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Are They Stupid Or Is It Me? Are our leaders insane? A Deja Vu scenario we did not learn from almost 3 years to the date! As a new pandemic tsunami brings China to its knees the government are going to lift a three-year worldwide travel restriction in time for the Chinese New Year

The number of cases (blue) and the number of deaths (red)
. Numbers include Hong Kong and Macau. Credit Wikipedia. 

The world could well be entering about to make an incredibly foolish fault, a  Deja Vu scenario we did not learn from almost 3 years to the date!

According to a report by the BBC Chinese people are rushing to book oversea flights across the world after Beijing announced it would be opening its borders next month on January 8th, two weeks before the global celebration of the Chinese new year on January 22nd 2023!

The New Pandemic Tsunami In China Has Everyone Worried:

No one is quite sure what is happening over there, not even the strict government: Even the authorities say they don't know what the true numbers are! China’s hardline zero-Covid policy shielded its population until now—surging deaths projected by some studies to be as high as one million. So should the West be allowing millions of Chinese people to come over here to celebrate the New Year? This is what exactly happened 3 years ago and ended in a pandemic which has already killed millions!

For much of the early pandemic, China's hardline zero-Covid policy shielded its population from the kind of mass deaths that haunted Western nations – a contrast repeatedly driven home by the Communist Party to illustrate the supposed superiority of its rule.  images of overflowing hospitals and busy funeral homes from the United States and other western countries featured heavily on China’s state-controlled television. The deaths of over a million Americans from Covid are depicted as a gross failure of Western democracy.

After an almost three-year travel ban, which began, ironically, "after" the Chinese New celebrations across the world in 2021, which was a classic case of closing the stable door after the dragon had bolted! Is this going to be allowed again?

Chinese travel sites have already reported a massive spike in traffic. Why are they easing travel restrictions while the country is enduring their biggest spike since the pandemic began? It is decisions like these which have totally bemused normal people which would almost obviously lead to a rise in cases here in the West leading to another vaccine mandate and needed deaths. Which is just another billion-dollar fest for the vaccine producer who has recently admitted some of the vaccines have never been tested to see if they actually stop covid!

Above is the opening page of the "Clinical Trial Protocol of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccination tests—PDF File. The title clearly states the trial protocol was to evaluate the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity, and efficacy of the SARS-COV-2 RNA vaccine against Covid-19 in healthy individuals.

Almost 60% of the 13 billion Covid-19 vaccines administered to people around the world since 2020 were injected with the Pfizer vaccine. Please excuse my maths but I think that is somewhere in the region of 9 billion.

As early as December 2020, these Western governments or friends of the West were using the Pfizer injection to vaccinate their citizens—Australia,  Canada,  France,  Germany,  Hungary, Indonesia, Israel,  Japan,  New Zealand, Saudi Arabia,  South Korea, United Kingdom and of course the United States of America.

This was an incredible feat when you consider Pfizer began clinical trials on their vaccination just 3 days after China officials released part of the Covid DNA segment on January 11 2020? Some experts say almost impossible.

On October 10, four days before The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) announced that it has an ongoing investigation into the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines in the European Union. The European Parliament asked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to answer questions in front of a special COVID committee of the European Parliament. Instead, he refused. He sent Janine Small, president of Pfizer's International Developed Markets, to take his place in the hearing, however, she was unable, incapable or unwilling to answer almost all of the questions. She failed to deliver any relevant information, except for one stunning statement.

In October 2022, Janine Small, president of Pfizer's International Developed Markets was asked how Pfizer began clinical trials on their vaccination just 3 days after China officials released part of the Covid DNA segment on January 11 2020? "How was this possible," asked MEP Christian Terhes. She refused to answer his question. Mr Tehres, however, asked the same question to the CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, he claimed work on Moderna's vaccine had started in 2017 more than 2 years before Covid-19 had apparently been discovered.

Janine Small was also asked by the committee if Pfizer had tested whether their injections "stopped transmission" of the Covid-19 virus, to which she dropped the "BOMB"— "NO. . . They did not." Press conference here.

Also in October 2022, Janine Small was asked by Dutch MEP, Rob Roos: "Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?" "If not, please say it clearly." Small answered: “Regarding the question, did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market? No.” "We did not."

She continued: “We had to move at the "speed of science" to understand what is taking place in the market. And from that point of view, we had to do everything at risk.” Janine Small's answer. Rob Roos asked AstraZeneca and Moderna the same question, however, they both refused to answer his question.

Janine Small was asked the price of a vaccine, but she refused to answer. She was also asked, just what Pfizer have to hide in their vaccine contract with the Euro Commission. She refused to answer. She was asked about a"redacted" version of the Pfizer/Euro Commission vaccine contracts, (more than 100 pages which were almost entirely blacked out) she said that Pfizer couldn't disclose the entire contract because they had certain "interests" to protect. This was, by the way, the biggest contract ever awarded by the European Commission, costing the taxpayer, E 36 billion, wasted money. 

The European Parliament are also investigating an SMS between Albert Bourla, the Pfizer CEO and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission which is considered to be irregular according to EU transparency regulation, the EU ombudsman and the EU Court of Auditors.

But, a press release on Pfizer's website here on April 01 2021, proudly announced—Pfizer and BioNTech Confirm High Efficacy and "No Serious Safety Concerns Through Up to Six Months Following Second Dose in Updated Topline Analysis of Landmark COVID-19 Vaccine Study. . ."
Analysis of 927 confirmed symptomatic cases of COVID-19 demonstrates BNT162b2 is highly effective with "91.3% vaccine efficacy observed against COVID-19," measured seven days through up to six months after the second dose. . .
The vaccine was 100% effective in preventing severe disease as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 95.3% effective in preventing severe illness as defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. . .

The vaccine was 100% effective in preventing COVID-19 cases in South Africa, where the B.1.351 lineage is prevalent. . .

The companies plan to share these results with worldwide regulatory agencies soon—Which of course has never happened.

Now ladies and gentlemen, let's cast our minds back to June 27 2021. A very angry Joe Biden announced to the world—"There is a pandemic of unvaccinated people in the US!" He was, of course, not the only government leader at this time using unvaccinated people as a tool for propaganda to"coerce" innocent people into receiving a vaccine which now appears to have never even been tested!

French President Macron said he wanted to "piss off" the none vaccinated.

Anti-vaxxers like me were called a misinformed movement and were on borrowed time.

Writing in the Daily Mail, the hugely self-opinionated Pierce Morgan claimed anti-vaxxers were deluded, ill-informed, shameful, scaremongers, simply complacent believing vaccines are more dangerous than covid itself!

He also called people who refused the Covid-19 vaccines "ignorant morons."

Bloomberg claimed that anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are "deadly" and not principled people.

Forbes ran the headline, "what are we going to do with the anti-vaxxers!"

As autumn 2021 slowly morphed into winter, a large "useless society" was emerging, an army of pariahs, outcasts, parasites, and people who became despised and rejected. This group would become discriminated against, bullied, and coerced into receiving the Covid vaccine, something we were told would not happen when the first vaccines rolled off the shelf late last year.

Tens of thousands of workers around the world were being given an ultimatum, to become vaccinated or lose their jobs. Many of these people who were now threatened with the sack had been championed as heroes just a few months earlier! Care workers, nurses, doctors and ambulance drivers. These same people were now classed as social pariahs.

Joe Biden claimed, once again: "The 'bigger story isn't that thousands of people are losing their jobs, but that the "new mandates" are increasing the percentage of Americans in the workforce who are vaccinated against COVID-19." "The new rule, would 'cover 100 million Americans, about two-thirds of all the people working in America." Biden was proud to claim.

He went on: "Let's be clear when you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story,' the president added," claiming that the 'bigger story is that more employees in the workforce are vaccinated. Daily Mail

The irony is, back in December 2020 Biden famously stated he didn't think vaccinations would be mandatory and then again in July 2021, he declared America's independence from Covid-19, that claim came back to bite Joe as a rise of 300% new infections per day crippled health care workers despite 210 million Americans having at least one vaccination at the time.

Just how many hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs for refusing the Covid-vaccination we will never know, I do know 40,000 care workers lost their jobs in the UK alone. I know now because the government is finally looking into the failings of big Pharma with one MP, Danny Kruger actually apologising and calling for reinstations and compensations to the care workers who were fired. Just how close did the world come to compulsory vaccinations during the pandemic? 

There is now disturbing evidence of a significant increase in heart attacks and related health issues since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines and, as Covid-19 drops off and becomes less of a threat—Heart attacks and related health issues are rising around the world and, data suggests, countries with higher numbers of vaccinations are showing a higher number of what they are now calling excess mortality death. 

So, why are so many English people dying recently from non-covid diseases? And why do the UK government refuse to launch a public inquiry into vaccine safety; and why would an inquiry be a waste of taxpayers’ money into the excess mortality deaths of 24,440 people since May 2022, which an MP has claimed recently?

An average of 1,564 extra deaths per week occurred in England during October 2022—Throughout 2020 it was 315.—Throughout 2021, the height of Covid-19 it was 1,322.

There have been 24,440 non-covid, excess mortality deaths since May 2022.

Deaths registered, UK, week ending 21 October 2022 13,463 up 15.7% above the five-year average = 1,822 excess deaths.
1,379 in the week up to 23 March 2020. . . 

Numbers from Dr John Cambell 

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Hawkeye said...

I agree! Same is true with regards to children getting autism ( just to cite one example). The more vaccines injected in to babies and children the more cases of autism there are. I think it's something like 1 in 40 now? Maybe 10 or 20 years ago it used to be 1 in 10,000! That is quite an uptick in cases and the vaccines increased right alongside that neurological poisoning disorder increase called autism. But the experts still say they don't know what causes autism, they just know it's not vaccines! Ha ha kind of logic is that?
See, if brains are injured that stupidity isn't questioned, just accepted as it is from an "expert" after all!

Let me repeat something I've written here in the past please..... a friend of mine is a nurse. One day we had a disagreement over these covid shots that rolled in to vaccines in general. Me against them, her an advocate for them. She was planning a cruise trip, better get my third booster she said...I asked her will she just keep injecting herself forever in order to keep traveling on vacations? Angrily she answered me, yes, it's protection needed...but it's bad I told her, the ingredients could injure or kill you and how is going on vacation worth that risk?! She said there is no proof whatsoever that vaccines cause injury.... I reminded her of the autism numbers increasing alongside vaccinations increasing in children and that there is so proof....the proof has been known for a very long time, heavy metals cause neurological damage, heavy metals ARE KNOWN NEUROTOXINS!!

That is a well documented fact and so inside every damn vaccine is several heavy metals or NEUROTOXINS, how is that not accounted for miss nurse!? Autism is a neurological damage disorder, period!!! Wake the frig up!

This whole subject is just too irritating for me. I just cannot watch people having babies and shooting them up with 72 injections of neurotoxins anymore. My God in Heaven, what is wrong with people to do that?