Sunday 4 March 2018

Tropical cyclone Dumazile set to strengthen to the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane as it pummels the eastern coast of Madagascar

So. Indian Ocean - Tropical cyclone 11S Renamed "Dumazile " As Tropical Storm 11S continues to move in a southerly direction and will begin moving parallel to the east coast of Madagascar, it has been renamed "Dumazile." Credit NASA

Tropical cyclone Dumazile is on course to shave Madagascar and La Reunion with intense rain and heavy gusty winds during this week.
Staying off the eastern coast of Madagascar warm water is expected to feed Dumazile enable the cyclone to strengthen further and may become an intense tropical cyclone during the beginning of the week.
Wind gusts over 100 km/h (62 mph) will still be possible in any thunderstorms in the outer bands of the storm, including along the eastern shores of the island.
Sustained winds up to 185 km/h (115 mph) are possible across the waters between Madagascar and La Reunion.
This would be winds equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane in the Atlantic or the Eastern Pacific ocean basins.
"The environment east of Madagascar will be favourable for further strengthening through Monday," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Faith Eherts.
The centre of the storm is likely to stay over water, and off the eastern shore of Madagascar, meaning the highest wind gusts will be found there as well.
This will create dangerous seas and boating conditions in the surrounding area.
Regardless of further strengthening, flooding rainfall will be a major impact.


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