Sunday, 17 February 2019

2019 more signs and wonders! The brightest star in the night sky Sirius will disappear briefly on Monday eclipsed by asteroid 4388 Jürgenstock

Photo Sirius, credit Wikipedia

More signs and wonders, the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius will disappear briefly on Monday, February 18th, when the asteroid 4388 Jürgenstock will eclipse it for a couple of seconds.
According to the Weather Channel, it will be the first time Sirius has been blacked out.
The asteroid is sweeping around the sun and will come between Sirius and Earth on Monday, on Feb. 18th between 09:11 pm PST and 09:27 pm PST. 
Western Mexico, Central US and Canada will be able to witness Sirius "disappearance."


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  1. Doubtful anyone will see it. The Geo cloud cover is usually too thick to see any wonders in the sky.

    1. We are having spectacular weather here in Holland but the bad boys are out spraying the sky a sickly yellow

    2. Gary Walton, same here in the Wasington DC, Northern VA area. Lots of spraying going on. :-/

    3. We found the cold in New England. 30F is a heat wave & we call it a Blessing.

  2. Its very Hot in Namibia.
    Field works are no more taking place , it refused to rain.