Tuesday 21 June 2016

"I never seen rain like this before": Zero visibility in State of Michigan from terrifying micro storm

It only lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes, but it dumped buckets.
Visibility was at an absolute zero to the point drivers needed to stop while driving on State Road 933. "I saw all this rain was so heavy,"
Eva Hunt of South Bend said.
"I never seen rain like this before."
Rain swept across the road in the same fashion a white out would have during winter.
The only difference?
It is the first day of summer.
It caused plenty of damage to a sign outside of a local business on 933, and then just up a few miles from our station, a power line came down, resulting in some power outages in the area.
"It just started getting worse and worse," Kristi Bowerman, Mall Manager at Council Oak Antiques said.
"The rain was coming down so heavy.
It was going in sheets.
You could not see two feet in front of you at one point.
That's when the sign blew down.
Our electricity went out and we didn't know what was going on at first."
Some people who have lived in the area for quite some time thought this was pretty scary.
Ron Clymer said, "Well, the wind came up and it just turned nasty looking.
I seen that branch come down, it nailed the wire a little bit, and bounced off the wire and hit the fence over there.

I lost power, no telephone, nothing.
I was talking to my brother in Niles and they said it got real nasty up there.
They got houses that it came down in and cars that got hit."
When the storm clouds finally cleared, there was plenty of damage all across Michiana as the cleanup efforts begin.
"A tree decided to fall during the storm and hit my car," one South Bend resident said.
"It's all good.
I ain't worried about it.
Just another day in the neighborhood."
Just a few hours later, it's bright and sunny with just a few clouds in the sky.
Hardly any reminders of just how powerful this storm was.
But north of Indiana, in the Wolverine State, one neighborhood got the brunt of it on E Fulkerson Rd. Three trees are blocking all or part of the street.
Residents were out and about on Monday night.
Without power and temperatures near uncomfortable levels, they were forced to go out on their porches to enjoy the night air, and get used to their new movie scene like surroundings.
"I seen [the tree] fall," said Robin Knapp, who lives on E. Fulkerson Rd. and has a tree laying in his driveway.
"All of a sudden, all hell broke loose.
What can you do?
It just happened so fast.
You couldn't even protect yourself really."

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