Monday 7 January 2019

Thousands stung by a jellyfish invasion in Queensland Australia in yet another case of the 21st-century indicator to the demise of our oceans

It is one of the 21st-century indicators to the demise of the world's oceans and the problem is exploding around the world.
jellyfish invasions are washing ashore all over the globe because of a lack of predators in the ocean to eat them.
Vast numbers of bluebottle jellyfish have been pushed ashore in Queensland, Australia, stinging thousands of people and forcing the closure of swim spots.
Surf Life Saving Queensland said thousands of people received treatment at the weekend.
Bluebottle stings are painful but typically not life-threatening.
according to the BBC, unusually strong winds pushed the jellyfish colonies towards beaches.
About 13,000 stings were recorded in the past week - three times more than in the corresponding period last year.
Most incidents took place in Queensland's heavily populated Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. Bluebottle jellyfish colonies appear like blue-tinged sacs which measure up to 15cm (6 inches) long. People can be stung in the water or on the sand.
The stings are typically mild and can be treated with ice or hot water, however, some people had required treatment by paramedics at the weekend, Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) said.
The number of those cases was not recorded. The jellyfish activity forced the closure of busy beaches.

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