Friday 18 December 2020

5 AND 4G is linked to cell and tissue damage, damaging proteins, and DNA and suppressing immune systems, which is probably why Covid-19 has been so destructive in wealthy countries: 73 rich countries are using 5G networks and most of them have done badly with RONA

UK advice on 5G

There has been much speculation around the world claiming a link between 5G and the coronavirus.  While governments and the media have been quick to dispel such claims as not true, there is a connection, according to an NCBI report, (National Institutes of Health, link supplied below), who are claiming doses of charged particles from 5G, 4G can cause acute and persistent oxidative stress which can lead to cell and tissue damage, damaging proteins, and DNA and suppressing immune systems, which is probably why Covid-19 has been so destructive in wealthy countries such as the US and all of Europe but not nearly as destructive in 3rd world, or poor countries.

You see when the virus exploded into our lives at the beginning of this year I wondered why the virus was attacking rich countries of the West, along with Russia, China and India and to an extent Brazil. According to Wikipedia 73 countries are using 5G networks, North America, all of Europe, China, Russia, Japan all the rich Arab nations and nearly all of them had 5G installed last year or early this year. The poor counties and 3rd world countries are not on the list.

According to our man in Alaska, Bill Laughing-Bear, bad biological effects of non-ionizing radiation is a Western disease. With this type of energetic air pollution, there are many causes for concern. For instance, it is known that both single and double-strand DNA will break down due to these cell phone frequencies. While single strand at times can heal, it is thought that double-strand DNA breaks will not repair and can lead to genetic mutations.

Other problems such as poor memory and concentration, delayed reaction times, headaches, lower levels of both melatonin and serotonin, anxiety, chronic pain or pressure in the chest, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, blood pressure problems, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and tinnitus are very common.

Not bad enough, let’s throw in the likes of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, red blood cells sticking together or deforming in what is called bottle capping, ADD/ADHD in children, reproductive problems, skin disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, and Autism.

There has been much speculation around the world claiming a link between 5G and the coronavirus, while governments and the media have been quick to dispel such claims as not true, there is an obvious connection, as I mentioned earlier, according to an NCBI report, (National Institutes of Health), low doses of charged particles causes acute and persistent oxidative stress which can lead to cell and tissue damage damaging proteins, and DNA and suppressing immune systems. With a damaged suppressed immune system we are "sitting ducks" for an attack by a virus such as COVID-19 and all the other crap out there. A simple injection is now all that is needed to change a person's DNA, that's all it takes, you wouldn't even know it was happening. It's a sad tail and most people are unprepared. 

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

Now, before you say, "c'mon, our government would never do that!" Let me tell you something, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, also known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, was an unethical clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), its aim was to trick poor black people into thinking they were getting free health care when they were actually being monitored for syphilis, monitored not cured, they didn't tell the person if he had the disease.

The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the African-American men in the study were told they were receiving free health care from the federal government of the United States when all the time the CDC and the American government were gathering data from their black patients as they became sicker and sicker with the terrible disease unaware what the problem was. Wikipedia

And we are making it worse!

Our Western ideals have increased to a point where our very lifestyle is causing us spiritual, mental and physical pain. The very idea of modern Western culture brings us pain, punishes us and causes remorse. Our breakneck lifestyles inflict physical injury and disease and produce frustration and hopelessness. In a world connected by social media, depression, loneliness and suicide are at record-breaking levels.

Most Westerners are living in the 21st century with suppressed immune systems brought on by their own desires. Obesity. Diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals and radiofrequency radiation. Sex and violence are pushed into our faces at every turn, we are being consumed by our need for a modern lifestyle.

Our cells, proteins, and DNA are being damaged by our Western lifestyle, which is contributing to ageing and also play's a role in the development of a range of health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In other words, we are killing ourselves.


Christopher said...

Well done Gary! Decades ago I heard a Black Sabbath song named "Killing Your Self To Live". Unfortunatley this seams like the Theme of modern day livig.

I have always admired the old ways of living without electricity and all the harms it has inflicted on Humanity. I have been studying Dirty Electricity, Electromagnetic Radiation = EMF and Radio Frequency Radiation = RFR since 2016. Last year 2019 I attended two life changing events on these subjects. The EMF Conference For Health Care Providers in Santa Cruz, California and a week long course "1 of 3" at The Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico to become an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Both experiences were eye opening, informative, empathetic and spiritual.

At the first event I saw at least 10 people suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity just like Bill Laughing Bear. These brothers and sisters were covered head to feet in silver lined protective clothing with only their faces showing. At the time I was reading a book by Arthur Furstenberg named "The Invisible Rainbow" which goes over the history of electrifying, radiofying, radarifying and microwaving the planet, and how these events have adversely affected Humanity and Nature.

I had the pleasure of shaking Arthur's hand after he gave a sobering speech to our class in Santa Fe. Arthur also suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Most people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity also suffer from Multiple Chemical Hypersensitivity. According to Arthur's book these disabilities connect with Porphorin molecules "please excuse my spelling" which interface with hemoglobin and chlorophil to synergize life as we know it.

Arthur points out in "The Invisible Rainbow" how Flu Pandemics followed each fying event. Starting with 1889 when the planet was electrified and then again in 1918 with the Spanish Flu which started in the USA at a military base teaching telegraphing. These Flu Pandemics did not present what we now think of as signs and symptom of Influenza ie. sore throat, runny nose, cough, congestion, etc. People died from hemorrhaging in the lungs and brain. Remember your statement about red blood cells sticking together when exposed to 4G and 5G.

Now we can look at all the micro blood clots found in victims of Covid 19 upon autopsy. There is a documentary named "Take Back Your Power" that shows "under a microscope" several abnormalities of red blood cells exposed to microwave RFR. Electrosmog is the term used to describe the many layers of EMF and RFR that we are all being exposed to and often bath in. There are several ways to mitigate and minimise our exposure, but that is another day. See and look into Shungite at Take Care

john said...

Definitely a connection. When the 'virus' hit in the UK, 5 of the top 6 hot-spots were areas of historically poor air quality, and recent roll-outs of 5G. The exception was in the county of Hampshire, but I surmise that the cases would have been on the commuter belt into London.
Recently I obtained the number of PCR tests performed in my county of Dorset. This comes under the same health authority, but is split between the rural area and the main conurbation of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.
The total number of tests were 490010, of which 14509 were positive, ie 2.97%.
However, the Bournemouth test center was 13.89%. It just so happens that the area where the test center is located is home to the only urban 5G test network in the county.
Tough times ahead my friend.
Merry Xmas.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the wonderful input guys. Christopher, I have sent your comment to Bill. said...

Here is the study that confirms your article cool post.

Gary Walton said...


Anonymous said...

This research study is about exposure to subatomic particles, NOT non-ionizing radio frequency radiation! The study has no bearing whatsoever on exposure to cell phone radiation!

For that, see and

Gary Walton said...

What do you mean? My post or the comment?

ilo said...

Here is a brand new 50 page research report explaining 5G and COVID. It is all sourced and has been reviewed by 2 eminent doctorate health professionals.

abinico said...

Yet more propaganda from Monsanto to divert attention from GMO issues and dangers.

Gary Walton said...

Dear Gary:

First, I’m a huge fan of your important, unique, and much-needed coverage of natural (and other) global disasters. I hope the following could be helpful in further understanding the key issues you mention in the cited article. Feel free to quote any of this, if useful.

I’m impressed that you quoted a prestigious paper by top experts at NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy. The research seeks “to determine the consequences of low dose charged particle exposure on the redox state of neural stem and precursor cells, cultures were exposed to multiple doses of 600 MeV/n Fe ions and analyzed over short (days) and long (weeks) postirradiation intervals for changes in oxidative stress.”

To clarify, relatively low-energy radio frequencies (or “RF”) such as 5G frequencies are not emitted by the charged iron particles described in this paper. The cited charged particles emit damaging energy levels that are vastly higher in energy (and frequency) than RF. (Note that organic damage is correlated with frequency, so extremely high frequencies (visible light, UV, X-rays, and gamma rays) are vastly more damaging than RF.) These gamma ray radiations are generated in nuclear reactors.

If needed, I have found this to be a useful diagram for understanding the full frequency spectrum: Note that 5G is in the “low energy” microwave region, while gamma rays, way over on the left, are the highest-energy radiation known.

You may also find and useful for understanding the electromagnetic frequency spectrum in more detail. Note that the highest 5G frequencies (in the 3GHz “super high-frequency” range) have 100 billion times lower energy than the gamma rays emitted by charged particles in this experiment. (To be clear, It’s a bit more complex — the results depend on the amount of exposure time, the area of irradiation, and the chemical composition of tissue, for example). What do you think?

So who should be worried about this research? Astronauts on trips to Mars (and elsewhere) and those living above ground on Mars. (I’ve written nine articles on this subject, published on (you can find them in Google by looking for “ mars astronaut radiation risk”.

You also mentioned “why Covid-19 has been so destructive in wealthy countries such as the US and all of Europe but not nearly as destructive in 3rd world, or poor countries.”

I’m not an expert in virology or epidemiology, but I’m guessing this difference might be associated with the fact that third-world countries are not as exposed to airline travel and that there were some cases of stricter border closures, entry/exit bands, via restrictions, and flight suspensions in many of these countries, as noted here: Your thoughts?

If any of this is incorrect or unclear, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Radiation does not need to be ionizing to affect biological processes. There is an effect called RF induced electroporation. Can be used for positive treatment protocols as well. I originally thought of the possibility that 4 & 5g might be weakening cell membranes making covid and other viruses more infectious. I think its at least worth a study to see if there is a possibility.

admin said...

This research study is about exposure to subatomic particles, NOT non-ionizing radio frequency radiation! The study has no bearing whatsoever on exposure to cell phone radiation!

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Jason Tan said...

Natural News has made you famous by quoting this article as a source for their article that makes identical claims. However it's not so clear why you think that the NCBI paper that you referenced is about 5G. It appears to be about charged particle radiation. That might be of concern to astronauts and to cancer who are undergoing proton therapy, but how does that related to 5G?

Jason said...

This research was withdrawn but has important details

Dr. Cowan M.D
Cv and 5G

Anonymous said...

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