Saturday 4 March 2023

'SIGNS AND WONDERS!'—A third major quake in less than a month lets-loose in the middle of a cyclone north of New Zealand—We have seen 29 great earthquakes already this year, one every 2.3 days. During the same period in 1903, just 2 major quakes had been recorded—1913, 11 major quakes, 1923 only 13—1933, 14 major quakes, in 1943, just 7—We are witnessing great earthquakes!

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

Well folks, there we go, for the third time in less than a month a major quake, (mag 6 or higher) has rock 'n rolled' in, or around an active cyclone. Early this morning a very powerful mag 6.9 rocked the Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand and was the third major quake in this area in the last three days. What is extremely interesting is this mornings powerful quake is the fact it occurred in the middle of two cyclones Kevin and Judy. . .

This unusual pattern has become a regular occurrence in 2023. For instance, yesterday for the second time this month, a major quake struck an area during a cyclone.  Yesterday at around 19:00 hrs, (UTC) a powerful magnitude 6.5 major quake, (mag 6 or higher) rocked the West coast of the South Pacific island Vanuatu at the same time the island was being pounded by Tropical Cyclone KEVIN-23, see map below.

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

Stranger still, Just sixteen days ago, a powerful magnitude 6.1 quake was recorded once again near the Kermadec Islands, above the North Island of New Zealand and this powerful quake had the audacity to arrive during the arrival of Cyclone Gabrielle, see map below. 

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

Once again a major quake has coincided with another geological occurrence! 

Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

More signs and wonders: On January 9th this year, a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia at precisely 18:47 UTC—Just 3 minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! I have never seen these two powerful events so closely linked together before. Full story.

When space weather meets major seismic activity! 

I have been blogging about quakes and spaceweather since 2008 but I have never witnessed this before. . .

That afternoon (Jan 9th 2023), a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia at precisely 18:47 UTC—Just 3 minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! I have never seen two powerful events so closely linked together before!—I was flabbergasted. . .

Signs And Wonders 2023!

We are just over two months into 2023 and we have witnessed great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven." Not to mention, the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which is showing no sign of coming to end anytime soon. (Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom) I am of course quoting Luke 21:10,11.

We have seen 29 great earthquakes already this year, mag 6 or higher, which is one every 2.3 days so far. Now that may not sound like a lot—and it isn't by today's standards, the number is a little higher than normal, however, if you take the same period in 1903, just 2 major quakes had been recorded—1913, 11 major quakes had been recorded, 1923 only 13 had been recorded—1933, 14 major quakes, mag 6 or higher were recorded, in 1943, just 7, according to the USGS database—These figures will help you realise just how we are witnessing great earthquakes, and fearful events and great signs from heaven." 

However, the incredibly powerful magnitude 7.8 quake which hit Turkey and Syria and the 400 or so aftershocks are disturbing not just for the number of deaths and damage they have caused but also for the location—Smack-bang in the middle of the most prophesied and contentious religious area on the planet. The area as you know is already a tinder box just waiting to explode and shows the vulnerability of future prophesied mega quakes in the area.

For instance, Isaiah warns of the complete destruction of Damascus during the end times. Damascus is already heavily damaged of course because of the civil war, however, not totally. And massive quakes are prophesied for Jerusalem, maybe Egypt and an earthquake which will move every mountain and island from there foundations of course.

Luke 21 warned us of fearful events and great signs from heaven.

On the 27th of Feb, around 17:00 UTC, the solar wind hitting the Earth's magnetosphere was measured at 866km per second, (see graph below) this was the fastest recorded speed since October 2017 and caused dazzling auroras in the northern and southern hemispheres for three nights with the light-show as far south as northern France in Europe.

Solar wind speed, credit NOAA

Since January 1st our sun has blasted off 5 massive X-Class flares, luckily our planet has not been damaged yet, but is only a matter of time before our sun scores a direct hit with a very powerful Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare.

Back in late January, the massive Sunspot AR3190, the biggest sunspot in years and visible to the naked eye failed to deliver, which is maybe a good thing. The impressive sunspot, more than 4 times larger than the earth did not eject the massive X-Class solar flare many astronomers were hoping for. 

We keep getting lucky, but we won't always be lucky. . .

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Hawkeye said...

Thanks for keeping us up to speed on this solar/seismic activity Gary!! It's a need to know absolutely. Everything you said is spot on and according to what Jesus told us to be watchful of.
I just spent a few days listening to some Bible studies from new sources and it was really interesting stuff, so sharing a couple things here now. ....
What is happening now is "the convergence"! All the signs of the end of days are certainly becoming very visible for those who know and understand the Bible. Woe to those who do not!

Jesus told His disciples of the signs, but the end is not yet, ... until we see them all happening at the same time, that is the big sign to know. That's the convergence. All the signs happening at the same time and increasing in occurrences and strength. I'd say that is exactly where we are right now.

These new studies I listened to said some interesting things. When Jesus said, nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, it was not completely literally that, they said that phrase is a Hebrew idiom, meaning world War. So then Jesus really said, when you see world War happening....nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom means world wars, that He said was the beginning of the end of days, so it would mean then that the end of days began with the rolling out of WW1 in 1914. For those of us who want to put a date on it, this is new insight to consider.
If that is accurate then that puts us at 109 years in to the end of days, so it would seem that yes, we are at the end of the end of days! "When you see all these things happening, look up" as the return is nigh!
There were more "idioms" revealed in these new studies I listened to, so it changes understanding up a bit but for me cleared up my understanding and made a lot of sense too.

As I continue to post comments I will continue to share things I am studying! For now though, know the convergence is clearly happening and so our wait for His return is clearly very near.
That is comforting yes, but also is a bit un-nerving because these very end of days are prophesied to get worse, as has never been before and shall never be again.
Volcanic activity is related to these solar reports Gary posts. The studies speculate the meaning behind another sign Jesus told of us, the moon red as blood, the sun darkened as like sackcloth, ... could be caused by a massive volcanic eruption. They said from that occurring, so looking through an ash covered sky, the moon would appear red, the sun would appear as if sackcloth were covering it. Wow!
With my knowledge of geoengineering, "they" are trying desperately to cool earth now, reports of copying an eruption to cause a winter like effect are very in line with prophecy. Beware! LaPalma, remember? A test run possibly.