Wednesday 8 April 2020

Covid-19: Day 100, Apr 8: Signs and wonders: 100 days that changed the world: Confirmed cases 1,433,588, deaths, 82,051: The US records the highest death toll in a single day: France suffers the world’s highest daily coronavirus death toll

Signs and wonders. Original Picture NASA showing last night's Pink Moon.

Total confirmed cases yesterday, 85,000. Total confirmed cases 1,433,588 with 36,782 in a critical condition. Total deaths, 82,051 at a rate of 5.72%.

NEW YORK 731 DEATHS IN DAY: ‘A lot of pain.’ NY has the biggest 1-day jump in virus deaths. NEW YORK (AP) — New York state reported 731 new COVID-19 deaths Tuesday, its biggest jump since the start of the outbreak, dampening some of the cautious optimism officials have expressed about efforts to stop the spread of the virus. The state’s death toll grew to 5,489. AP

OUT OF CONTROL France suffers the world’s highest daily coronavirus death toll of 1,417 as it becomes the fourth country to pass 10,000. FRANCE has recorded the world's highest daily coronavirus death toll after 1,417 victims died in the past 24 hours. The leap brings makes the country the fourth in the world to surpass 10,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Sun

Vivid ‘pandemic dreams’ and nightmares keep nation awake during coronavirus outbreak. Something called “pandemic dreams” is being blamed for keeping stressed-out Americans up at night during the coronavirus outbreak. These dreams are described as vivid, weird and occasionally horrifying on Twitter, where examples are being shared via #pandemicdreams. MH

Donald Trump launches full-frontal attack on 'China-centric' World Health Organization saying 'they called it wrong, they should have known' on coronavirus and says he might FREEZE funds. President was following the lead of other conservatives who have blamed WHO for helping China in a cover-up Criticism of WHO comes as Democrats have condemned the Trump administration's response to the disease. Later today at the daily White House briefing Trump ripped the WHO apart again and said he'd look at funding. It comes as the COVID-19 death tolls recorded in Italy (17,127), Spain (14,045), the US (12,823), France (10,328), the UK (6,159) and Iran (3,872), have exceeded the 3,331 recorded by the ruling Communist Party in China. DM

Donald Trump DENIES ever seeing doomsday memo from White House adviser which warned coronavirus could take 2 million American lives and cost $6 trillion - then claims it wouldn't have changed what he did anyway. DM

The US records the highest death toll in a single day. The US recorded the most coronavirus deaths in a single day with 1,736 fatalities reported on Tuesday. It brings the total number of deaths in the country to 12,722, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The US has more than 398,000 confirmed cases, the highest number in the world. Global cases have exceeded 1.4 million. BBC

Kissinger: Failure to establish post-COVID new world order ‘could set the world on fire’ The famous presidential foreign policy adviser demanded 'a global collaborative vision and program' and adherence to the 'principles of the liberal world order.' A Nobel-winning American foreign policy expert has warned that the United States will have to join a global program to overcome the damage wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. LS

100 days that changed the world. It started with a warning. It turned into a pandemic that has transformed life as we know it. A turbulent decade had reached its final day. It was New Year’s Eve 2019 and much of the world was preparing to celebrate. Guardian

SELF-DELUSIONAL America can only beat Covid-19 if it stops blaming China and faces up to its own pandemic mistakes. The US, ‘the greatest country in the world,’ just can’t admit that China succeeded in dealing with the Covid-19 threat while America has failed. Instead of learning from China, it’s suffering the world’s worst epidemic disaster. RT

The second wave coming? China's Wuhan lockdown ends, but another begins as local coronavirus cases rise. Reuters

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Anonymous said...

Proof That The Global Virus Scare IS A FRAUD!!!

A glaring fact that this “pandemic” (IT’S NOT a pandemic!!!) is a deliberate fraud is that there are dozens of natural, inexpensive remedies that cure and / or prevent ALL VIRUSES, along with all harmful bacteria!!! Yet none of the following criminal entities will promote and advertise these natural preventatives.


This FACT, all by itself, proves the special interest deception.

But, there are many more facts, along with many different special-interest players, that add credibility to the deliberately created and fraudulent global panic scenario. Let’s look at just a few of them.

Most human governments, and their various agencies such as the CDC, the NIH and the WHO, are active participants in creating hysteria throughout the world.

The Mainstream Sick-care industry of traditional doctors, nurses, hospitals and related employees are active participants. Case in point; Doctor Anthony Fauci, a mainstream doctor and former pharmacist and “health” adviser to President Trump.

BIG Pharma players around the world with their largely useless (AND DANGEROUS) drugs, vaccines and sick-care related products ARE BIG PLAYERS IN THIS SCAM and are making tons of money by actively promoting these virus scams!!!

The Mainstream Media, mainly comprised of just a relative hand-full of huge global corporate conglomerates, plays a major, major, MAJOR role in promoting the “pandemic” scare / PANIC!!!

Then of course there are the hundreds-of-billions (easily 90% of the global population) of brain-washed humans around the world who have been mentally incapacitated by the criminal, government-controlled, school systems rendering them incapable of understanding how they have been hood-winked by the totally evil, self-appointed, insatiably greedy and power hungry controllers at the top of the food-chain. That means the masses have no interest in (much less are they capable of) thinking for themselves and doing their own research from credible alternative sources regarding the endless scams that are being perpetrated against the global population. They will continue to get their news and information on the boob tube and mainstream publications.

Bob said...

Hi Anonymous,
You're a man after my own heart. Your dead on ( pardon the pun. ) This fraud "pandemic"will not be over until the global elite have all the laws and rules in place. Once the law is in place it will never be repealed, never. It will be law until we have a revolution. So into captivity we go.

Green Sleeves said...

bill gates let it slip. a mark is needed to identify who is vaccinated. mark of the beast

Larry said...

I agree with a lot of things here, however, money makes doctors stupid in big ways. They are only interested in cures that are under their monopolistic umbrella.

Yes, there are many natural approaches, but the medical industry makes a lot of money out of only accepting those approaches that are proven via accepted medical research methods, which are extremely expensive and can only be afforded by those who lobby Congress for big Pharma.

I believe there is no conspiracy other than the network of greed we deserve when we accept a medical system based on pure capitalism.

If their treatments are making things worse for the patient, remember that their "religion" demands that they receive these same treatments, because they believe in them. Doctors are human, after all.

Unknown said...

They're trying to track us like cattle

Green Sleeves said...

I was sent a message that people are getting together for a peaceful protest of this fraud on Sunday 12-2pm at your towns plaza, city hall or meeting place. I will be going to my towns meeting place. I am getting the word out as best as I can. Please do the same if you agree with this, thank you and may God bless and protect you all

Green Sleeves said...

I am sorry, its 2-5pm. a meet up at a city hall or plaza, wherever you have to gather in your town, take pictures and protest )peacefully)

Anonymous said...