Saturday 30 December 2017

It's a Jet-Stream party pooper! Storm Dylan to bring galeforce winds of 80mph to the UK while parts of the US set to be colder than a domestic freezer

Earthwind map
The Jet Stream is set to disrupt new year celebrations on both sides of the pond as the sixth named storm of the winter, Storm Dylan is set to batter the UK and Ireland with winds of 80mph while sucking down record cold temperatures from the Arctic with parts of the US colder than a domestic fridge-freezer!
It's the kind of temperatures human beings shouldn't have to endure!
Most of the US will be plunged into Arctic conditions on New Year's Eve with some parts plummeting to minus 36.6 deg C (minus 34 deg F) with meteorologists warning of frostbite to exposed skin.
It's the Midwest and the Northeast who will witness the most severe cold with the wind-feel-factor magnifying the frigid temperatures.

Storm Dylan
The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for gale-force winds for Ireland Scotland and Northern England for new years eve when Storm Dylan is expected to make landfall.
The Met office has also warned of damage to buildings, power cuts and interruptions to mobile phone coverage.
Flood warnings have been issued for large parts of the UK  with large waves expected from the storm surge.
2017 appears to be going out with a bang rather than a whimper after Record snow totals were smashed as Erie, Pennsylvania received 53 inches of snow in 30 hours, this is the greatest two-day total in the entire state of Pennsylvania.
The previous record was 44" in Morgantown, Pennsylvania on March 20 and 21, 1958.
It also beats the 13-day total snowfall record for Erie, Pennsylvania, which was 52.8" from Dec. 31, 1998, to January 12, 1998.

According to CNN, the snowfall total was more than four times the city's previous all-time Christmas record of 8.1 inches, and it also broke the record for most snowfall in one day in the city's history, which was 20 inches on November 22, 1956.
The snow didn't stop overnight, either.
Erie picked up another 24.5 inches of snow on Tuesday, bringing the two-day tally to 58.5 inches.
That is the highest two-day snowfall total in the entire state of Pennsylvania, according to the National Weather Service.
However, the storm, which actually began on Sunday, has dropped a grand total of 68 inches of snow, more than a metre on Erie, according to National Weather Service Cleveland. Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper signed a Declaration of Disaster Emergency.


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