Tuesday 22 February 2022

The Mighty Military-Industrial Complex—1957, the year the space race started, the year our Sun recorded a record number of Sunspots, our planet recorded a record number of major quakes and the year global warming started and natural disasters began increasing—Its all here!

Project 596, China's first nuclear bomb test, credit Wikipedia.

It is perhaps the perfect day to reflect on just how f#cked up our planet finds itself in—Just as President "Heil" Putin orders his troops into the Ukraine.

He is the latest megalomaniac in a long list of narcissistic maggots who believe it is their destiny to have people killed in the glory of his name! I ask myself, once again, why-oh-why do we keep on voting for these cruel selfish despots who wouldn't know their ass from their elbow in the real world?

Below is the real reason our planet is on the verge of absolute destruction and—It has nothing to do with factories, airplanes and cars or—President Putin, at least—Not just yet!

"Our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space." “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” Vice President Lindon Johnson at Southwest Texas State University, May 27 (1962).


Below, a graph from NASA's own website, climate.nasa.gov, suggesting climate change, or indeed global warming arrived or began, not from human activity at all—but from solar activity, see the NASA graph below:

In what is clearly undeniable— the graph above, compares the Earth's temperature along with Solar Activity from 1880 and suggests, "without doubt, I may add"—temperatures and solar activity rose and fell almost identically for almost 80 years from 1880 onwards until suddenly... "Solar Activity" begins to drop off dramatically as if from a cliff. At exactly the same point, Global Temperatures suddenly begin to rise dramatically. The year this happened was—no prize for guessing—"1957!" As a magnet repels, global temperatures went one way—upwards and solar activity went the other— downwards. Why, I hear you shouting!  In 1957, our Sun suddenly and unexpectedly emitted a record burst of sunspot activity. In the very same year, 1957, our planet recording its "highest ever" number of major quakes, mag 6 or higher suggesting our planet and star were in cahoots...  As I said, both records were set in 1957 which NASA, somehow fail to mention. If you look again at the graph, 1957 is also—the year our planet began to warm, the data doesn't lie! Here is NASA's explanation of the above graph on their website climate.nasa.gov:
The above graph compares global surface temperature changes (red line) and the Sun's energy that Earth receives (yellow line) in watts (units of energy) per square meter since 1880. The lighter/thinner lines show the yearly levels while the heavier/thicker lines show the 11-year average trends. Eleven-year averages are used to reduce the year-to-year natural noise in the data, making the underlying trends more obvious. The amount of solar energy that Earth receives has followed the Sun’s natural 11-year cycle of small ups and downs with no net increase since the 1950s. Over the same period, global temperature has risen markedly. It is therefore extremely unlikely that the Sun has caused the observed global temperature warming trend over the past half-century. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. 

The fact that the separation just happens, once again in the year"1957" is not really surprising by now I guess, if you have been following my articles. However, you would have expected some kind of mention from NASA, who after all compiled the chart and just happen to be the biggest astronomical organisation in the world—And are long-time champions of the theory; "solar activity influences volcano and seismic activity here on Earth!" Then, consider— NASA pasted the graph on the same article which claimed: "Our Sun Is Not To Blame For The Current Global Warming Here On Earth!" Oh really? 

At the very same time our Sun exploded with a record amount of sunspots and our planet began to warm—The highest number of major quakes, mag 6 or higher were recorded, all these "records" happened in 1957, the year the space race started.
In 1957 our star produced by far the largest number of sunspots ever recorded in one year, no other year has ever come close, however, something else happened in 1957, our planet suddenly and unexpectedly produces the record total of major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) when a total of 203 were recorded. (Many decades later in 2011, the year of the Fukushima disaster, 211 major quakes were recorded).

Incredibly natural disaster events began rising too around the same time, below are two graphs form Our World In Data showing just that!
Raise High The Roof Beam!
1957 didn't just see an incredible rise in major quakes and global temperatures, and a sudden drop in sunspot activity, no—1957 saw the beginning of an incredible rise in all "natural disaster events around the globe." Including— Droughts, floods, extreme weather, heatwaves, cold waves, wildfires, landslides, volcanic activity and of course—earthquakes. Graph supplied by Our World In Data. However, what is not shown on the graphs above was the beginning of a sudden disastrous decline of many species. Animals, marine life and insects began to die-off and it is increasing. Around one million species are expected to become extinct in the next decade according to the WWF. And of course a massive decline in the health of our oceans and rivers have been observed.

Credit NASA/ climate.nasa.gov

Once again, another graph from NASA and the incredible rise of CO2 since—yes, once again, you guessed it—the '1950s. (No specific year given) But was it caused by our Sun or by mankind?

Today, we are launching rockets into space all day and every day around the world. Our world is literally surrounded by thousands of satellites, orbiting our planet, more than 6,000 I believe. NASA, NOAA and other agencies, blame dirty factory, car airplane emissions for the CO2 problem, they have failed to tell us, every time a rocket is launched, it punches a hole into our ionosphere dumping massive amounts of toxic particulates into our atmosphere. If our climate warming problems of today are caused by airlines, factories and automobile pollution—Why then, are our governments allowing incredible amounts of toxic crap to be dumped into the atmosphere by the military, space agencies and the commercial satellite service funded by billionaires such as Musk, Bezos and Branson? And why don't NASA ever mention it on their many climate change/global warming websites and YouTube videos?


As 2020 disappeared into the annals of horrible history, it brought to a close the warmest decade (2011-2020) ever recorded here on our planet. According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2020 ended as the warmest year ever, equaling 2016. The six warmest years have all been since 2015 and that is a fact even the most robust sceptic cannot ignore. The exceptional heat of 2020 came despite a cooling La Niña event. “Record warm years have usually coincided with a strong El Niño event, as was the case in 2016. What we experienced in 2020 was a La Niña event, which has a “cooling effect” on global temperatures but has not been sufficient to put a brake on this latest heat record. Despite the current La Niña conditions, last year, 2021, incredibly tied to the previous record of 2016,” according to WMO Secretary-General Prof. Taalas.

Fossil Fuels

But what causes this ever-increasing heat-rise which is supposedly destroying our planet. We have seen, on NASA's own website that climate changed in 1957 when our Sun went ballistic causing a record-breaking annual burst of major quakes here on Earth. They, the "experts" claim, ad nauseam man-produced-CO2 is the culprit for climate change. But are we? NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) amongst others are claiming we are killing the planet because we drive around in gas-guzzling cars, use aeroplanes to reach faraway destinations and work in dirty emission producing factories and live unsustainably. While this may be true to an extent, NASA and NOAA along with the mighty military-Industrial Complex of the US, China and Russia, along with other global space agencies and the commercial satellite service are actually doing more to harm the planet than we ever could imagine.


When an Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasts off on a plume of white smoke, hot gases shoot out of its 27 engines, creating a thrust equal to “18 Boeing 747 aircraft.” Upon reaching orbit, the world’s heaviest operational rocket will have burned about 400 metric tons of kerosene and emitted more carbon dioxide in a few minutes than an average car would in more than two centuries. That kind of a shock to our atmosphere is stoking concerns about the true effect launching into orbit has on Earth. Fuelled by surging data transmissions and the race for commercial space flights between Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc., the number of launches — including giants such as the Falcon Heavy and new mini-rockets — is expected to increase tenfold in the coming years according to a report by the LA Times.

The Wonderful Space Shuttle!

Every time a space shuttle was launched in the glory days of space travel, the solid rocket boosters released 240 tons of HCl gas, 26 tons of chlorine gas, 7 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas, and 304 tons of aluminium oxide into the atmosphere. The resulting hydrochloric acid “dissolved eight inches of concrete on the launch pad," raising the concentration of hydrochloric acid in nearby lakes to 3M, producing massive fish kills in the ocean, and destroying the paint on cars, leading chemists to believe that HCl is a major contributor to the holes in the ozone layer according to a report by SCRIBD.

The Space Shuttle made a total of 135 space flights during its 30-year career, releasing more than 41,000 tons of aluminium oxide, 3,510 tons of chlorine gas, almost 1,000 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas and 32,400 tons of HCI gas, all released into our atmosphere. But that was is just the Space Shuttle— throw into the mix the Gemini, Apollo and Saturn missions etc, the Russian Soyuz Space exploration, India and China's space missions and now Japan's contribution—thousands of satellites launched into space, thousands of sounding rockets, (NASA's airborne researchers), all the military experiments, more than 2,000 nuclear weapons tests and then you begin to imagine the damage mankind has done to our atmosphere, the ionosphere and the ozone layer since 1957. But let's go back to 1957, why was it so important? And why do we never hear about it?

 The steady rise in natural disasters collaborates with the carbon dioxide data from NASA.

Interestingly enough, 1957 recorded the then record number of major quakes, mag 6 or higher. In 1958 a record number of “confirmed volcano eruptions” were recorded. According to the Smithsonian Foundation archives, 1958 recorded 44 “confirmed eruptions” in one year. Since 1958 that amount has only been surpassed on four occasions, 1964 when 45 confirmed eruptions were recorded, 2004, the highest ever with 49 confirmed eruptions and 2005 and 2008 also with 45. As I said earlier, NASA have always championed the theory, solar activity influenced volcanic and seismic activity here on Earth.

The beginning of Global Warming, or if you prefer, Climate Change, or even better—climate changed...

No Slow On Global Warming... It is generally thought global warming was first mentioned in the 19th century but didn’t really catch on until the late ‘80s, see graph above from Our World In Data. However, we can clearly see during the late ‘50s and the early ‘60s the evidence of the warming effect of carbon dioxide was becoming increasingly convincing. The fledgling NASA organisation had discovered that maybe our “Sun” and not carbon emissions was warming the Earth’s climate.

In the early "60s," JFK and Lindon Johnson realised the US had to find a way to control the sun's power because they knew our Sun was affecting the weather here on planet Earth. Lindon Johnson apparently had sinister ideas and wanted to use the weather as a weapon. In his subcommittee’s detailed summary statement, Johnson proclaimed that;
"Our very future (US) depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space." “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” (which is exactly what is happening now, 60 years later!)

 Johnson continued:

“In essence, the Soviet Union has appraised control of space as a goal of such consequence that achievement of such control has been made the first aim of national policy.” “our decisions, more often than not, have been made within the framework of the Government’s annual budget. Against this view, we now have on record the appraisal of leaders in the field of science, respected men of unquestioned competence, whose valuation of what control of outer space means renders irrelevant the bookkeeping concerns of fiscal officers.” - Vice President Johnson. “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather, and he who controls the weather will control the world” - Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University. May 27 (1962).

prominent scientist at the time, called Harry Wexler, who was on JFK's team, warned the US government in 1962 that increased pollution from "rocket exhaust" was doing terrible things to our atmosphere. However, the military intervention made sure the experiments continued. Harry Wexler warned the government that chlorine and bromine were destroying the ozone which would eventually disrupt the jet stream which in turn would cause worldwide weather chaos—One of the biggest causes of extreme weather recently is the erratic behaviour of a disrupted jet stream which is causing horrendous storms, flooding, heatwaves, and bone-crunching cold along with countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Wexler died suddenly in 1962 of a heart attack before he could release his findings to the public. . . Magnetosphere modifications began almost immediately (Space-weather modification). They, the military-industrial complex have been shooting up the atmosphere ever since, while Al Gore, NASA, NOAA, scientists, governments and of course the media have been blaming us.

According to Wikipedia, in 1958 Wexler was concerned that atom bomb testing may lead to a new ice age from a nuclear winter scenario. From 1959 until 1961 he proposed and promoted the idea of a World Weather Watch. In 1961 he served as the lead negotiator for the U.S. in talks with the U.S.S.R. concerning the joint use of meteorological satellites. He continued working at the bureau until his death in 1962. Wexler had been researching the link connecting chlorine and bromine compounds to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layers but died of a heart attack while on vacation in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Wexler had already accepted an invitation to deliver a lecture entitled "The Climate of Earth and Its Modifications" at the University of Maryland Space Research and Technology Institute. Another twelve years would pass before the first papers about the effect of chlorofluorocarbons on the ozone layer were published in 1974, during which CFC production had increased "Had Wexler lived to publish his ideas", author James Rodger Fleming would observe later, "they would certainly have been noticed and could have led to a different outcome and perhaps an earlier coordinated response to the issue of stratospheric ozone depletion." He was just 51 when he died. Wexler's warning Harry Wexler warned in 1962 that rockets were burning holes in the ionosphere, destroying the ozone layer, and modifying weather on a global scale (causing global warming). The year following his death, W. W. Kellogg from the RAND Corporation suggested expanding the use of sounding rockets (research rockets) to do just that: modify global weather. Wexler’s prescient work between 1958 and 1962 “On the Possibilities of Climate Control” reminds us that we are not the first generation to be involved with, or concerned about geoengineering. “The subject of weather and climate control is now becoming respectable to talk about.” So began Harry Wexler in his speech “On the Possibilities of Climate Control,” given in early 1962 to technical audiences in Boston, Hartford, and Los Angeles. Wexler, who studied meteorology at MIT and served as Chief of Scientific Services at the US Weather Bureau, supported his claim by citing, among others, President John F. Kennedy’s recent speech at the United Nations proposing, “cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control” and the State Department’s urging of “early and comprehensive study in the light of developments in outer space of the possibility of large-scale weather modification.” Wexler assured his audiences that he was concerned not with the long and the checkered history of cloud modification leading to more-or-less localized precipitation influences, but with planetary-scale manipulation of the Earth’s short-wave and long-wave radiation budget that would result in “rather large-scale effects on the general circulation patterns in short or longer periods, even approaching that of climatic change.” These effects included increasing world temperature by several degrees by detonating up to ten H-bombs in the Arctic Ocean; decreasing world temperature by launching powder into an equatorial orbit to shade the Earth and make it look somewhat like Saturn and its rings; and notably, destroying all stratospheric ozone above the Arctic circle using a relatively small amount of a catalytic agent such as chlorine or bromine. Wexler was interested in both inadvertent climate modification, such as might be created by rocket exhaust gases or other pollution, and purposeful effects, whether peaceful or hostile. So, remember it was Wexler, about 60 years ago, who first claimed climate control was “respectable.” Wexler died suddenly in 1962. Harry Wexler on Geoengineering and Ozone Destruction.

Rising temperatures can be seen across the world. Even in the Middle East, temperatures of 50C plus were once outliers, but parts of Pakistan, India, Australia, Europe the US, and Canada are now regularly approaching or passing that mark. But the intensity of the heat in the northwest Americas in 2021 and Siberia in 2020 has taken many scientists by surprise and suggested "extra factors" may be involved in northern latitudes. One theory is that the recent temperature spike might have been caused not just by global heating, but by slowing weather systems that get stuck in one place for an extended period, which gives them time to intensify and cause more damage. This was an important factor in the devastation in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2018, which sat above Houston for several days or—hurricane Dorian which parked itself over the Bahamas for two days in 2019. Blocked high-pressure fronts were also blamed for the blistering heatwave in Europe in 2019. 

Experts at the Potsdam Institute and elsewhere believe the rapid heating in the Arctic and decline of sea ice is making the jet stream wiggle in large, meandering patterns, so-called Rossby resonance waves, trapping high- and low-pressure weather systems in one location for a longer time. This theory remains contested, but Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, said the unexpectedly fierce heat at Lytton and elsewhere in Canada should prompt climatologists to consider additional impacts of human activity. “We should take this event very seriously,” he wrote in an email. “You warm up the planet, you’re going to see an increased incidence of heat extremes. Climate models capture this effect very well and predict large increases in heat extremes. But there is something else going on with this heatwave, and indeed, with many of the very persistent weather extremes we’ve seen in recent years in the US, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, where the models aren’t quite capturing the impact of climate change.” Regardless of which interactions are to blame, scientists are agreed that the simplest way to reduce the risk of further temperature jolts is to cut fossil fuel emissions and halt deforestation. Friederike Otto, associate director of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, said. “If the world does not rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions like deforestation, global temperatures will continue to rise and deadly heatwaves such as the one we are seeing will become even more common."

So—you have seen the graphs, read the transcripts... Our Sun defiantly went ballistic in 1957 and broke all previous sunspot records—in the same year, a record-'busting total of major quakes, mag 6 or higher were recorded here on Earth and global temperatures begin to rise and solar activity begins to decline, all in perfect synchronisation. But that's not all is it? Droughts, floods, extreme weather, heatwaves, cold waves, wildfires, landslides, volcanic activity and of course—earthquakes suddenly began to increase. Sadly, what is not shown on the graphs was the beginning of a disastrous decline of species, including, animals, marine life and insects with around one million species expected to become extinct in the next decade according to WWF. And of course a massive decline in the health of our oceans and rivers, more on this later in the book.

What caused the solar activity on our Sun combined with the record quakes, global warming and natural disasters here on Earth all taking off together in 1957, how is that even possible? Was it Devine intervention, is there a God-clock? Have we outstayed our welcome? Or—Could the scientists be correct, CO2 is destroying the planet and if so is it because of factories and fossil fuels or is it rockets? It is easy for us all to laugh-off the 1957 Bible connection but—Before you do, remember these prophecies:

Matthew 24: “There will be great earthquakes in one place and another.” And in Luke 21:  "Great earthquakes" in one place and another, and “great signs and fearful sights from heaven.” 

Hosea 4: 1-3:

1 Hear the word of the LORD, O children of Israel, for the LORD has a case against the people of the land: “There is no truth, no loving devotion, and no knowledge of God in the land! 2 Cursing and lying, murder and stealing, and adultery are rampant; one act of bloodshed follows another. 3 Therefore the land mourns, and all who dwell in it will waste away with the beasts of the field and the birds of the air; even the fish of the sea disappear.

 Around the same time as the droughts, floods, extreme weather, heatwaves, cold waves, wildfires, landslides, volcanic activity and of course—earthquakes and climate change suddenly began to increase, animal populations around the world suddenly began to decline, and how!

Untold billions of animals are being lost every year due to wildfires, drought, heat, cold, floods, disease, neglect, over-farming and natural disasters and while the experts keep telling us we can stop the slide if we work together the problem is increasing dramatically every year and we have now crossed the point of no return—In my humble opinion. Billions of birds have disappeared around the world. Billions of fish have been overfarmed and are not being replenished which is causing a knock-on effect in our oceans causing other fish and mammals and seabirds to die of starvation, the pollution of our oceans is on an unimaginable scale. Crops are failing around the world for the same reasons mentioned above plus, soil erosion. Millions of farms are going bust due to Covid-19, pests, soil erosion, drought, heat, flooding, cold and disease. Back in 1960, organisations and scientists began to realise many animal species around the world were beginning to disappear, in 2020, a damning living planet report by World Wildlife discovered insects, butterflies, fish, birds and many other species had died off by more than 70% and some by more than 80% since the '70s and many will have gone forever by 2030. Soil erosion, pests and disease had caused the same devastation in plantlife and crops. The rain and temperate forests of the world, the very lungs of our planet are being systematically destroyed. Many parts of our oceans have become barren graveyards through overfishing and terrible pollution. 

In the last 50 years animal populations have declined by an incredible 70%—Let me put that stat into some kind of "human" perspective—Imagine, if more than "5.5 billion people” had suddenly died in the last 50 years, (70% of the world's current population) leaving just “2.5 billion survivors!” Wow!—The 2.5 billion survivors would be running around like headless chickens looking for answers wouldn't they? It’s shocking, I know, but sadly animal husbandry has not been very high on mankind's list of priorities over the years and now the experts want to close the stable gate after the horse has bolted! To make matters worse, many of the animals  today simply have no where left to go—Nearly 80% of terrestrial environment on our planet has been severely altered or damaged by humans, along with almost 70% of oceanic environments too. One million species are threatened with extinction in the coming decades. Vertebrates, have declined by almost 70% in the last five years! If we could somehow find a way to fix the climate, we would still have to find a way to fix this? Simply put—We couldn't!

The Living Planet Report Of 2020 recorded a decline of almost 70% in average animal population abundance since 1970

The Living Planet Report Of 2020 recorded a decline of almost 70% in average animal population abundance since 1970. Authors note, (I can't find any data going back to the mid to late '50s but it is safe to assume, the decline of the species didn't just suddenly begin in 1970 and is probably tied in with the sudden burst of chaos in 1957. A couple of graphs below do help to tie in with 1957.

I managed to find this graph on "Our World In Data,"—Who wrote;
We don’t have good global records that go so far back in time, but we can draw upon data from some rich countries that have statistical records dating back centuries. This gives us insights on how modern-day fishing compares to the more distant past. In the chart here we see five centuries of cod catch in Eastern Canada. These fishing records date back to the year 1500. We see that fish catch started to increase from around 1700 through to the mid-20th-century. It peaked just after the late '50s, (1957. 'Ish') before a collapse in fish stocks led to a dramatic decline. In fact, fisheries were forced to close 24 years later, in the early 1990s. Since then, stocks have not been able to recover due to the reopening of fisheries and their overexploitation afterwards.

Here is another interesting graph from Our World In Data which shows fish caught in the UK since the late 19th century. The two large dips in the graph are due to WWI and WWII—But what is important to us is the massive decline in stocks after the late '50s—(1957. 'Ish').

According to Our World In Data, freshwater species have been greatly affected.  There is one particular environment that has experienced an incredibly severe decline: the world’s freshwaters. Almost one-third of freshwater species are threatened with extinction. Freshwater species are at higher risk of extinction compared to terrestrial species. Since 1970, the average decline has been 84%. That’s a 4% decline every year. Most of this decline has come from reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. Freshwaters are also polluted by many different types of waste: agricultural waste from manure and fertilisers, industrial discharge, and domestic waste. Our rivers are quite simply being poisoned.

In May 2020, the UN released a paper on natures unprecedented dangerous decline and the accelerating extension of our species here on Earth. However, in typical UN optimism they had an upbeat view of the problem, claiming:

"The Report also tells us that it is 'not too late' to make a difference, but only if we start now at every level from local to global."

But, if we analyse the UN's own figures along with other leading "experts" it is painfully obvious it is probably is too late for many species because, they simply don't exist anymore!—We can't make a difference and turn things around if the species no longer exists. It's too little too late. Compiled by 145 "expert" authors from 50 countries over the past three years, with inputs from another 310 contributing authors, the Report assesses changes over the past five decades, providing a comprehensive picture of the relationship between economic development pathways and their impacts on nature. It also offers a range of possible scenarios for the coming decades, (NB. We don't actually know if we have "coming decades" at this time, we will do very well to survive this decade the situation is so dire. Added by the author.)  The paper, while focussing on the plight of wildlife fails to mention the sudden increase in wild animal deaths from the incredible 2020 Australian wildfire season for instance, when "3 Billion" animals were killed or injured and 25% of the Australian temperate forest was lost in just one season. It comes as no surprise that in early 2022 Australian scientists claimed the wonderful koala bear, the darling of Australia had declined 60% in the last 11 years, the wildfires of course being a major factor. A sudden demise of millions of sea birds, dead from starvation which started in 2015 along the Western North Pacific area has left scientists scratching their heads. The birds are almost certainly dying from the lack of fish along the Westcoast. In 2019 and 20 wild salmon stocks looked to have almost disappeared in Alaska, Oregon, Scotland and Denmark.

Back in October 2019, a global group of around 11,000 scientists endorsed research that claimed the world is facing a climate emergency. (11,000 thousand experts to tell us what we already know!) The study, based on 40 years of data on a range of measures, says governments are failing to address the crisis. (you don't say!) Without deep and lasting changes, the world is facing "untold human suffering" (not to mention the animals... ). The researchers say they have a moral obligation to warn of the scale of the threat. (I would suggest they are around 50 years at least too late!)

On the same day the report was released, October 2019 was named the warmest October ever across the globe. Summer 2019 was hottest on record for the Northern Hemisphere according to a report by NOAA and of course, 2020 has been named the "equally hottest year ever recorded" tying with 2016. In early January 2022, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service reported that globally, (while most of Europe was enjoying its warmest January on record) the past 7 years had been the hottest ever recorded by a very clear margin, even though 2021 was slightly cooler than recent years than 2016, 2019 and 2020. According to a report by Berkeley Earth, "hundreds" of heat records were broken over the summer of 2019 just in Europe alone. The records were broken in 29 countries for the period from 1 May to 30 August that year. A third of the all-time high temperatures were in Germany, followed by France and the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Many countries in Europe broke weather records going back almost 200 years. It wasn't just Europe of course, the U.S., Canada, Japan, Pakistan and India all saw all-time records smashed in 2019. 2020 was even worse. The hot and dry conditions brought a new menace to the planet in 2019 in the way of, out-of-control "country size" wildfires. The 4.3 million hectare fire in Siberia, an area larger than Denmark contributed significantly to climate change (apparently). Wildfires in the Amazon rainforest hit a record number in 2019, according to research carried out by Brazil's space research centre (INPE). It cited an incredible 72,843 fires, marking an increase of 83% compared to 2018 - the highest since records began in 2013. Meanwhile, millions of wild animals, including jaguars, pumas and llamas, perished in the weeks of wildfires that devastated huge swaths of the Bolivian and Brazilian forest and grassland in 2020. The number of Indonesian people suffering respiratory problems caused by smoke from forest and peatland fires blanketing parts of Borneo and Sumatra last year was in the millions, according to the authorities. India's capital New Delhi was called a "gas chamber" with smog from fires and pollution killing nearly 2 million Indian's per year. 

California's biggest, most ruinous wildfire in 2019, a wind-driven blaze that scorched 120 square miles (310 square kilometres) was finally declared fully contained and extinguished only for a new horror show to erupt in New South Wales, Australia on the same day. According to authorities, the "unprecedented" number of emergency-level wildfires streaked across New South Wales, in drought-affected tinder dry areas aided by gusty dry winds and almost 50 deg C, (122 deg F) heat, that fire of course went on to smash all previous Australian fire records. In 2020 California didn't just smash the 2019 wildfire season, it pulverised it—Heat previously unknown to Canadians on its Western Coast wondered what had hit them when temperatures rose to almost 50 deg C, almost 122 deg F and summer hadn't yet started! This heat wave was followed by record-breaking wildfires in the region... Reuters claimed 2019 was Alaska’s hottest summer on record, the latest benchmark in a long-term warming trend with ominous repercussions ranging from rapidly vanishing summer sea ice and melting glaciers to raging wildfires and deadly death and chaos for marine life. Such is the chaotic climate of Alaska that she suffered a record warmest ever January period followed by record-breaking snow and rain fall just a few days later in January 2022.  Millions of small dead sea birds have died along the western coast of Alaska since 2015. This year, Short-tailed Shearwaters were dying but recent years have seen puffins, murres, and auklets dying in unprecedented numbers thought to be due to starvation. From the Koyukuk River to the Kuskokwim, to Norton Sound, to Bristol Bay's Igushik River. Unusually warm temperatures across Alaska last summer led to die-offs of unspawned chum, sockeye, and pink salmon. In 2018, the Scotsman reported, Global warming was being blamed for Scotland’s worst salmon season in living memory. Incredibly, some beats on famous rivers like the Spey and the Nith recorded not a "single" salmon caught during the entire season. Just two salmon were caught on the river Fine in Argyll, where once almost a thousand would have previously been caught each season. Scotland is of course renowned for its abundance of salmon—But sure enough they are disappearing. 

Our oceans are in a worse state, warmer than normal waters are destroying fragile ecosystems, overfishing, dead zones from algae and bacteria are killing marine life at an unprecedented and unsustainable rate. 

Sylvia Earle, author of the World Is Blue has spent 70,000 hours underwater researching our oceans and is considered one of the most important Oceanographers in the world. She claims, "90%" of large fish have disappeared. Almost 40% of phytoplankton which generates oxygen and carbon capture has gone, disrupting the basic system of life on earth, leaving our oceans on the brink of collapse. As long ago as 2006, CBS News claimed our oceans would be empty of fish by 2048. Jellyfish are taking over, fast becoming the “NEW KINGS OF THE OCEAN,” The rapid growth over the last few decades of these creatures is a sign of the planet's deteriorating marine health, according to expert Lisa-ann Gershwin. Seabirds populations have plummeted to record lows thought to be due to lack of food. According to a report from the University of Aberdeen, there has been a 70% decline in the world seabird population since 1970. Another disturbing report by Kenneth Rosenberg, Ph.D., of the Cornell Lab and American Bird Conservancy, claimed “billions” of North American Birds Have Vanished in the US and Canada, in the last fifty years. Sadly, it's a familiar story in Europe too.

It is not really known or understood just how much plastic is in our oceans but it is estimated at "tens of trillions" tiny particles which will never be cleaned up. These particles not only been discovered in the blood of animals and fish but humans too. Nuclear pollution in our oceans will take a bit longer to clean than the plastic— Estimated to be anywhere between 50,000 to 250,000 years. Nuclear pollution is not just affecting the eastern coast of Japan, oh no—It is common knowledge that from 1957—there is that year again, the Russian Navy was dumping nuclear waste, including an entire nuclear submarine into the pristine waters of the Arctic. The full scale of the disaster became clear in 2011 when Russian authorities admitted their guilt. The full list of of sunken objects was flabbergasting—Including, 17,000 containers of radioactive waste; 19 ships containing radioactive waste; 14 nuclear reactors, including five that still contain spent nuclear fuel; the K-27 nuclear submarine with its two reactors loaded with nuclear fuel, and 735 other pieces of radioactively contaminated heavy machinery.

Before you badmouth the Russians, the American military are just as guilty—High levels of radiation has been found in the Pacific region of the Marshall Islands. Toxic nuclear material has been found in giant clams which are famous to the area and considered a delicacy by the locals. The Runit Dome is a concrete mound shaped dustbin lid like a giant ufo and sits on tons of nuclear waste left behind by the US military 40 years ago. The dome was built to protect the island from the nuclear waste, however cracks have formed in the concrete dome and contamination is spreading from the dump site’s tainted groundwater into the ocean and the food chain. 

Ernie Gundersen of the Fairwinds website claimed in 2019, the Fukushima Plant will never be safe due to radioactive isotopes spreading across the site and surrounding landscape for the coming 300 to 250,000 years! Fukushima’s reactor cores have been in direct contact with groundwater since 2011 when the accident occurred leaving toxic radioactive waters leaking at an alarming rate into the Pacific. Thousands of tons of treated and untreated nuclear waste has been dumped into the Pacific since the accident in 2011—TEPCO claimed it would take around forty years to clean up the stricken Fukushima site, however, as we approach 2020, there is still no known technology to complete the task. In 2017, a study by the University of Hawaii at Monoa revealed almost 50% of fish consumed on the islands of Hawaii were contaminated with caesium 134, the radio finger-print of Fukushima. The report also showed migrating organisms were transporting caesium 134 over significant distances showing Pacific bluefin and long tuna infected with caesium 134 just one year after the accident, however, the powers that be are telling us not to worry. Radiation has been found in fish along the western coast of Canada and the US.

The damming fact is the planet is broke and "they," the ones who are blaming us have left it too late to fix. There is nothing left to save!


Anonymous said...

According to USGS (links used are below) 1957 had 203 (not 204)6+ magnitude quakes, while as commented on in a previous post, 2011 had more(total 207 - even your graph shows that) so "The highest number of record quakes, ..." was not 1957 from that source (USGS). FWIW I think the sudden increase will correlate to improved communication/technology, seismic monitor deployment increases, and simply heightened awareness due to Sputnik(USSR)/H-Bomb test(UK) et al to world events.

1957: (https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/?extent=-87.52494,-213.75&extent=87.50971,573.75&range=search&sort=largest&listOnlyShown=true&timeZone=utc&search=%7B%22name%22:%22Search%20Results%22,%22params%22:%7B%22starttime%22:%221957-01-01%2000:00:00%22,%22endtime%22:%221957-12-31%2023:59:59%22,%22minmagnitude%22:6,%22orderby%22:%22magnitude%22%7D%7D)

2011: (https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/?extent=-78.2782,-124.80469&extent=66.16051,268.94531&range=search&sort=largest&listOnlyShown=true&timeZone=utc&search=%7B%22name%22:%22Search%20Results%22,%22params%22:%7B%22starttime%22:%222011-01-01%2000:00:00%22,%22endtime%22:%222011-12-31%2023:59:59%22,%22minmagnitude%22:6,%22orderby%22:%22magnitude%22%7D%7D)

Gary Walton said...

The number 203 has recently been changed by USGS from 204 since and doesn't take away any relevance from the information given and is a silly attempt by you to discredit the work. The record number of "203" in 1957 was an incredible jump up to that year. 2011 came decades later and was such a high number due to the Fukushima incident which recorded more than 70 major quakes (after shocks) in the area.

Tracking and studying Sputnik 1 from Earth provided scientists with valuable information. The density of the upper atmosphere could be deduced from its drag on the orbit, and the propagation of its radio signals gave data about the ionosphere. Sputnik provided no further information, especially none regarding seismic activity.

Can you provide me with a link showing evidence the sudden increase will correlate to improved communication/technology, seismic monitor deployment increases, and simply heightened awareness due H-Bomb test(UK) to world events. You can't, I spent years looking.

Anonymous said...

"The WWSSN (World Wide Standardised Seismological Network) arose from a political concern. In the 1950s concerns about radioactive fallout from above-ground testing of nuclear weapons[14] prompted the leadership of the three leading nuclear nations (President Eisenhower of the United States, General Secretary Khrushchev of the Soviet Union, and Prime Minister Macmillan of the United Kingdom) to ban further testing of nuclear weapons.[15]" ref. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World-Wide_Standardized_Seismograph_Network
and concerning the 1957 Andreanof Islands earthquake "Because the shock occurred before the World Wide Standardised Seismological Network was in operation, few instruments captured the event, and its mechanism is not understood well as a result. Some effort was made with the limited data to gain an understanding of the rupture area and the distribution of slip. One aspect of the event that was certain was that the 750 mi (1,200 km) aftershock zone was the largest that had ever been observed.[4]" Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1957_Andreanof_Islands_earthquake
My point being heightened awareness.
I could not find a count of aftershocks from the 1957 big one to compare with your assertion.

Gary Walton said...

Yes indeed, the World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network was set-up in the '60s after the Andreanof Islands—"BIG-ONE" of 1957. As far as I can see, there was 7 fore-shocks and "at least" 36 direct aftershocks of mag 6 or higher—heightened awareness came after the 1957 burst. Another point you have missed is the massive jump in major quakes during the entire decade of the '50s and not just 1957, which is especially prudent after the massive slump in the 1940s.

You fail to mention NASA's data showing the solar activity burst correlating with the 57 quakes and... the subsequent solar activity drop-off directly after 1957 and the corresponding rise in warming? These three events were all connected and is the actual reason NASA was established. Explorer 1's mission was to check radiation in Earth's orbit which led to NASA discovering the Sun influenced Earth's weather rather than mankind...

Anonymous said...

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Find and study the late Robert Felix’s book,
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Gary Walton said...

Wandering geomagnetic poles: Clues to a cataclysm?

As early as October 1947, a splinter mission, known as "Project Polaris," led by LT Frank Klein discovered not one but three magnetic poles existed above the Arctic Circle. Klein also discovered that the main magnetic North Pole had moved from 125 to 200 miles further north since the original observations back in 1881. Klein had stumbled on the fact that the main magnetic North Pole had moved approx 165 miles closer to the "Geographic North Pole," during the last sixty years. The big scientific question was-what would happen if and when the magnetic North Pole converged on the geographic North Pole-and would the polar movement cause a geological change? Today, 74 years later the magnetic pole is still moving northeast and at a much more rapid pace than back in Frank Kleins day. It has considerably weakened too, meaning less protection against solar activity and storms. This could mean another "pole-shift," or reversal is on the cards.
As the experiments continued other strange anomalies began to surface. As I mentioned in the earlier chapter, the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, located well inside the Arctic Circle showed evidence of tropical corals having once grew on the island along with evidence of other plant-life. The frozen island once enjoyed a temperate or tropical climate! In his book, "World In Peril," Ken White, Major Maynard E. White's son, documented project Hanook and the secret missions of the 46th and 72nd Reconnaissance Squadron. He wrote of dead animals being discovered in the Arctic Circle, frozen to the ground as if caught in an instant, some still having food in their mouths. According to White's book, islands, 200 miles miles north of the Siberian coast were literally composed of the bones of millions of animals. How could they have survive an Arctic climate? How did they survive the cold, no food and total darkness for six months a year? Interestingly, White's findings compared favourably with the famous Admiral Byrd and Sir Ernest Shackleton expeditions to the Antarctic years earlier, they too had found similar evidence of a much warmer climate. Once again, animals, plants and forests cannot grow in an area which is dark for six months. Ken White's book, World In Peril also claims, secret Pentagon meetings were held in 1948 about suppressing the evidence of "cyclic pole shifts" from an unsuspecting public not wanting to cause panic or cause the collapse of "moral fibre!".
Just before WWII, paleomagnetic studies revealed evidence that the north magnetic pole had changed its location by thousands of miles, hundreds of times during earth's history, suggesting earth's axis of rotation must have changed. Science has proven, almost all land areas have been at one point glaciated, including the Equator and the Tropics. The study by paleoclimatology along with the discoveries of Admiral Byrd, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Major Maynard E. White all point to one fact, shifting pole regions and ancient glaciation is not at all mysterious and is probably the cause of the so called ice ages.

The Big Wobble—https://www.thebigwobble.org/2021/12/the-bible-ends-as-it-begun-with.html

Gary Walton said...

The number of sunspots witnessed on the Sun during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1957 (503), alarmed scientists so much at the time, that an "International Geophysical Year" was declared at the peak of this solar cycle to bring the Soviet and US scientists onto the same page during the cold-war silence.

Curiously, President Eisenhower went on to authorise the opening of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration—("NASA") in July 1958.

The Space Race Began.

Two days after the United States announced its intention to launch an artificial satellite, on July 31, 1956, the Soviet Union announced its intention to do the same. Sputnik 1 was launched on "October 4, 1957," beating the United States and stunning people all over the world.

In 1958 NASA first observed that—changes in the "solar orbit of the earth, along with alterations to the earth’s axial tilt," suggested "solar activity" was responsible fluctuations in our planet's "weather."

In the year 2000, NASA did publish information on its "Earth Observatory website" about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, revealing that the planet is, in fact, changing—due to "extraneous factors that have absolutely nothing to do with human activity." But this information has yet to go mainstream, see the report on NASA's Earth Observatory web sight. Coincidently, Milankovitch died in 1958.

The Big Wobble—Jan, 2020! https://www.thebigwobble.org/2020/01/connecting-dots-christmas-1957-our-sun.html

Anonymous said...

More analysis on earthquake stats wrt 1950's sudden uptick. Perhaps, the following reference material will show that the myopic view of USGS might be the reason for our different world view.
FWIW While I believe that "us" humans have contributed to climate change (wrt CO2 emissions) its nowhere near the significance in the scheme of things that some would have us believe and which I also believe you are trying to point out with more work/focus on cause and effect.
What is a bigger issue from my narrow view is rampant consumerism and related pollution(preventing mother nature from mitigating our less caring behavior).
As an aside, the creator I choose to believe in has given the human race the potential for eternal life, not via belief alone in a god and physical death, but via understanding, growth and the will to survive all the trials and tribulations this planet/universe/multiverse can throw at us as a continually evolving species. Just like raising children, I understand they will hopefully learn (and grow stronger)from their own (and others) mistakes, realize together they are better/stronger, and you cannot reasonably prevent them from self harm or misfortune; however, should they be so inclined their contribution will be at least a next generation better (with a brighter future) than their own.
IMHO Doing nothing is a recipe for extinction as/is not changing our current behavior or waiting for divine intervention.

Gary Walton said...

A poignant thought—(As an aside, the creator I choose to believe in has given the human race the potential for eternal life, not via belief alone in a god and physical death, but via understanding, growth and the will to survive all the trials and tribulations this planet/universe/multiverse can throw at us as a continually evolving species. Just like raising children) on the very day Putin invades Ukraine! They, (the children) are going to need a planet if they are to grow better and stronger.

Thanks for the "super" helpful links and your wonderful input. I will certainly spend some time checking out the International Seismological Centre and have added it to my Bookmarks.

Unknown said...

From a Biblical perspective go to these Facebook pages: End times: Mass Animal Deaths and scroll down and look at all the deaths of the fish, fowl, mammals, then go over to End Times: Landslides and look at all the mountains coming down; then jump over to End Times: floods and observe the floods around the planet; go to End Times: Sinkholes and see all the sinkholes everywhere, then visit End Times: Giant Earth Cracks and be amazed at what is happening there. Visit End Times: Two Suns, End Times: Signs in the Skies....although the mainstream churches and mainstream media seem to be tight-lipped about these things, the pictures at these pages don't lie and are shocking. What is more shocking? The photos or the total lack of coverage for what's going on. If you go to the Bible all the answers are there including this scripture: Hosea 4:3: Therefore shall the land mourn, and everyone that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. Mystery solved. It is written....

Laughing-Bear said...

Insightful read Gary,
Reading all this makes me think of Revelation 8:6 clear through 8:13. And in the same book 16:1 through 16:21. Man has been playing with what he does not own like it is his. As he plays such a lousy job as god, God just shakes His head and lifting a finger sending fire, a star, darkness, drought, earthquakes, hailstones, death, in short destruction as never seen before.
Could it be that 1957 started to bring about the end due tp President Eisenhower? On receipt of the Dulles aide-memoire of February 11, 1957, Ambassador Abba Eban was called to Jerusalem for consultations. On February 18, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion appealed to Secretary Dulles to postpone the discussions in the General Assembly so that a committee composed of representatives of disinterested states should come to Israel to attempt to reach an agreement on the points at issue in Gaza and at Sharm el-Sheikh. On February 20, President Eisenhower made a broadcast following this which he addressed to the American people venting his anger over Israel’s failure to withdraw from territories it captured in the 1956 war. Only a stupid President would tackle the Jewish nation after God had given them re-birth in 1948!

Just my thoughts here in Alaska.