Tuesday, 10 November 2020

An extremely narcissistic Mr Trump mirror's the young Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water: Mr Trump's petulance has shown the world he would eat himself if he was a box of chocolates.

Echo And Narcissus, John William Waterhouse

I'm personally not into politics but the relief showed yesterday by world leaders and citizens alike after Joe Biden was unofficially announced, President-Elect was symbolic, it felt as if our planet let out a huge breath of relief. President Trump has not been a good president for everyone outside the US, except maybe Israel.

Just as in Greek mythology when the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water so it appears has a Mr Trump has fallen in love with his own image.

He has shown during his tenure as President and during the recent election that he is excessively preoccupied with his own life and circumstances and no matter how great he wanted to make America again he has done the opposite and made America the laughing stock of the world. You might not agree with sleepy Joe's politics but he can't do any worse than an extremely narcissistic Mr Trump, who has shown the world he would eat himself if he was a bar of chocolate.

Just maybe, with the wonderful news yesterday, Americans can now come together and try to heal their divisions. Just maybe all the hate factions can put away their guns and hatred and get together for the good of their own country and the rest of the world too. China, Iran and Russia have been purring like cats lapping up a bowl of cream as they watched a divided America falling apart at the seams. The West needs a united, United States Of America right now in this dark and dangerous world.

Jesus summed up the last four years in the US in one simple sentence: 

In Matthew 12:25 Jesus says: “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand."
 If 2020 will be remembered for all the bad things that can happen to mankind, well the 9th of November 2020 will surely be remembered as the day hope was given back to mankind. Not only was November 9th the day Pfizer and BioNTech revealed they have developed a vaccine for Covid-19 today with a company spokesman describing the development as a "great day for science and humanity".

Stock markets around the world soared yesterday and many are almost back to pre-pandemic highs with growing confidence lockdowns will end sometime in the new year enabling people to go back to work and start rebuilding and spending again.

The new vaccine is said to be more than 90% accurate in stopping people from getting the virus after nearly 50,000 have been tested, preliminary analysis shows no safety concerns. The vaccine will be authorised and will be available by the end of this month.  The UK has already put in an order for 40 million doses, enough for 20 million people. 

However, it's not just the vaccine and financial markets giving us hope yesterday, no, yesterday, most countries around the world saw a drop in the number of newly infected people from Covid-19, it is very early days I know but, a steady drop off of covid cases is happening in many countries around the world, especially in Europe. COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

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Anonymous said...

You are right.
Stay out of politics, it doesn't suit you!

Herein lies your problem, "You might not agree with sleepy Joe's politics but he can't do any worse than an extremely narcissistic Mr Trump..." Vain wishful thinking is the stuff of nightmares and just perpetuates the problem. Godless people are godless people no matter how they are packaged. Neither Biden nor Trump will save us.

Vaccines are doing us more harm than good and make big corp the billions they want at our expense. Remember under US law they are exempt from prosecution. What person in their right mind would trust vested interests who only want to make a profit with their lives and the injection of foreign substances into their bodies?

As Bill Gates has been noted saying, a 10 billion dollar investment for a 200 billion return makes for good business sense; a 20:1 return. Better than the stock market anyday. Meanwhile the cover ups and death toll keeps rising all around the world, not from COVID19 but, from these guys using us, the people, as lab rats for their nefarious genetic experiments. If you are game see "" and other sites like it. Search the protests from ordinary GP's in America that are ignored by mainstream media over the COVID19 coverup and how it can be easily treated.

The arrogance of big corp in tinkering with our DNA on a global scale is going to come unstuck and kill millions all too soon. Just check out the polio vaccine cover up in India, the spike in flu vaccine case deaths in South Korea and the vaccine related deaths in various parts of Africa. Check out the spike in COVID19 infections among military personnel who had been prescribed the flu vaccine. Check out the spike in deaths in Italy linked to one line of flue vaccine. A pattern is occurring that is getting harder to ignore and what the big corps love is our willingness to jump head over tail and pay them to do this stuff to us under the blind illusion they can protect us.

This is red pill blue pill stuff.

sculptercon said...

You are so wrong.

Anonymous said...

President Trump has done everything he promised, all good for America.
Joe Biden and family are deeply involved in corruption, deeply entangled with CCP/Russia/Ukraine and who knows who else. Not sure how you have formed your personal opinions but you are entitled to them.
Ask one basic question: if you had been Donald Trump prepresident, and had his life to enjoy, why in the world would you give that up and submit yourself to all the attacks he has endured for four years?
(he has donated his salary to charity, does that sound like someone taken with himself?) The only logical answer to the first question is that he really does love America. He went to DC to clean up the swamp, of which you seem to also be infected. Typical university journalism.

Anonymous said...

I thought The Big Wobble wasn't fake news. I thought wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Big Wobble's libtarded fake news. Didn't know that.

Steve Alaska said...

Your comments about President Trump reveal how little you know about the man or the situation in America.

Unknown said...

Boy, I could not have said it better. The author of this article has obviously been living under a rock or in a basement somewhere. Of course world leaders were relieved at the announcement about Joe Biden. That means business as usual: bribes, wars, gun running, human trafficking, adrenochrome harvesting, Moloch worshipping, and other nefarious activities detrimental to the people and the Earth. Not to mention not preparing for the anticipated New Madrid fault adjustment and the forthcoming Poleshift.

Anonymous said...

You’ve not been following news reports re Biden’s Ukraine criminality?

Biden is a felon-in-waiting, as what he and his son had done through Ukraine for China and his profit was (is) treason.


Anonymous said...

You want Biden or a similar 'smooth operator'? Then you want the NWO.

Congrats, the NYT is with you on the Brave New World of the Central bankers (recent article) who as always want to have everything but now need to enslave everybody for it.

Whoever still believes the official Covid story which is used to drive the NWO "RESET", did not pay attention at all. Intentional blindness?

Virus: not isolated or purified or proven to cause 'covid symptoms,'
rtPCR test: not suitable for diagnostic use,
Dr Fauci says: Every positive test result from rtPCR tests cycling higher than 35 = definitely a false positive. What does the good man do? Nothing, most tests cycle at 40 or above amplifying a signal from a sample that never forms anything resembling a virus in culture.

There are videos (from the horses mouth/Dr Fauci) and scientific studies, and even NYT reports, and CDC entries. Are people too lazy (? or too trusting?) to investigate? And investigate we must since information is being censored as mad (in case you hadn't noticed).

I always was a blind trusting Democrat by heart. I can't be any more. Democrats obviously signed off to the Central Bankers who want to remove any remaining freedoms from the people.

This is the end game of free humanity. Whoever doesn't see it now, may never see it. Unfortunately, if people don't see it, they help dig the grave even for those who do see.

Antonio Gomes said...

To clarify a few things .
I'm not for or against Trump . This is what I have analysed and analyse : Yes , Trump hasn't been a good president for everyone outside the US Because he defunded : UN , WHO two diabolic entities , NATO , got out of Paris Accord where US would have to pay over one billion dollars a year when India and China , the most polluted nations , were exempt for 10 years to obey the Accord , Speaking the truth, Iran nuclear deal and some other business
deals . Also , CDC should be defunded . Yes , this man is hated for the good of America ! Yes , Trump loves America and so do his supporters, that's why he became president and there is nothing wrong to say " make America great again " . The other side , voted based on hating Trump and many, by hating America too . I you noticed that since Biden claim himself president , there has not been any fires on buildings , cars , looting and protests ?

About Biden , If Trump's family did what Biden's have done ,they would all be in jail . Biden has been a politician for 47 years , in government , and has done nothing except for himself and for his family and now he is rescuing America ? If he get the presidency , he will not be the as president that long---- Harris will take over , that's the Dems plan .

You talk about laughable America ? Yes , but not the way you mean , but where a person , in most States , doesn't have to show an ID to proof citizenship to register to vote !The Dems , in court say : it's discrimination to ask for IDs to vote . Do you know that in this nation thousands of dead people vote in every election , most for Dems ? This voter fraud has to stop and if Trump doesn't do it , no one will be able to do it .

You talk about narcissist and division . Obama started the most division in this nation . Just go back and listen to his talks .Narcissist , when he spoke , He always used the word " I " dozens of times , very seldom the word " we " . Trump , when he speaks , uses the word " we " all the time !

You're talking about God , when you read the Bible , have noticed that God chose sinners but strong will people to do His will on earth ? Lots and lots of people believe that God chose Trump to bring God back to America .

Vaccines ? the man above tells the truth about vaccines . People are stupid to line up to go to the slaughterhouse !

Darlene said...

I stand by our President Trump. We love him. Biden only is where he is because of fraud and only wants socialism for our country. He is just a puppet. I am praying that Trump will stay in office.

Christopher said...

Great Comments. Trump might be narcissistic, but he is honest and honesty is a rare trait in DC. That's why the the Democrats, Deep State and Globalist despise him. He does not play their crooked game of lies and decite. He is the USA's and the worlds last hope of preventing the NWO's "Great Reset".

Joe Biden is a treasonous criminal and so is Kamala Harris. We The People have been lied to for to many decades starting with the assination of JFK. The election fraud occurring at this time is unacceptable to half the citizens of our country. It is the proverbial line in the sand that has been drawn to further polarize division and pit the people against each other while the Globalist further their agenda to enslave Humanity.

We The People demand an honest election and we did not get that. If we follow the money it leads back to George Soros, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers. Instead of destroying our nation in a Civil War maybe we should hunt down the Demonic, Pedophile, Globalist behind this Plandemic and social division and hang them in the public square. I know that does not sound realistic because of all their money and wealth. However when we realize their money is as fake as our money and is essentially worthless or soon will be. We realise these parasites are worthless to Humanity and Nature.

God Bless You All. Take Care

Melly said...

We wrestle w/ the leaders of this world Gary.

Gary Walton said...

We surely do Melly.

Anonymous said...

Of course the new world order wannabes hate Trump. He stands in their way of the plans they (and Satan) have for mankind. Trump is not a "bought" politician that is why we the American people put him in the White House four years ago. He is a true American patriot who has done more for this country in the past four years (I could make a list but would be to long) then all of the rats in D.C. have done in the last fifty years!! Yes, he puts American first and for that he is hated by the globalists. Eight nightmarish years of Obama's
socialist policies just about had this country destroyed. We had the highest un-employment rate in decades! Sleepy Joe just sat there collecting his pay check and making under handed deals with his sex addict son, Hunter. Joe Biden has been in politics for over fourty years and has done NOTHING to benefit the American people. Now all of a sudden he's going to do more than Trump has done? I don't think so. He is a senile old goat who is a puppet in the salivating world order hands. God heard our cries four years ago and gave us Trump to put back our country from the dismantling and damage Obama had done to us. I pray He will hear our cries again as a Biden/Harris win will put us back in severe bondage again! The world is laughing at us now because of the banana republic presidential election we just had. The fake mainstream news media is reporting nothing but lies!! We have had a "fixed" election that was severely rigged by who then none other, the far left socialistic Democrats!! Top lawyers and senators will be taking all the evidence to the Supreme court. I guess these idiots were not taught in grade school that it is wrong to CHEAT to win!!! Yes, the mainstream false media here in the U.S.A. is gaslighting the world with false lying stories of our President. He's the best thing that has happened to our country since Reagan, no wonder they hate him. What they fail to realize is there are way more America loving patriots, then there are of them!! Hey everybody, let's open the borders back up so that drug cartels and rapists can come back into American and rape and kill more women and children! Let's let China continue to rip us off at the tune of billions of dollars a year, and keep them making everything for us so there are few jobs for Americans! Let's give Iran billions of dollars so they can continue making nuclear warheads to blow up Israel, Let's destroy fossil fuel so millions more loose their jobs,
let's continue to force taxpayers to fund even late term abortions and kill the most innocents by the millions each day! Let us lay back and let all the thugs of the world, including George Soros walk all over us and tell them we like it! Get the picture? this is only scraping the top of the iceberg with having the democrats in power. Every city they have taken over in this country is decimated!!! If Trump does not get another term here, I can only pray with all of my heart that the final trumpet blows!!!

Anonymous said...

Junk op-ed with zero facts. This sort of writing shows a crypto-Communistic worldview which makes for malformed opinions. He did say politics wasn't his strong suit, so I suppose we were warned...

Gary Walton said...

This made me laugh out loud, thanks and good luck, you're gonna need it.