Thursday 5 March 2020

Records tumble in parts of Queensland as 2 years worth of rain falls in just 2 days and making this month the wettest March ever in just 2 days: Young children see rain for their first time

'Children see rain for the first time' Mariah Powyer and her family have become isolated after three days of rain at Penaroo Station at Eulo, in south-west Queensland.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) parts of Queensland have recorded more rain in two days than their rainfall total for the past two years. "So far in March, Thargomindah airport has seen 201 millimetres. This is also making it the wettest month on record at this station," a BOM spokesman said. "Thargomindah airport, the past two years, has seen a combined total of 166mm of rainfall, so it's already eclipsed that just in two days." The wettest March had previously been in 2010 with 199mm.

Mr Kennedy said it was a similar story at Birdsville. "The past two years, its combined rainfall was 130mm and just in two days it's seen 125mm, so substantial rainfall." Rivers are experiencing major floods and homesteads are cut off as records tumble across the region. "I've gone back through some record books here and the last time there's any sort of an event is … 1990 and 1991. "It's probably one of the biggest events in history for us. "It's just been monsoonal-type rain set in and it'll just rain consistently for two or three hours and then let up, then six or seven hours later it'll go again." ABC

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Anonymous said...

My heart breaks looking at todays children and other innocent lives. What a future? Any future? I hope this planet remains viable despite 'modern man's' insanity.