Tuesday 10 August 2021

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide: From a Covid Pandemic to vaccine hysteria, climate change, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, floods cold-snaps, animal die-offs and a very vulnerable magnetic field: Earth appears to on the brink

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, credit NASA

Groups of families, friends and colleagues are becoming more and more divided with no choice but to pick sides regarding their vaccine status. There is so much mistrust, doubt, skepticism and suspicion of governments, scientists, (big Pharma) and the media.

While big Pharma have once again hit the jackpot and raked in billions of dollars from covid jabs, "We The People" are left bewildered, confused and confounded as to what is the correct action to take because we have been lied to so often before, we don't know what or who to believe anymore.

Is the vaccination an experimental medicine that has not yet been approved? Or is it perfectly safe? We don't know very much about them either, especially the long time side effects, we just don't know.

Doe the vaccines contain the poisonous graphene oxide which can create an electric network in our bodies, of course, we don't want to believe this but we just don't trust authority anymore because our leaders tell us constant lies and are often corrupt? The vaccines does contain four nanoparticle lipids. The first is cholesterol which travels easily through the blood. The second is a fossil lipid that adheres to the cell allowing lipid, the third, a nasty gunk, to ionise a charge which penetrates the cell, is this the stuff causing sticky blood and blood clots? This allows lipid number four, and the worst, graphene oxide, into the cell, which when activated could destroy every cell in the human body.

The gene-based vaccines are not approved by any medical authority and have only an "emergency use authority" and without the so-called Covid "emergency" they couldn't be administered legally at all, according to Dr. Mike Yeadon who is an Allergy & Respiratory Therapeutic Area expert with 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry, including Chief Science Officer for Pfizer. 

Have we just handed a global database into the hands of "The New World Order?" Is a totalitarian state ahead? Mandates are now being introduced, mandates, we were promised would never happen. Unvaccinated people cannot go to a pub, restaurant, nightclub or a football game without an app showing they are vaccinated. Health workers in Europe, the UK and the US must be vaccinated before returning to work and the military must also be vaccinated before returning to work!

This is where coercion becomes a factor, next, we won't be able to go to work without a "vaccination passport" or do a simple run to the shopping mall... No vaccination passport no life. Then, the 4 monthly top-up vaccines will be introduced, or a mother's  vaccination passport app will stop her from shopping because her baby has not been vaccinated. If you don't have the vaccine or the top-up vaccine added to your passport, your life will grind to a halt.

Illegal, coercive pressure will push people into having no choice but to be repeatedly vaccinated which is actually against the Nuremberg code after Nasi Doctors of the second world war were convicted of conducting experiments on prisoners of war.

"We The People," have all but lost control of the rest of our lives, our kids' lives, and our kids, kids lives. People in this "New World Order" will not be able to live without the app, the vaccine, or the top-up vaccines. 

Every one of us on the planet will have a unique digital I.D. with an algorithm telling us what we can and can't do and just when we will receive our next vaccine. Your vaccine passport will become exactly what it's called, track and trace, tracking and tracing your every movement and eventually taking over your life completely.

But the Covid problem is just the tip of the iceberg, yesterday with an incredible panes for timing, the UN issued the world a “code red for humanity.” As of now, there is “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,” as climate change has actually become, "CLIMATE CHANGED!"

What is happening around the world in the summer of 2021 is unprecedented, but it is the speed which our climate is changing which continues to surprise our governments and experts, they as we, have not been prepared for what is coming.

The fiery gates of hell have opened

In northeastern Siberia, a hundred active forest fires burned across 1.1 million hectares (2.8 million acres) of Sakha-Yakutia, making it the worst affected region of Russia.  In recent years, Russia has recorded high temperatures that many scientists regard as a result of climate change. The hot weather coupled with the neglect of fire safety rules has caused a growing number of fires.Little wonder then, Jesus said, even the elect will be deceived.

A record heatwave is fueling devastating wildfires across much of the southern Mediterranean and eastern Europe. Hundreds of blazes have broken out – many of them multiplying in recent days. Italy, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Ukraine are tackling dozens of wildfires. Scientists have linked them largely to the intense heat - which they say is made more likely and more severe by global warming.

On the very day, the UN claims Global warming is 'unequivocally' human-driven, at an unprecedented rate Southern Europe becomes the fifth continent in the last three years to be devastated by out-of-control record-breaking wildfires. In 2019/20 Australia lost 25% of its temperate forests along with a 60% summer crop loss and 3 billion animals to their worst wildfire in Australia's history. 2020 saw North America's West coast succumb to the worst wildfire crisis in their history along with the Amazon rain forest in South America and Siberia. The summer of 2021 Europe is in flames as well as California again.

California's Death Valley is known to be a hot place, I get that, but it hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4 degrees Celsius) on July the 13th, only the fifth time in recorded history, that's only five days out of more than 40,000 days on record. This year, Death Valley hit 126 on July 7 and continued that stretch of days with 125-plus temperatures for eight straight days, which would be the second-longest streak in recorded history (tying eight days in 2013). 

But that is not the whole story, a punishing heatwave was already entering its second week across California and southern Nevada have often seen temperatures threaten the highest maximum temperature recorded on the planet: 134 degrees F, almost 57 deg C set July 10, 1913 and it was still early summer.

Lake Mead the lifeline for nearly 30 million Americans and millions of acres of farmland once held trillions of tons of water and was the foundation of growth for the modern West, however, Lake Mead is now unrecognizable after years of devastating drought due to the record temperatures and years of low snowpacks in the winter months has brought the lake to a critical low. If the drought carries on California will have a huge water problem by next year.

Computer models can't keep up!

Shocked climate scientists are wondering how even worst-case scenarios failed to predict such furnace-like conditions so far north when an incredible, record-breaking heatwave hit Canada and the northwest US even before summer had officially arrived earlier this year. Johan Rockström, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said the recent extreme weather anomalies were not represented in global computer models.

It wasn't just heat in July neither. More than 200 people died and hundreds more were missing in Germany, Belgium, and southern Holland after record amounts of rain burst river banks in the areas but it was the speed of the rising water which caught many people unprepared. The UK was hit by a similar deluge with the government's advisory climate change committee having to tell ministers the nation was even worse prepared for extreme weather events than it was five years ago, that's because these extreme events are increasing too rapidly for governments to react.

Other parts of the northern hemisphere were currently suffering record-breaking heatwaves and fires which serves as a reminder as to the danger many of us are in without fully understanding the severity of the circumstances, which is exactly why so many people died in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States in just the last couple of weeks!

Also in July, Zhengzhou saw an incredible 624 mm of rainfall on Tuesday the 20th, with a third of that amount falling between 16:00 and 17:00 alone, which "smashed historical records". Many factors contribute to flooding, but a warming atmosphere caused by climate change makes extreme rainfall more likely. Henan province, home to about 100 million people, was issued its highest level of weather warning. Local authorities called the floods a "once in 100 years" event.

Along China's Southern coast, Tropical Storm Cempaka dumped tropical amounts of rainfall as the storm moved inland.

To make matters worse for China, Typhoon "In-Fa" equivalent to a category 2 hurricane is slowly rolling toward the country's eastern coast delivering more tropical downpours for the beleaguered nation.

Extreme weather continues to wreak havoc across the planet with farmers, agriculture, wildlife, and humans all taking a hit on the chin from the unusual extreme weather. Unusual and unseasonal cold, record-breaking heat and droughts, wildfires, and killer floods are creating absolute havoc in the summer of 2021 as climate change becomes, "CLIMATE CHANGED!"

It's not just warmth and wet. Unusual freezing temperatures and frost have harmed and damaged trees which will affect next year's coffee crops in many parts of Brazil. The country has suffered all year with drought and flooding and a cold snap is the final slap in the face for coffee producers.

Meanwhile, in the East of the country, it hasn't rained for over a year. Worse still, around 2,300 animals and 8,000 endemic plants are at high risk of extinction due to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, according to a scientific report published on Wednesday. 35% of the Amazon rainforest has already been deforested or degraded. 

According to a report by the Science Panel for the Amazon, some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest include jaguars, anteaters, sloths, river dolphins, macaws, anacondas, glass frogs, iguanas, harpy eagles, poison dart frogs, and thousands of other animals, including birds, reptiles, and fish species. Cutting deforestation and forest degradation to zero in less than a decade “is critical,” the report said. 18% of the Amazon rainforest has already been deforested, according to the report – primarily for agriculture and illegal timber. Another 17% has been degraded.

Australia's southeast has seen everything recently, record-breaking wildfires, heat, drought, and even flooding, however, the record-braking cold and heavy snow in July  could be the final nail in the coffin for many farmers.

According to Electrovers, on what was forecast to be Australia's coldest July day in history, western and southern regions of NSW, historic lows of -7C (19.4F) and -8 (17.6C) have been registered.

Farmers and citizens were also advised to take the necessary precautions ahead of an unexpected cold snap in many parts of South Africa also in July.

Hundreds of massive wildfires are now burning in the US, Canada, the Amazon, and Syberia and of course souther Europe as I write this post, all sparked by burning heat or drought.

Hundreds of tons of dead fish are washing up along Florida's beaches once again after red tide has returned, causing  sore eyes and throats for beachgoers not to mention the disgusting smell. A huge dead zone has opened up in the Gulf of Mexico where toxic waters enter the gulf from the Mississippi River killing all marine life.

Sea birds as well as song birds are dying in mesmerising numbers, thought to be from lack of food, cockles and mussels. Earlier in the month, it is thought more than 1 billion seashore animals died along the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada due to a record-breaking heatwave there. In parts of southern Canada and the west coast of the US, temperatures nudged, 50 deg C, 122 deg F.

On the eastern side of the US, scientists are trying to find out just what the mystery disease is which is killing songbirds in their thousands. The disease was first recognized in the Washington DC area in May, since then countless birds have died leaving scientists scratching their heads.

Tampa Bay last month has been anything but a paradise, last week officials had to clean up more than 600 tons of dead fish which had died of red tide with residents having to endure breathing problems and sore eyes as well as a disgusting smell. It is only 3 years ago Florida suffered its worst red tide event ever when thousands of tons of marine life died. The red tide has never really gone away.

Last monthan early heatwave in Baja Sur, Mexico caused the deaths of "thousands of tons" of sardines and other marine life. According to officials nearly 20 km of coastline and the event was unprecedented in size.

In Brazil, around 2,300 animals and 8,000 endemic plants are at high risk of extinction due to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, according to a scientific report published last Wednesday. 35% of the Amazon rainforest has already been deforested or degraded. Produced by the Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA), the 33-chapter report brings together research on the world’s largest rainforest from 200 scientists from across the globe. Some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest include jaguars, anteaters, sloths, river dolphins, macaws, anacondas, glass frogs, iguanas, harpy eagles, poison dart frogs and thousands of other animals, including birds, reptiles and fish species. Cutting deforestation and forest degradation to zero in less than a decade “is critical,” the report said. 18% of the Amazon rainforest has already been deforested, according to the report – primarily for agriculture and illegal timber. Another 17% has been degraded.

A drought in Turkey is thought to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of baby flamingos. Drone footage shows thousands of dead chicks and infants buried in dry mud in the central province of Konya, with environmentalists blaming the deaths on climate change. 

As fires rage across the northern Siberian tundra, Russia's Defense Ministry has sent planes and helicopters to help douse the blazes. A heat wave and strong winds are complicating firefighting efforts. Russian on Wednesday deployed military aircraft to help some 2,000 firefighters on the ground who are battling wildfires raging across almost 800,000 hectares (roughly 2 million acres) in Siberia. The Defense Ministry said it had sent Ilyushin II-76 transport planes to the Sakha-Yakutia region to water-bomb fires. Military helicopters were also used to transport firefighters and carry out reconnaissance flights to locate the worst fires. The Russian agency responsible for fighting forest fires, Avialesookhrana, said on Tuesday that the situation was worst in Yakutia, where 144 fires are burning over 578,000 hectares. In all, there are some 300 blazes raging in Siberia. The help from the military came after local residents petitioned President Vladimir Putin to send more resources and equipment to help put out the fires.

Our Sun's magnetic field is weakening rapidly which could spell disaster for our vulnerable planet. As Solar Cycle 25 strengthens we have already seen how modest CMEs, coronal mass ejections are impacting our magnetosphere harder than expected, on massive X-class flare, pointing in the right direction would likely push our electric grid off power causing chaos here on Earth.  

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