Saturday 22 October 2022

A letter from America. More from William Neu on the Catholic Church and other related topics. . . A comforting factoid?

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Dear Family and Friends, and readers of TBW

Opinions of Francis

Since Cardinal Muller has a somewhat heavy accent I would recommend reading the article instead of the watching the video interview:

Francis - as chaplain of the New World Order:

Church Militant News - another "Alice in wonderland" appointment (please watch the first 8-1/2 minutes):

*The Book of Truth has prophesied this growing chaos, if accurate much more to come. So far it does not disappoint.


Bella Dodd (likely how the homosexual rage got its wings):


Stew Peters interviewing researcher Karen Kingston (the depth of deception is highly detailed, the result deadly. What we have been made to believe by well crafted media narratives is the so-called vaccines are for the benefit of mankind, when in reality its a lethal cocktail, made so by activated 5G technology. How coincidental both come on the global stage about the same time.

*The Book of Truth prophecies (foretold in the Book of Daniel - 10:21/12:4-9) have warned us to avoid any sudden globally implemented vaccination. We are into this hidden elitists' endeavor almost two years now, the fallout is well under way.
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Good documentary - COVID (support groups warning of damage from gene therapy injections so-called vaccines):


For your review - 9/11/2001 documentary (Twin Towers, USA), please dare to watch:


For your review - interview with Brother Bugnolo (fascinating):


Action 4 Liberty:


Some folks may have interest in the Seal of the Living God, which is part of the Book of Truth (for biblical ref. see Rev. chapter 7). This link:  takes you directly to that subject, which is message #345 in the archive.

I would recommend that next two messages as being important in understanding what God the Father is intending. You can find #345, 346 and 347 in this Book of Truth volume:


Comforting factoid

The Book of Truth given to the prophet Daniel (Dan. 10:21/12:4-9) was to be sealed because it is meant for a different time, the time of the end. Assuming what we have in the claimed Book of Truth is true prophecy (archive here: ), there is a comforting prophecy that may interest you. Read it for yourself, see message #581 found on this webpage: )

This is My Promise to all of God’s children. Those who survive at the end time, will not die a physical death. They are blessed. They will be turned, instantly, into perfect physical bodies, in mystical union with My Glorious Body.

As always, when speaking of the Book of Truth, what must be understood is that Francis (identified as the False Prophet) is to live to see the Second Coming of Christ. He is approaching year 86 of his life, December 17.

One side note. Should it happen that he is reported to have died and maybe photos accompanying the report, it is prophesied that he will return to life after the faking of his death. This little shenanigan is designed to elevate him in the eyes of Christian believers and onlookers, that he is special in some way with God. *If he truly does pass away, then it can be concluded that the Book of Truth has not been gifted to mankind, yet.

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