Monday 18 February 2019

Photo of the day! From pristine blue sky to sickly yellow in 30 minutes: Chemtrails above North Holland

Photo The Big Wobble

Where I live in North Holland we are enjoying a beautiful spell of record-breaking warm weather, with wall to wall sunshine and unprecedented temperatures of around 16 deg C, 61 deg F, we have been lucky enough to miss the record-breaking snowfall in Germany and Austria and the record-breaking cold which hit Greece earlier this year.

Yesterday I decided to sit in the garden and catch my first vitamin D rays of 2019.
Around 12: pm, I sat in a comfy chair ready to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in the garden.
Within minutes the pristine blue sky began to turn a sickly yellow as lines and lines of chemtrails appeared almost simultaneously, within half an hour the sun had been blotted out completely.
I managed to take a couple of pictures with my cell-phone.


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