Thursday 13 February 2020

A powerful magnitude 7, reduced to a mag 6.9 by USGS has rocked the Kuril'sk island in Russia (Not a million miles away from Fukushima) today's quake is the 20th major quake of 2020


A powerful magnitude 7, earthquake, reduced to a mag 6.9 by USGS has rocked the Kuril'sk island in Russia. The major quake. According to USGS, a green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage. No tsunami warning, advisory, watch, or threat has been issued for this quake.

Today's quake is the 5th major quake of February and the biggest of this month. The total of 2020 so far has reached 20 with the mag 7.7 just north of Jamaica in January the biggest of the year so far. At this stage of the year in 2019, 15 major quakes had been recorded with a mag 6.8 in Brazil being the biggest.

Interesting to note, the area where today's powerful quake struck is in the same area where a massive low-pressure system driven storm occurred in the last couple of days, coincidence? See map below.


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missFrill said...

RSOE shows 7.0 M and 3(!) 6.9Ms nearby. I have a screengrab here-

Unknown said...

Wow Gary. that is real close to Japan. I have been keeping an eye on earthquakes for 6 yrs., and I always saw that the fault line between Africa, which includes Egypt & Somalia, and also between Saudi Arabia & Yemen had minimal activity outside of Greece. Now in the past few months that fault has increased in activity. Earthquakes in various places, does that mean on fault lines or just anywhere outside of fault lines? Maybe both?

Gary Walton said...

A sharp uptick in both I guess