Sunday 6 September 2020

Heat records continue to tumble in Arizona: Phoenix on Saturday set a high-temperature record of 115 degrees F, 46 deg C, for 5th of September; August in Phoenix was the warmest ever with an average high temperature of 110.7 degrees F 44 deg C and an average low of 99.1 degrees F 37 deg C,

An old front page of The Arizona Republic

PHOENIX -- Phoenix on Saturday set a high-temperature record of 115 degrees F, 46 deg C, for the date as emergency crews rescued several hikers at a popular recreation area in the city. The baking heat broke the previous record of 113 degrees set in 1945, the National Weather Service said. Saturday was the 14th day this year where Phoenix had a high of 115 degrees or more, topping the previous record of seven, the weather service said.

Tucson reached 107F, 42 deg C tying a 1945 record. The southern Arizona city was expected to break the record later Saturday with a high of 108, forecasters said. Both cities and numerous other desert areas in Arizona and southern Nevada are under excessive heat warnings in effect through Monday night. Forecasters advised limiting outdoor activity, staying inside in air-conditioned places, drinking plenty of water and checking family members and neighbours.

The Phoenix Fire Department said crews used a helicopter and ground vehicles to rescue four adults having heat-related issues in three separate incidents on Camelback Mountain. One person was taken to a hospital for evaluation, but the other three people declined to be transported, the department said. August in Phoenix was the warmest ever with an average high temperature of 110.7 degrees F 44 deg C and an average low of 99.1 degrees F 37 deg C, the weather service said.

Just three weeks ago, a very dangerous, long-lasting heatwave hit the western United States with temperatures soaring as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit above normal from Arizona through to Washington State. Temperatures approaching 50 deg C (122F) were recorded in the Phoenix area, the city also broke the record for most days with a temperature at or above 115, beating the old record of 7 consecutive days. More than 34 million people were under excessive heat watches and warnings across California and the Southwest.

the highest temperature ever recorded here on Earth may have been beaten yesterday. A temperature of 130F (54.4C) was recorded in Death Valley National Park, California on Sunday. If the temperature is verified by the US National Weather Service it will be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth.

Hottest ever

The hottest temperature reliably recorded on Earth was 129.2F (54C) - also in Death Valley in 2013, however, a higher reading of 134F, or 56.6C a century earlier, also in Death Valley, is disputed. Back in late July 2020, Death Valley recorded a temperature of 128 deg F, (53 deg C).

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has officially evaluated temperature record extremes of 54.0 °C at two locations, one in Mitribah, Kuwait, on 21 July 2016 and a second in Turbat, Pakistan, on 28 May 2017. In its most intensive evaluation ever undertaken, the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes has verified the Mitribah observation as 129 deg F, 53.9 °C (± 0.1 °C margin of uncertainty) and the Turbat one as 128.6 deg F, 53.7 °C (± 0.4 °C). The Mitribah, Kuwait temperature is now accepted by the WMO as the highest temperature ever recorded for the continental region of Asia and the two observations are the third (tied within uncertainty limits) and fourth-highest WMO-recognized temperature extremes. Significantly, they are the highest, officially-recognized temperatures to have been recorded in the last 76 years. If verified, Sundays 130F (54.4C) will blow all the old records away but wait...Temperatures there are expected to rise in the coming days!


Unknown said...

Why not mention the GFS and upcoming cold records that will be broken. It's typical if solar minimum, the jet stream changes, more extremes hot and cold

Gary Walton said...

Indeed, more extremes, hot and cold, dry and wet, weather records being shattered now every month. We are living in fascinating times.

Unknown said...

Just funny you don't mention that in the article, record mass ice gains in Greenland, potential record early snowfall in midwest, record snow mass in northern hemisphere the last two years. Possibly more cold records broken than heat in the last couple years. Do you agree with grand solar minimum?

Hawkeye said...

Yes, the heat is on just about everywhere including the arctic poles suffering numerous cyclones/hurricanes and extreme fires raging pretty consistently. The planetary "extremes" we are witnessing have little to do with solar minimums though, replying to "unknown" here.
The cold records that "will be" broken, ugh we are in summer now so to speak of upcoming is only based on past seasonal record breakers for one thing, and consistant data shows even those record breaking extremes of cold in winters is basically meaningless because they only last a few days and then temps shoot back up quickly, so pointless is your statement mr. Unknown.
The jet stream changes, the extremes in summer heat and winter cold....its all geoengineering and has little to nothing at all to do with solar minimums! Please get up to speed! Stop denying this fact of life because it gives fuel to the massive deception by our lunatic global government leaders and their departments who are quite in control of all these extremes!

They caused it and are continuing to cause it with everything technological being deployed today and for decades. The attempt to control the side effects of technology and energy for this world are what cause these extremes in climatic conditions. And again, it is called geoengineering!! To think otherwise is simply denial and or misinformation feed. The ONLY reason there are even extreme cold events in winters is because of geoengineering nuclear cool downs, sharp microwave transmissions and chemicals. If not for that visible fact you would ONLY be experiencing extreme heating annually sir, (unknown).
I become impatient hearing people continue to blame man made conditions on solar mins and max's, or on anything else for that matter when the true culprit is right over your head and can be seen on any given day! Radiation is the main cause, not carbons but carbons are certainly playing their role as are many other greenhouse gases but all happening in responce to mans hands in weather and climate control and manipulation....geoengineering, the meds for technology and energy sources.
When are people going to wake up?! This radiation we are being exposed to daily and for decades (increasing with technology upgrades) is why people in this world are so sick. It's why "we need healthcare ins.", because they know they are poisoning us but it's too damn profitable to stop. Haarp transmissions are changing jet streams, steering storm systems, causing hot dry high pressure systems, burning up the atmosphere in the process.
Fascinating times they may be, but more like fascinating times of not being aware of planetary poisoning by insane greedy lunatics who deceive the world so that the truth is and has been unknown your entire life!
The awakening of the apocalypse we are currently in is this. That awakening causes humans to shift into an awareness that everything you have come to know as truth is not so. ALL disease and sickness that is so prevalent in this world is because the environment is being poisoned and nuked with massive amounts of radiation and chemical poisons. Period!! If we continue to ignore this fact of life it will never change. That's my point. At this 11th hour it is questionable that any change to this madness is even possible anymore, but still we can not give up. Please wake up!

Hawkeye said...

#2). I have returned to give 3 news links as follow up to the comment I just posted in responce to unknowns comment of solar minimums and record cold events misinformation.
After leaving thebigwobble minutes ago I visited another site and these links were posted as news for today. "Fascinating" coincidence?? Not!
About a week or so ago this was Russian nightly news TV. It's not the first time this news has occurred either, it has been ongoing for years, increasing in occurrence and magnitude. CAUSED BY HEAT - NOT RECORD COLD OR SOLAR MINIMUMS!!

By Brian Kahn...Russian news, Tuesday 9:32 a.m. Filed to: They call it global WARMING for a reason.

2.) Giant new 50 meter crater opens up I. Arctic tundra, by Anna Liesowska 8/29/20.

3.) giant-new-50-metre-deep-crater-opens-up-in-arctic-tundra/

Global warming heat (is) from radiation. Radiation is extreme burning heat. "Pinching" your skin can be felt daily from the sun due to harmful UV radiation getting through our diminishing ozone and atmosphere because man has broken that atmospheric filter that is supposed to protect us from this harmful UV and extreme pinching radiation heat.....NOT cold. The cold is man made, man trying to cover up the heat. But it only fools people, not the earth!
The reason methane et al greenhouse gases are escaping to cause things like this massive explosion crater is because of HEAT, melting permafrost and ice and opening the door to these greenhouse gas releases.
This is Siberia, the arctic, a place that is supposed to always be cold and now is setting HEAT records of 100+ F degrees in summer. Has nothing to do with solar mins or maxes, has everything to do with radioactive heat from radiation. It is also the geographical area of earth that has the biggest ozone hole over it!

Notice the crater is elevated around the outer edges, the ground rises around the hole. That is proof it came from below ground exploding up. In fact if you watch the Russian news video in one of those links I wrote, there is a photo of before it exploded to be a crater hole, it was a mound like bump in earth and then the explosion from the methane comes to create the release and crater.
This is evidence of heat "unknown"!
The only reason solar anything is involved is because the atmosphere is BROKEN allowing too much solar UV radiation to hit the earth.

We are being burned. What does the Bible tell us? These end days will be fire, it will be hot as an oven, this is what that means. Stop talking like Trump! There is absolutely NO COLD except for geoengineering providing it on a temporary basis with poisonous chemicals and technologies. That's it!

Gary Walton said...

Thank you Hawkeye

Unknown said...

So I guess the last ice age was geoengineering. And the previous catastrophies were caused by that as well.🤔 sorry to get you so riled, we all see with different eyes. And I believe fire is symbolic for knowledge, we will awaken from ignorance when consumed by knowledge or fire. And see what we need to for our own part.✌️ Cosmically we are being bombarded by cosmic rays Wich cause these awakenings and also genetic leaps, and yes sir that has everything to do with solar minimum, and our place in the universe. And the atmosphere is broken because of a weekend magnetosphere due to lack of output from the sun, instead of disregarding the science that is behind solar minimum perhaps you should take a look, it explains thing a lot more rationally than gov conspiracy and co2 fairy tales. And while you're at it check out our ever present impending pole shift. Oh yeah that's fooey to even though they had to update the world gps a year ahead of schedule, but I'm sure that's our fault to. Good day sir, good luck with harp.

Unknown said...

Thanks hawkeye, and Gary, was just curious how you felt about solar minimum, to bad. despite that you actually don't do bad reporting just a shame it's so one sided. But I guess that is the world we live in, if you don't buy the religion, I mean science or whatever you call it these days. Then your opinion or point of view does not matter and is censored. Cheers.