Monday 21 September 2020

Nearly 300 whales are stranded off the coast of Tasmania: Conservationists begin a huge rescue operation at Macquarie Heads off the coast of Tasmania to save the whales but 25 are dead already.

Credit BBC

Nearly 300 whales are stranded off the coast of Tasmania with at least 25 whales are thought to have already died as conservationists begin a huge rescue operation at Macquarie Heads off the coast of Tasmania. The mission is due to begin early on Tuesday morning to release approximately 270 whales which have become stuck on two sandbanks and a beach. This unusual event is not unprecedented in this region as a similar number of whales were stranded nearby around a decade ago.



Anonymous said...

The picture says "Credit BBC". The event should read "Credit Satalite 5G"

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Medical Medium's podcast on 'Chemtrails' yesterday. He says Spirit told him that chemtrails are used to poison other beings. He also suggests that these chemtrails were originally (and still are) used to disperse the mega tons of industrial waste from the chemical industry. Of course, he also talks about the geoengineering applications which completely mess up the weather cycles intentionally and unintentionally. Combine microwave radiation with electrically charged molecules and weather fronts can be steered and directed at will or chemically ice nucleated, causing man-made localized cool downs.
If you combine chemical toxins, increased charges in the ionosphere, and add microwaves and 5G, many terrible things to all life and our biosphere can and do happen. The insanity doesn't stop until people realize what goes on over their heads and what falls down on us, the soil and water. We're breathing toxins which some men intentionally disperse over Earth.

It reminded me of how the aluminum industry succeeded to convince governments to add their waste products (toxic fluoride compound) into tap water of the US and many other countries.

Some humans are arrogant, some evil.
Most are beautiful souls, but most of them dangerously uninformed (and that includes me although I at least have learned to look at the 'conspiracy theories' and recognize several of them as conspiracies instead).

Thanks Gary for your reporting, even though it is heart wrenching it is important to know.