Friday 6 March 2020

Covid-19: Day 67: Mar 6th: Cases approach 100,000: Slowing down? US lacks enough test kits: 'Fake, Fake': senior Chinese leader heckled: 142 Britons are on coronavirus cruise ship: Man with coronavirus went to a packed rock concert.

A woman in Guangzhou holds her dog (Image: ALEX PLAVEVSKI/EPA-EFE/REX)

Covid-19: Day 67: Mar 6th: Summary

Countries affected worldwide, 81, slowing down? Total confirmed cases 98,267 with 4,137 in a critical condition, falling! Deaths, 3,398 at a rate of 3.46%, stable.

White House concedes the US lacks enough test kits. The White House has acknowledged the nation does not have enough coronavirus test kits as cases of the disease ticked upwards on both US coasts. BBC

Capitol Hill Stays Open as Lawmakers Fret About Working in ‘Petri Dish’ Pelosi says there are no plans to shut down amid coronavirus outbreak. WSJ

'Fake, Fake': senior Chinese leader heckled by residents on a visit to coronavirus city. Sun Chunlan was visiting Wuhan when residents apparently criticised efforts to combat the virus. Guardian 

Breaking: Vatican city confirms its first case.

San Jose Hospital Prepping ‘Surge Tents’ For Possible Influx Of Coronavirus Cases. Yahoo

'Scarier than coronavirus': South Korea's health alerts expose private lives ‘Safety guidance texts’ sent by the authorities contain an avalanche of personal information and are fuelling social stigma. For many people, the texts – while intended as a public health service – are fuelling social stigma and in some cases, leading to speculation over extra-marital affairs. Much of the criticism centres on messages that trace the movements of people who have recently been diagnosed with the virus. Guardian
WUHAN AIRPORT, CHINA: The traffic on the airport complex in the above image on October 17 has almost completely vanished by February 25 when the below picture was taken

The impact of coronavirus, as seen from space: Satellite images reveal the effects the disease has had – from empty theme parks to deserted streets The Grand Mosque in Mecca and a holy shrine in Qom are missing their usually huge crowds of pilgrims Tourists are also absent from Beijing's Tiananmen Square, Milan's Piazza del Duomo and Tokyo's Disneyland The before-and-after aerial images have been released by Colorado-based space technology firm Maxar. DM  

Kim Jong-un sister condemns 'frightened dog' South Korea in a first public statement Kim Yo-jong likens South Korea to ‘frightened dog barking’ after Seoul protested against Pyongyang’s live-fire military drill.  Guardian

Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity ordered closed over coronavirus fears. Reuters

Man with coronavirus went to a packed rock concert at New Zealand arena Officials say the man attended a Tool gig in Auckland days after returning from northern Italy with his partner, who is also infected. Guardian 

'People ARE panic buying. There is no paracetamol': Question Time audience member challenges Matt Hancock over the government's ability to keep shelves stocked as he appeals for frightened Brits to stop hoarding. DM 

Revealed: 142 Britons are on coronavirus cruise ship Grand Princess as it remains stranded with more than 2,000 onboard off California while medics test passengers. DM 

‘This is not a drill’: WHO urges the world to fight the virus. AP 

Hysterical pet owners fearing coronavirus 'asking vets to euthanise their dogs' A vet clinic in Sydney, Australia says it has been getting calls from clients worried their pets could give them coronavirus, and want them to be put down - but vet Dr Sam Kovac has refused. Mirror 

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