Thursday 5 March 2020

Covid-19: Day 66: Mar 5th: Who Or What Started The Epidemic? Europes biggest regional airline goes bust: A new cruise ship scare with 3,000 onboard: Touching your face. Here is how to stop doing it: UK The biggest rise so far.

Covid-19: Day 66: Mar 5th: Summary

No of countries affected is now 83, with 95,429 confirmed cases around the world. The total death rate is 3,285 with a further 5,352 in a critical condition.

California Reports Most Cases in the U.S. and Declares an Emergency.  A cruise ship off San Francisco carrying more than 3,000 people has 21 sick passengers on board and is linked to the state’s first death. In the Seattle area, schools are shutting down and tech workers are told to work from home. NYT

Campbell Sees More Demand from Soup Stockpiling. Coronavirus epidemic will likely boost sales after a strong quarter for the food maker WSJ

US county with 39 coronavirus cases advises ALL its 2.2million residents to work from home and tells everyone over 60 to stay indoors - while state officials urge primary voters not to lick their ballots. DM

Trump attempts to blame Obama for coronavirus test kit shortage President vaguely attacks the Obama administration ‘decision’ amid the slow rollout of testing for the virus. Guardian 

Washington state urges patience as Covid-19 test delays stoke anger. Reuters

Empty stores, quarantined firefighters: Washington city at coronavirus epicentre reels as death toll rises. LAT

A lone jet taking off at London City Airport yesterday, picture credit, The Guardian.

The first airline to collapse from the coronavirus: Flybe, Europes biggest regional airline collapses overnight sparking chaos for passengers as flights are cancelled or diverted to the wrong airports and planes are impounded with fears for 2,300 jobs after coronavirus hit bookings. DM

A lull at London City airport stokes fears of coronavirus impactGlobal business travel – and airline profits – are in deep trouble from coronavirus if the evidence offered at London City airport on a weekday morning is indicative of the sector’s travails. Guardian

The number of coronavirus cases in the UK has jumped to 87  The biggest rise so far.

North Korea sends a letter to console South Korea. North Korean president Kim Jong-un has sent a letter to his counterpart Moon Jae-in to console South Koreans fighting the coronavirus, said the South's Presidential Office. BBC

'They're rooting for the coronavirus': Trump allies attack Democrats and the media The right-wing media have united in defending the president and his response, blaming the left for using the virus for their own agenda. Guardian

What it's REALLY like to catch coronavirus: First British victim, 25, describes how 'worst disease he ever had' left him sweating, shivering, and struggling to breathe as his eyes burned and bones ached. DM

UK Government is slammed for coronavirus 'secrecy' after announcing it will NOT tell the public where new cases have been found for up to a week. DM

A coronavirus danger: Touching your face. Here is how to stop doing it. MSN

Tehran City Official: US Sanctions Preventing Imports of Needed Equipment to Fight against Coronavirus. Fars

‘Do wear masks but don’t think you’re safe’: Top Soviet virologist & WHO expert explains Covid-2019 & debunks popular myths. RT

Who Or What Started The Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic? On the Condemnation of "Conspiracy Theories" as a Device for Protecting Officialdom’s Lies, Disinformation, and Obfuscation. Zerohedge

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