Tuesday 8 November 2022

A letter from Florida! Just a month after Hurricane Ian destroyed everything Hawkeye owned, Hurricane Nicole is scheduled to hit the southeast coast of FL and go straight across to my west side before curving north to move up the rest of the state

Left, Hawkeye's battered house after Hurricane Ian landed in her backyard.

Hawkey has kindly written to TBW again today in the middle of her massive cleanup operation after Hurricane Ian landed in her backyard last month destroying all her possessions and house. She informs us, another one is coming fast! Hurricane Nicole is also on its way toward her area of Florida State to cause more destruction in the coming days.

She is actually commenting on a post I wrote here

That is the said timeline of how the covid mantra played out and quite a bit of work putting it all together I'm sure! Good job Gary! The facts...but are they really the facts I wonder? Bioweapons in Ukraine? Marco Rubio my FL state rep. asked....oh, like he doesn't know! There are so many bio labs worldwide, another said fact that has been released since covid, that it seems suspicious to me to blame Ukraine as the culprit, just as blaming Russia for causing supply chain issues (etc.) for invading Ukraine is.

For me, I think it's all BS and distraction to place blame and keep the focus off the real problem we face globally....earth in climate collapse. And of course, with that thinking and the geoengineering visuals ongoing for over a decade(s) it is very possible none of the facts Gary timelined for us is facts at all, because...what are they spraying us with is never answered with absolute certainty! We know bio-weapons can be released from planes too, plenty of documentation proving that as well. Hence the facts may not be facts at all just news script consistencies called facts.

Speaking of geoengineering ... my area is once again being targeted for another hurricane, Nicole is the name this time. Only about 40 days after Ian ripped us apart we are back in storm mode again. Ugh! Nicole is scheduled to hit the southeast coast of FL and go straight across to my west side before curving north to move up the rest of the state. So another state-wide weather event for FL. I knew it wasn't going to end with Ian. Well, I can't sleep worried about going through another hurricane. Our west coast forecast is for tropical storm conditions with a chance of cat 1 hurricane force possible. Compared to cat 4/5 Ian, a cat 1 is nothing, but not when we are still so messed up. The majority of us are still cleaning out and haven't had any repairs yet, so with so much debris piled all over and houses still damaged, 70+ mph winds can be as bad as 150 mph was. The only peace of mind is no storm surge flood for the west coast but flooding from rain on top of the still saturated ground is likely to occur.

Radar confirms for me that it is being steered our way on purpose again. Right now with the HAARP heating holding that system in place over the warm Atlantic to gain strength before they turn off the holding wall of energy and let it ride! I have to get out of this place before it's too late!
I'll keep you all posted. Wednesday/Thursday is when it is scheduled to hit us. Please pray for us here. Thank you!

If you want to help Hawkeye and her Husband you can donate HERE in my (Gary Walton) coffee account. (PAYPAL) Make sure you mention the gift is for Hawkeye and not "Gary," and I will make sure she gets the money thanks—Gary.

21/10/22 KT—$27
18/10/22 Bill's mother, Tina Miller—$30
17/10/22 Bill Laughing-Bear—$30, Gary—$60
Total after 2 days—$147

The video below covers Hawkey's passion, it's the latest video from Dane Wigington. He claims this is the most complete GeoengineeringWatch.org documentary regarding climate engineering operations which I have to agree, with. Enjoy. 


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