Monday 10 October 2022

More lies! Environment and geological catastrophes are forgotten recently because of other horrors: Seawater by the Fukushima plant is testing at 7.5 million times more radioactive than the legal limit. The FDA claim imported seafood is safe even though less than 2% is actualy tested

Bill, testing a whale for radiation in Alaska.

While 2022 has been a terrible few months for the planet, and of course many individuals, it is becoming harder to hold a real perspective on many of the smaller problems affecting our lives. The environment and other geological catastrophes have been almost forgotten, quite understandably. Major events, many happening thousands of miles away from where we live are now affecting our lives, and not just the war in Ukraine, or the sky-high energy prices, inflation and food shortages. For instance, I personally haven't heard from Hawkey, a dear friend from Florida. She has been silent since Hurricane Ian devasted southwest Florida two weeks ago. Another dear friend, well, he is more of a brother than a friend, Bill Laughing-Bear, who is holed up in his cabin thousands of miles away in Alaska with a bad dose of Covid-19, get well soon Bill. Our world is shrinking but our problems are increasing.

Bill Laughing-Bear is known here on TBW for his tireless and dangerous work in checking radiation on the local sea and freshwater fish in the area of Alaska where he lives. His work is dangerous because the small community where he lives has many people who rely on fishing to make a living. The last thing they need is a local man checking their fish for Cesium 134, the so-called fingerprint of the Fukushima disaster which has been regularly found on fish in his area. During his years working with TBW Bill has reported on his encounters with rogue bears, ongoing wildfires, dead seagulls, clams, shrimp, crabs, whales or any other type of fish showing radiation, spruce tree die-offs, missing birds and bats and extremely large powerful earthquakes.

Last night, although very sick, Bill sent me a new report from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration: (FDA)

They have said it will require seafood imported from Japan to be checked for radiation before it enters the food supply. But even with the new screenings, no one in the U.S. government is saying "stop eating tuna." "Other food products from this area, including seafood, although not subject to the Import Alert, will be diverted for testing by FDA before they can enter the food supply." "FDA will also be monitoring and testing food products, including seafood, from other areas of Japan as appropriate." More specifically, an FDA spokesperson told ABC News that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement "is screening everything from Japan." However, screening does not entail testing all the seafood. In fact, the FDA inspects less than 2 per cent of seafood, according to Winona Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. "FDA couldn't possibly with existing staff test all of the food that's being imported," Hauter said. "They inspect less than 2 per cent of seafood. Their resources are really stretched." Since the screening, the FDA confirmed finding three food products from Japan that contained radioactive isotopes, although they were "all too low to cause adverse events." 
So far, the FDA said that every piece of seafood that has been imported to the United States is safe. [However,] offshore from the Fukushima plant, the seawater is now testing at levels off the charts -- 7.5 million times more radioactive than the legal limit. "I can't go out to fish because of the radiation," one Japanese fisherman told ABC News. "I cannot do anything." Because of the elevated levels, the Japanese government also announced on Tuesday that it will, for the first time, enact radiation safety standards for fish. "We're deeply sorry for discharging the radiated water," said Japan's chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano on Monday, "but it was necessary to prevent spreading higher radiated water into the ocean." Even though radiation levels become diluted in large bodies of water, officials tested a sample of sand lance fish, often used for bait, and found that the species contained nearly double the levels of iodine 131 and caesium 137. The new regulation caps fish radiation levels at the same amount as vegetables—up to 2,000 becquerels of iodine 131 per kilogram. Edano said that government will strictly monitor the seafood and move forward after officials understand the full impact of the dumping.

Here is the full story 

The ordinary Joe, the  poor, uneducated, sick and old are the soft underbelly of our society, they are vulnerable, and they are in need of protection by the establishment, which in a democracy, is set in place to "serve and protect."—However, we are the unfortunate targets of unethical psychological bile vomited out by the very people we "elected." Our unscrupulous and dishonourable leaders, constantly are trying to fool the less fortunate in our communities with cunning rhetoric, bombast and pomposity.

During the beginning of the 2nd decade of this century and the onset of the pre-planned Covid pandemic, our leaders, expert advisors and the so-called elite have clumsily tried to detach themselves from the very people who elected them into their privileged positions. They have been attempting to separate themselves, creating a clumsy sort of us-and-them scenario—In separation from the facts and practicalities of the real world.  They have become collectively, struck with blindness. This "blindness", or inability to comprehend what is required of them, can be easily recognized by analyzing the questions they ask or fail to ask, or the answers they give or fail to give. Take for instance the report from the FDA above, which claim, we have your backs—But they are inspecting less the 2% of the fish coming into the U.S. even after confirming finding food products from Japan that contained radioactive isotopes!

The lies or, "alternative truths" they feed us, would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn't so serious. But oh so serious it is, look around and smell the coffee, as they say. Our western leaders delight in claiming they champion the ordinary Joe, the poor, uneducated, sick and old, these are the unfortunate and vulnerable, and they, the privileged 'elected' are here to help "us." The rhetoric is familiar, we are told ad nauseum, our western values will protect the needy. Words are cheap and meaningless, insulting the normal person on the street. Just what are these western values "they" talk about?

Have these western values prevented the vulnerable from the biggest energy price hike ever? A price hike which some energy bosses have likened the hike to a "licence to print money!" If, like they say, we have "YOUR" best interest at heart, why haven't they stopped the rogue energy bosses from abusing their own customers? They are blaming the Russian conflict for the energy price hack ladies and gentlemen, but this scam had begun long before the conflict. 

The problems the ordinary person on the street is facing at the moment is a perfect site-screen for rogue companies to do the wrong thing while telling the world, we are doing the right thing. All big companies since the Covid outbreak are struggling with staff issues, they don't have the manpower anymore to run companies efficiently, this is because most of them couldn't wait to sack all their personnel when Covid struck—Greedy corporate giants lost all faith from the public, but, they feed us the same bile. Did you try to book a flight recently? In Europe train journeys are scrapped daily because of a lack of staff, it's the same with the busses too. Supermarket shelves are empty because of supply problems and in England, even the nurses are striking—The heroes of the pandemic can't have a pay rise that even matches inflation, that is how much our leaders think of them. As we are seeing the rage against the machine in Iran at the moment and the slow and steady revolt against Putin in Russia, the people will only take so much, once the kettle boils there will be no coming back for these unscrupulous leaders of the establishment!

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Anonymous said...

Extract [...] from:
Short Circuit by Richard Douthwaite - 1996

["The most worrying aspect of the present crisis is that, for the first time in history, the
rich no longer need the poor" Pierre Calame, the president of the Foundation for the
Progress of Man
told a conference I attended in Paris in June 1993. He went on to explain that, in the past, the rich had always needed the poor - as servants, to grow food, to build their houses and to make the goods that they required. Now, however, many of the jobs
that the poor had done were performed by machines and, as far as the rich were
concerned, it was unnecessary for as many people as previously to be retained within the
economic system. The surplus was therefore being expelled and maintained in limbo at
the lowest level of public support possible without them becoming a serious threat to the
well-being and equanimity of the better-off.

But if the rich can manage without the poor as a result of technology, can the poor
manage without the rich? I believe they can, and the ways in which they can do so are
what the rest of this book is about.]

Ah, did they (Foundation for the
Progress of Man) forget the need for cannon fodder, the rich do like to be entertained!
Oh wait, AI/Virtual-reality to the rescue to placate some of the masses as well as change their (masses) view of what humanity is about but more importantly allow them (rich) to indulge in whatever perversion/s satiate while seemingly keeping their hands relatively clean.

Anonymous said...

The link to to the full text of "Short Circuit" for those interested.

Gary Walton said...

Woah! Thanks, great input!