Date calculations should use the Jewish year for calculations.