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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Forecasters predict temperatures to fall 35 degrees BELOW average as a polar plunge sweeps across North America: Chicago breaks 76 year snow fall record

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Sunday’s snow fall in Chicago, which was the first this winter for Illinois was a record-busting event. Sunday’s 6.4 inches of snow at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport smashed the old Chicago record of 4.8 inches way back when in November 1940! Some surrounding areas recorded more than 9 inches of snowfall and was also the greatest first-of-the-season daily total for the area. Davenport recorded 10.2 inches. According to the National Weather Service, the 6.4 inches at O’Hare was only three-tenths of an inch away from the all-time single-day snow total. The previous record for snowfall on Dec. 4 at O’Hare was 4.6 inches in 1964.
This week will see extreme cold moving into Canada and the US as a blast of frigid air moves in from the depths of the Arctic.
Temperatures humans should not have to endure will sweep Canada and the US all the way down to New Mexico. The coming days promise to be the coldest of the winter season so far. The coldest days of next week will yield highs and lows of generally 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit below normal from the Northwest and Rockies to the Gulf and East coasts. Departures from normal highs will even approach 30 degrees in Billings, Montana, and Denver, Colorado.

Blizzard's in Canada

Southern Manitoba was battered by a storm that shut down many schools, reduced visibility, turned roads into slippery and snow-covered messes and sent cars into ditches Tuesday. Snowy side streets caused the Winnipeg School Division to warn parents their kids might not make it home on the school bus Tuesday afternoon. The majority of southern Manitoba was covered by a winter storm warning, with a range of 15-30 centimeters of heavy snow expected. Winnipeg was expected to get 20-25 centimeters, while 30 centimeters was forecast to hit areas south of the city. Northerly winds gusting to 70 km/h were expected to develop, making visibility on roads extremely poor - and near zero - for parts of Tuesday and into Wednesday as well. In southeastern Manitoba, a further 10-20 centimeters of snow is possible by Wednesday morning. The intensity of the storm prompted a full-out blizzard warning for some areas, including Morden, Winkler, Altona, Morris and the rural municipality of Portage la Prairie. The snow and wind were forecast to gradually ease Wednesday night. Bitterly cold Arctic air is expected to sweep in with lows below -20 C expected by the end of the week and wind chill values in the -30 to -35 range. The sleepy Interlake town of Gimli looked like an advertise for Game of Thrones. Manitoba filmmaker Andy Bliq went to the shores of Lake Winnipeg to watch the waves roll in. "There are these enormous rollers coming in from the north. You can imagine the wind blowing down the full length of the lake - 400 kilometers. They are about at least a meter high, some of them and crashing right over the pier," he said.


Anonymous said...

Omg .... winter

Gary Walton said...

A winter which is already breaking records

Anonymous said...

wow...winter...must be the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymouses. It's weather.... It goes up and it goes down ... Sometimes it breaks a "new" record. Get a jacket.

Gary Walton said...

Need more than a jacket!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink and you can warn a fool of approaching danger but you can't make them listen !

laura ann said...

Layer jackets: I wear a med. size jacket over a lg. size soft shell jkt, wear a scarf around my neck and polyester knit jogging pants and we don't even get snow where I live, just cold and windy.

Gary Walton said...

Just keep safe out there!

Geri West said...


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Anonymous said...

That darn GLOBAL WARMING sure is a tough one. Makes me want to dig out my long under ware and flannel shirt.

Anonymous said...

The spelling, punctuation, and grammar in these articles are positively vexing!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the input Gerri, all the above have been discussed many times on this site

Anonymous said...

You don't really believe in global warming do you? For the last few years we've been in a northern vortex. Global warming made one man rich as "inventing the internet" did.