Wednesday 26 August 2020

Millionaires populate cities where poor uneducated people roam the streets in abject poverty, homeless, shoeless and toothless an obesity pandemic has hit the dumbed-down poverty-ridden lower class, on the other side of the fence the BLM and LGBT movement has become a badge of fashion for the middle class of America

Homeless living in plain sight of the rich working in plush offices, credit Wikipedia 

It is hard for us Europeans to understand what is happening to the United States of America this year. American society is collapsing, let's not beat around the bush here, urban America has become a war zone.  The endless videos of unrest in America's cities have actually become very disturbing to see. We are watching insanity in action, American people have become insane, America has become insane. Tolerance has gone from its citizens and been replaced by hate, reason has been replaced by rage.

The riots prove urban unrest is a class war and a race conflict and is being politicized by the contenders of the upcoming election. The insanity on the streets is like nothing before, the inequality on the streets is insane. Billionaires and millionaires populate cities where poor uneducated people roam the streets in abject poverty, homeless, shoeless and toothless, their only interest in life is to find their next high. An obesity pandemic has hit the dumbed-down poverty-ridden lower class, blissfully unaware their lifestyle is an early death certificate. You can hear their depressing view of life with no hope or improvement when they are interviewed on TV. 

Then on the other side of the fence BLM and the LGBT movement has become a fashion style for the middle class who have their rainbow flag and BLM poster on their well-manicured front lawns for all to see just how woke they are. These people show up at demonstrations downtown at the weekend before returning to their posh jobs on Monday, they need to protest because they have to be seen as doing the "we are woke thing!"

Many working-class parents are at breaking point trying desperately to hold onto jobs which are disappearing before their very eyes. Others have had to work, knowing full well they are sick but having no choice but to keep on working. At the latest count, almost 30 million people have lost their jobs this year in the US and that figure is rising rapidly. Something else we Europeans find very difficult to understand is how can people living in the richest country in the world not afford medical insurance? 

The homeless, the lower classes and people of colour have been hit by the Covid-19 virus much harder than the middle class and the rich and for the most baffling reason imaginable, they could not afford medical insurance, surely the most vulnerable people in such a rich country should have free medical insurance? 

The number of Americans who say they can’t afford enough food for themselves or their children is growing and it is likely to get larger now that some government benefits have expired. A federal moratorium on evictions has now expired and the politicians are not close to a deal on a new economic rescue package. Advocates and experts warn that an unprecedented crush of evictions is coming, threatening millions of Americans with homelessness as the pandemic continues to spread. 

In major cities across America, the rich and famous are leaving in droves, allowing the streets to be taken over by homeless people, junkies and violent criminals. NYC moms are fleeing the Upper West Side amid crime and chaos. Many of these cities are run by the left-wing councils who try to persuade us the looting and rioting are just peaceful protesters. Murder and gun crime have skyrocketed in major cities across the US since the start of BLM riots.

The American people are indeed fighting a spiritual war and most of the US is unaware they are being played. Dark forces are at work and infecting people with hate on an unprecedented level. Violence, hatred and ugliness are spewing forth from people who have been dumbed down for years, a silent pent up anger has been boiling up inside people and Covid-19 has brought that anger to the surface. American society is broken and is disintegrating at breakneck speed.

Why is this happening? Many lower-class US citizens are living in the 21st century with suppressed immune systems brought on by their own desires. Obesity, diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals and radiofrequency radiation, sex and violence are pushed into their faces at every turn, they are being consumed by modern life. Their cells, proteins, and DNA are being damaged by a Western lifestyle, which is contributing to ageing and also play's a role in the development of a range of health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In other words, they are killing themselves

So, the future looks bleak, will the US break up? Will it ever recover and become the same as it used to be? Or will we see a French type revolution or a 2nd civil war? I guess we won't have long to find out with most heated Presidential election imaginable just two and a half months away, however, I have been hearing all year long, things will never be the same again.

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Hawkeye said...

Thanks for posting this Gary, the situation is like nothing else my country has ever seen. Have you seen pics of NYC, upper manhattan is completely boarded up and there are no people walking on streets. I have never seen that in NYC in my entire life. There is a mass exodus going on there caused by several factors.
The virus is main reason. When insane leaders shut down the economy, yea you get what you described. This is most prevalent in democratic run states though, but their tenticles are throughout the country.
I never thought I would see the day when America could not have freedom of movement but it is here now from covid....uh corona.....uh sars-cov.....several states have closed roads at borders and we can no longer cross state lines! WTF!? People are angry, scared, going broke from lack of work, and it feels pretty hopeless indeed.

I must say that the lack of health insurance is not the reason for these sick people as you wrote. We are being poisoned by healthcare not helped! There are no riches here except for the 1%. Politics have ruined us and the virus crisis is their silver bullet.
When a free country is locked down, threatened daily with vaccination mandates that most do not want, protests are inevitable.
Neither presidential candidate can or will get us out of what is unfolding, so looks like we are screwed! But then so is the world not just usa. I for one have had enough of it! If people did not have health ins., they would be healthier, happier and wealthier. Fact.

Health ins., insures your demise by toxic drug pushing doctors and governments forcing us to take poison or you cant get in to a grocery store to buy food. But people are too brain poisoned to recognize it because they use their health ins. instead of their heads!

Know that fact of american life and apply it to your life because if we go down the entire world comes with us! Prayers have never been more needed then they are now! I pray everyone losses their health ins., and that parents keep their kids home schooled and out of public schools so they are forced to close. They are killing our kids with poison needles, forced to inject, or they cant go to school and that my friend is the last straw for me.
How can anyone, adult or child, be normal when they are continuously injected with numerous neuro toxins annually?! Our leaders are all lunatics and evil doers, my country has been hijacked by insanity and vaccines and prescription drugs are front and center causing most of it. They are even putting that shit in our food, there is no disclosure of it either.
Too much to say, but this is all the result of evil beyond comprehension yes, that much is truth!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Hawkeye, I did mention it here; Why is this happening? Many lower-class US citizens are living in the 21st century with suppressed immune systems brought on by their own desires. Obesity diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals and radiofrequency radiation,

Stay safe there buddy

Anonymous said...

Vicki Gardner
Wow, that intro paints a scary picture in my mind's eye.... sad days indeed.

Gary Walton said...

Andrea Johnson
You can't get away from it! It is going to be so much worse since they shut us all down. Who can pay rent or house payments if you can't work?

George W said...

Well you said it true. It is all crazy. Most Americans view it as you Europeans do--"what's happening?!" But also many realize it is all planned. How can you take over the world unless you first destroy the most powerful nation on earth? We have many Watchmen who are fighting censorship daily to get the warning out there.
Thanks Gary!
P.S If I were younger and not retired I would love to leave it and live in the Netherlands. BUT, you see also that even if I were financially able and younger I could not! They have locked it down.

Christopher said...

Hi Gary and others. Our Greedy, Evil, Globalists have been planning this Plandemic or Scamdemic for years if not decades. Have you ever heard of the Georgia Stones? They outline how the Globalist want the future to be and state they want world population to be reduced to 500,000,000 people. When I look at how officials intentionally let Covid 19 spread around the world it is clear to me that the great culling has kicked into 2nd gear. Our Evil U.S. Corporate Military Industrial Technocracy has weaponised everything from Medication and Vaccines to GMO food and Toxic Chemicals to Wi-Fi and the Weather.

As a Registered Nurse I can afford health insurance, but do not want it. I view it like Hawkeye as death insurance run by Nazi brainwashed fools. In the USA over a 100,000 people die every year from taking petroleum based, patented, poisonous pharmaceuticals as prescribed. Non Steroidal Antiinflamitories hospitalised a 100,000 Americans annually with 16,000 to 20,000 people not leaving the hospital alive. In addition to that our medical facilities kill another 300,000 Americans annually via errors. That's bad medicine at best and murder in reality. Look at all the people our Medical Mafia killed with Ventilators in NYC alone. On our current trajectory Covid 19 is not keeping pace with our annual death rates. I think that is because people are not going to their doctors.

Wow! What a Psyop. Watch out UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030.
There is no normal to the new, just abynormal.
Take Care.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the input everyone, please take care.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Smith
None of this is true.

ken said...

Your right about infectious hate,many people I know who devoted their time to the spiritual life, classes,learning and applying healing arts.
These lovely people now spew hatred and death,people who would send light and love ,now want to destroy the moon.
People do go mad in crowds.

Sultanbev said...

"They outline how the Globalist want the future to be and state they want world population to be reduced to 500,000,000 people."

I keep seeing comments like these all over the internet, an assumed population reduction plan. The problem is maths. None of the so-called plans have actually worked.
The calculated death toll from a Covid-19 type pandemic was 65 million worldwide over 18 months, assuming behaviour didn't change. Governments made change of behaviour compulsory (although least so in the UK and US). In the 18 months from Jan 2020 to July 2021, a total of 124 million new people will be added to the planet. Take away the net deaths from Covid-19 and it's nowhere near that 124 million. If Covid-19 was a deliberate plan of part of a de-population agenda then it has failed already. Like all the other so called depopulation plans.

Conspiracy theorists really do need to up their game, and do better maths. For any de-population plan to work you'd be looking at 100 million or extra deaths a year, and even that would take a generation, which is far too slow to be within the lifetimes of the conspirators, so how would they benefit?

No, the quickest way to depopulate the planet is to not do anything different from what you're doing now. Keep consuming, keep flying, keep driving, keep eating out of season food flown in from 6000 miles away, keep commuting, keep breeding, and Gaia will do the work for you. Nobody is being played, it is a natural outcome of the culture of humans. The planet is now in reset mode, and will rebalance at around 500,000,000 humans living in a +4*C world (cf the 1750 baseline) within 2-3 decades. It may go on however to a +8*C world with no humans. It's certainly not the end of the world (there is no "saving the planet"), merely the end of our world of infinite economic growth on a finite planet. And the sooner it happens the better off the planet will be, and the more fellow earthlings will survive into the different future. The only question now is will humans be a part of that different future?

Suggested reading:
The Limits to Growth, DH Meadows (1972)
How Everything Can Collapse, P Servigne & R Stevens (2020)
On the Future, Martin Rees (2018)
Overshoot, William Catton (1982)
The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace Wells (2019)
The Patterning Instinct, Jermey Lent (2017)
The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler (2005)

Gary Walton said...

Good point, Sultanbev

Melly said...

Be a born-again christian John 3:3

Melly said...

Pray & ask for mercy & grace for your sins. Simple.

Jo Ann Zavala said...

the face shields and many other things were shown in the movies, Escape From New York and Escape from LA, watch those movies again to see the movies with "new" eyes of all the psyops in them