Tuesday 14 April 2020

Rats in major US cities are resorting to war and cannibalism to survive the lockdown as expert claims Americans will face similar problems if the shutdowns go on much longer.

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Rats living in major US cities are resorting to war and cannibalism to survive the coronavirus lockdown, a rodent expert has told the media. But as closures hamper food production, humans may also find themselves in trouble. While rats feeding off the residential waste in places like New York City and Los Angeles are doing just fine, those relying on restaurants – shuttered due to Covid-19 quarantines – are suddenly facing starvation, urban rodentologist Bobby Corrigan told NBC News on Monday.

"It's just like we've seen in the history of mankind, where people try to take over lands and they come in with militaries and armies and fight to the death, literally, for who's going to conquer that land. And that's what happens with rats," he said. "A new 'army' of rats come in, and whichever army has the strongest rats is going to conquer that area." In addition to rat armies fighting “wars” with each other over prime residential garbage, “now the adults are killing the young in the nest and cannibalizing the pups," Corrigan added.

His alarming description may be based in no small part on viral footage of rats fighting for leftovers on Bourbon Street in New Orleans last month, just days after authorities placed much of Louisiana under Covid-19 quarantine. Similar imagery was recorded in Bangkok, Thailand recently. If the dire warnings from the food processing industry are anything to go by, however, Americans may soon face similar problems if the shutdowns go on much longer. So far, the biggest shortages in stores have been things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, with food being reasonably plentiful. But the people making this possible – from farmers and ranchers to food processing plant workers, truckers and grocers – can’t work from home.

“We are weeks, not months, away from farmers euthanizing animals that would have been sold for meat [or] food,” Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) warned on Monday. “Also, fruits and vegetables are going to rot in the fields.” America’s “brittle” food supply chain is going to result in supermarket shortages and processing plant closures, while farmers and ranchers will be forced to destroy their products, Massie warned, slamming people in the US government who “have no clue about how the economy works.”

Six of the largest US processing plants have already shut down, the Kentucky congressman said. The latest closure came on Sunday when Smithfield extended the shutdown of its Sioux Falls, South Dakota pork processing plant because almost 240 of its 3,700 employees contracted the coronavirus. The plant accounts for up to five per cent of total US pork production. “It is impossible to keep our grocery stores stocked if our plants are not running,” Smithfield CEO Ken Sullivan said in a statement. “We have a stark choice as a nation: we are either going to produce food or not, even in the face of Covid-19.”
While Thais hunker down indoors during a night curfew to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, the streets of their capital city Bangkok have been effectively handed over to increasingly brazen rats sniffing around for food.


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Peter said...

In some places in the UK too !

Taddie said...

seeing the animals come back has been a good development - that being said - rats have always been cannibals if a favorite food source disappears

A said...

PART 2.... -D / Apr 14 2020
VOLUME Examples of the volume of animals we are talking about....

With the SMITHFIELD plant is currently closed.... that plant produced 5% of the pork in the USA.... they slaughter 20,000 pigs a day.... the plant is open 6 1/2 days a week.... which is 100,000 - 120,000 pigs a week.....
There are roughly 20 pork plants in the United States which are owned... mostly... by JBS TYSON SMITHFIELD(owned by the Chinese)

There are LESS Beef slaughterhouses than pork in the US. The largest one is in Texas which killed 6,000 a day. "There just aren't that many... Maybe a dozen. Anything less than 2,000 head a day is considered a smaller plant and that isn't much volume.

The machinery at Chickens and turkeys plants are size sensitive. Turkeys not as much as chickens.

The bigger chicken slaughterhouses are automated and process 120 birds a MINUTE.... so a couple of hundred thousand birds a day.... over a million birds a week.

They run 5 to 5 1/2 days a week with maintenance working the weekends to clean and maintain.

If the bird's get to big, they don't fit in the machinery. Delays to slaughter will and have already force farmers to cull herds.

There are hundreds of poultry slaughterhouses in the US (unlike Beef and Pork plants). However, any closures (there have already been some) will quickly strain supply.

A said...


Additional first hand information to this supply chain problem can be found below the links Thanks, -D / Apr 14 2020

'Our supply line is brittle': Thomas Massie warns US could be weeks away from food shortages
by Emma Colton
| April 13, 2020 10:26 AM

Podcast Interview with Massie

Adding to what Massie says.... per SAM (not his real name) who has worked in slaughterhouses of all types in the USA for the past 10 years....

Already Existing Employee Problems in USA
The plants already had problems getting workers because the economy was so good.
The jobs aren't nice. In one "chicken-kill" plant aka slaughterhouse, one worker spends his/her entire shift cleaning out the cloaca of each chicken to make sure there are no eggs left in there.... chickens use the same hole for an egg and for defecation... a disgusting but necessary job....
Beef slaughterhouse work is generally dangerous (sharp knives etc), Hot in summer and unavoidably close working conditions. It is very very hard work.
Pre-COVID, Plants already had to get creative to find workers. Some companies set up recruiting offices in Mexico. One plant had workers primarily from Somalia or another country depending on what the plant had worked out through it's own connections.

COVID Unemployment Incentives
With the unemployment incentives now in place, even temporary plant closures will turn into long closures. With the extra $600 a week Federal incentive, when workers make more money on unemployment than working, getting them back prior to Extended unemployment running out will be difficult.

Temporary Closures Force Culling Due to Animal SIZE
With pork and poultry, the automated machinery used to slaughter limits the size of eligible animals. Pre-COVID, a time-sensitive rhythm, from birth until harvest, prevailed.
If animals are too big for the machinery, there are sometimes no options.

Specialty plants harvesting oversize Hogs exist but there are very very few of them and were already running at full capacity. "Spent Hen" plants harvest larger birds but again, there are very few of these in the entire country and their resources were/are already reserved.

Thus, as these pork & poultry plants close down, the animals get too big to harvest on the machines and Farmers then are forced to cull. Not knowing when the plants will re-open, they have to make the decision on whether or not to raise more birds due to feed and labor costs. These flocks are, of course, not readily replaced.

Anonymous said...

I guess when all else fails, we can grill some rats...

truth said...

Tribulation is underway. It began on March 14th 2020. Daniel 12:11 was fulfilled. The daily sacrifice was taken away. Allthe Christian churches are closed. Easter was cancelled the first time in 2000 years.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, A, wonderful information

Anonymous said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIDths-UdDA Medical Doctor Blows C-Vi-Rus Scamdemic Wide Open - Andrew Kaufman M.D.

As a retired microbiologist, formerly at UC Irvine (who got fired for questioning the FDA's suppression of the cheap and nearly 100% effective cancer treatment we were developing) I see the truth of what this brave doctor is saying. I've seen OTHER truths suppressed in subsequent research I've done privately for the last 35 years.

Now the CDC and other officials (standing behind Trump at briefings) are LYING to us about figures to SCARE US into this Rockefeller Foundation planned hoax pandemic. Their code name for this 10-year old plan was "Lockstep" - which is what we're all doing. This is nowhere near as deadly as the yearly flu season, yet we don't shut down the entire world's economy for that, do we? It's nothing more than a huge mind control experiment, and almost everybody has fallen for it - just like rats in a cage.

The best thing that could happen is for everybody to take off these silly masks (which don't work, anyway) and go back to work. Those who would die of whatever this seasonal flu/cold is would die of some other preexisting condition. THE REST OF US WILL GET SICK - maybe - RECOVER AND GO ON.

If we keep listening to the WHO, CDC and the other liars who are inflating figures to scare us and keep us in "lockdown" (note: it's the same term used in prisons), then EVERYBODY will start a long, slow process of starving to death, except those in their military bunkers, underground. When they come out in a year or two, there won't be enough people left to farm food so THEY can eat, and they will starve to death, as well.


Arizona said...

EVERYONE NEEDS TO WACH THE 1983 BBC movie ,WHERE the western countries are bombed off the map,INCLUDING AMERICA,and you'll all be dammed lucky to have a RAT to eat......

Henry said...

As long as the rats continue to reliably vote Democratic, no action will be taken.