Saturday 28 April 2018

Our wonderful living breathing planet: 2018 extremely busy volatile year for major quakes and volcano activity up to April 10th when it all stops

Photo Credit NASA

24 days ago another major quake hit Papua New Guinea incredibly it was the 13th of this year to hit the volatile country in the South Pacific.
That major quake was the 25th major quake of a very busy year along the Pacific Ring Of Fire, however, since then the major quake count has dropped off the cliff, not just around the Pacific Ring Of Fire but the whole planet.
Since then a mag 6.2 - 54km SW of Ovalle, Chile was the 35th and last major quake of 2018 to hit our planet which was 21 days ago.
Up to the 10th of April, our planet averaged a major quake just over every 2 days with the Ring Of Fire witnessing a major quake every 4 days, since then nothing, it's as if someone turned the switch off.

Volcano activity has also slowed down, apart from Vanuatu's Ambae Island volcano which continues to spill thick heavy ash since late last year and a couple of volcanoes showing weak activity in Japan the last time we had a major eruption on our planet was around the same time we had our last major quake, the Mexican colossus Popocatepetl known as El Popo erupted on the 10th of April, the same day as the mag 6.2 in Chile.
It is interesting, our living breathing planet is a constant reminder to us who think we know all the answers, none of us know just what is around the corner.