Saturday 21 November 2020

Reports of a severe form of gonorrhoea called disseminated gonococcal infections (DGI), which is a significant complication of untreated gonorrhoea.These cases could cause trouble for a health system already being overwhelmed with the COVID-19 pandemic

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State health officials warned Friday that doctors are seeing increasing cases of a severe form of gonorrhoea across the state, which they blame on patients not seeking treatment. The California Department of Public Health reported on Friday that over the past few months, it's "received reports of a severe form of gonorrhoea called disseminated gonococcal infections (DGI), which is an uncommon, but significant complication of untreated gonorrhoea."

These cases could cause trouble for a health system already being overwhelmed with the COVID-19 pandemic. "As an infectious disease and public health physician, I am very concerned that we are seeing completely preventable complications of the sexually transmitted disease (STD) infections that went undiagnosed and untreated, likely due to people not seeking care or getting routine testing during the COVID-19 pandemic," acting State Public Health Officer Dr Erica Pan said.

The health department said that DGIs occur when "the sexually transmitted pathogen Neisseria gonorrhoeae spreads beyond the site of infection and invades the bloodstream travelling to distant sites in the body." Not treating the infections can lead to joint pain and swelling, blood infections, and in some extreme cases, infections in heart valves and brain fluid.

State officials said they're working with local health departments and care providers to ensure patients with STDs are tested and treated. They are encouraging the use of newly available STD and HIV tests. "STD risk has not gone away. There are a few groups we especially want to remind to seek STD screening," Pan said. "If you are a sexually active female 25 years of age or younger, if you are pregnant, if you are a man who has sex with men, or if you are living with HIV, please contact your healthcare provider to get recommended testing for STDs."

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Anonymous said...

CA hasn't been and isn't overwhelmed by 'covid.' I live here, I don't see it.

I see the lies the media put out & how governments + authoritarians are intentionally confusing the facts & people:

The more you test, the more people will test positive.

'Positive' test result is set equal to 'being sick with covid.'
CA statistics shows a graph on how covid test numbers have increased.

The death numbers are down. Even on the CA covid web page!
The death numbers don't specify if these are 'covid' deaths or deaths of other causes.

Death certificates are still more or less forged by urging hospitals to add covid to the cause even if it wasn't the reason for the death (and by paying up to 300,000/hospitalized 'covid' patient) even if the person just came in to have a broken arm fixed but tested positive for 'covid'). CDC provides instructions on how to complete death certificates by adding covid as cause even if only suspected or if the dying person was short of breath or showed another 'covid' symptom like coughing.

If you give financial incentives to states and hospitals to test for 'covid' and to admit 'covid' patients even if they are hospitalized for a hernia etc., you will get higher hospitalization numbers.

If hospitals lay off staff, the remaining staff gets busy when flu season rolls on and when people finally get their non-covid-related issues taken care of after they were kept away by 'covid fear' for almost a year. If these non-covid patients test positive, they are automatically 'covid patients' and 'covid hospitalizations' as long as an invalid tests (see below) shows positive (this makes $ for hospitals & states).

The used rtPCR test is useless (it is not suitable for diagnosis said the inventor, real scientists, MDs).
The virus never been isolated from the sample soup that was taken from a 'covid patient's' lungs, it also hasn't been genetically characterized. Only 37 base pairs have been determined in the mixture of lung tissue sample, the remainder was computer generated! The 37 base pairs could have been almost anything, incl. fragments of any dead virus.
No test based on mostly computer speculation can be effective and meaningful (neither can a vaccine; unless you come out with vaccines that don't serve for prevention of infection but another maybe very nefarious reason).
The sars-cov-2 virus has never been proven/shown to cause 'covid' symptoms!

As far as we know, all tests are currently done at more than 40 cycles (most I could find out about run at 44 or 45 cycles of sample amplification). "Any positive result from a test cycling more than 34 times is a false positive." - Dr Fauci said so and real scientists and MDs say so too.
Since Dr Fauci clearly was aware of the 'definitely false positives' obtained by the used tests as early as summer 2020, it is more than surprising that he wouldn't strongly urge labs to test at no more than 34 cycles! He hasn't yet and won't unless we the people stand up and let our authoritarians know that we have had it with their lies and deception.

Due to these facts, a Portuguese court ruled recently that the test as used is unreliable and that it is illegal to quarantine somebody on test result alone.

THIS is why a governor tests positive once and negative a few hours later. This is why Elon Musk tests 2x positive and 2x negative on the same day. These test results are utterly meaningless; they are just suitable to keep people in fear and further an agenda as outlined by the UN and World Economic Forum (