Tuesday 10 March 2020

Covid-19: Day 71: Mar 10th: North Korea quarantine 10,000: 65 million locked down in Italy: Virus exploding in Europe: CDC-Americans stock up: US dollar bubble is deflating: US Anger over Acute Test Kit Shortage: Twenty-seven people have died from methanol poisoning in Iran

Covid-19: Day 71: Mar 10th: Summary

Countries affected 105. Total confirmed at 114,066, 5,691 of these in critical condition. The death toll is 4,018 at a rate of 3.52%. https://wuhanviruslive.com/

North Korea joins in as they quarantine 10,000 amid coronavirus fears. North Korea has reportedly placed roughly 10,000 people under quarantine over coronavirus fears but still has not confirmed a single case of the virus. NYP

65 million, The whole of Italy is now placed on lockdown as 97 more coronavirus patients die. The prime minister urging people to "stay at home". TL

Black Monday sees £150BILLION wiped off Britain's leading FTSE 100 firms as coronavirus panic causes the biggest plummet since 2008 crash at 7.7 per cent. UK's FTSE 100 was in freefall yesterday as £150billion was wiped off UK firm's value. Panic spread through stocks over the spread of coronavirus through the world. DM

Don't listen to the media, more practical advice: BBC Breakfast, the female presenter just announced, people would be better off attending a large sporting event than staying at home???? As the Cheltenham Festival starts today with 250,000 attending and horses and trainers arriving from all over the world.  Who are these people?

Coronavirus is now spreading in nearly THIRTY countries in Europe as France and Germany record more than 1,000 cases each and Albania becomes the latest nation to be struck down WHO chiefs have now confirmed local transmission in 27 European nations Fears of the life-threatening infection have now engulfed the continent Europe has recorded 12,000 cases of the coronavirus and more than 400 deaths. DM

N.K. leader oversees firing drill with no mask despite concerns over coronavirus. SEOUL, March 10 (Yonhap) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has continued to appear in public without wearing a mask even though the communist regime is on high alert to prevent the virus from spreading into the country. YonHap

Trump under pressure as recession fears mounts over coronavirus. Wall Street on Monday suffered its biggest one-day loss since the 2008 financial crisis, the Dow fell a record 2,000 points and the S&P 500 posted its largest single-day percentage drop since 2008. PressTV

Forget the oil prices, the whole US dollar bubble is deflating. A lot of Americans maybe think it’s good that they not going to pay as much for gas – but a lot of them are about to lose their jobs, so they will not going to need to drive to work anyway. So, the savings won’t be as big. RT

Widespread Outrage Intensifies in the US over Acute Shortage of Coronavirus Testing Kits. A nurse in Northern Califonia who got sick after caring for a coronavirus patient, and then quarantined, criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for delays in testing despite fever and doctor's order. Fars

Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Self-Quarantines After Possibly Meeting Individual With Coronavirus. President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff Mark Meadows announced Monday that he will be self-quarantining after possibly meeting the individual who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) while infected with the coronavirus. TDC

Seattle-area nursing home unable to test 65 workers with COVID-19 symptoms. The Seattle-area nursing home at the epicentre of one of the biggest coronavirus outbreaks in the United States said on Monday it had no kits to test 65 employees showing symptoms of the respiratory illness that has killed at least 13 patients at the long-term care centre. Reuters

CDC: Americans over 60 should 'stock up' on supplies, avoid crowds. Older Americans, especially those with underlying health conditions, should stockpile supplies and avoid unnecessary travel, a top official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Monday. TH

Trump feels the heat as coronavirus stalks the US. Concern that President Donald Trump himself could be exposed to the coronavirus through contact with two Republican lawmakers loomed Monday as US stocks plummeted, feeding growing national anxiety. Yahoo

Deadly Fake News: Twenty-seven people have died from methanol poisoning in Iran after rumours that drinking alcohol can help cure the novel coronavirus infection, state news agency IRNA reported on Monday. The outbreak of the virus in the Islamic republic is one of the deadliest, outside of China, where the disease originated. Twenty have died in the southwestern province of Khuzestan and seven in the northern region of Alborz after consuming bootleg alcohol, IRNA said. Drinking alcohol is banned in Iran for everyone except for some non-Muslim religious minorities. RSOE

As coronavirus spreads, I am terrified that Australia's fear and greed could cost my son his life Stockpiling essential supplies and ignoring quarantine advice can have deadly consequences for the most vulnerable among us. Guardian

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