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Canadian record-breaking heat! We were warned this would happen by NASA, JFK, and Eisenhower, along with scientists Harry Wexler and Milutin Milankovitch back in the early '60s but the mighty military-industrial complex, Al Gore, NASA, NOAA, have been blaming us ever since

"Our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space."Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962).

Unliveable Hell-Hole Series!

If you were drawing up a list of possible locations for hell on Earth before this week, the small mountain village of Lytton in Canada would probably not have entered your mind. Few people outside British Columbia had heard of this community of 250 people. Those who had were more likely to think of it as bucolic. Nestled by a confluence of rivers in the forested foothills of the Lillooet and Botanie mountain ranges, the municipal website boasts: “Lytton is the ideal location for nature lovers to connect with incredible natural beauty and fresh air freedom.” Over the past seven days, however, the village has made headlines around the world for a freakishly prolonged and intense temperature spike that turned the idyll into an inferno.

The US president, Joe Biden, and Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, have warned worried populations to brace for more. Shocked climate scientists are wondering how even worst-case scenarios failed to predict such furnace-like conditions so far north. Johan Rockström, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said the recent extreme weather anomalies were not represented in global computer models that are used to project how the world might change with more emissions. The fear is that weather systems might be more frequently blocked as a result of human emissions.

“It is a risk – of a serious regional weather impact triggered by global warming – that we have underestimated so far,” he said. In Lytton, it felt as if the weather itself had stagnated. Trapped in a vast heat dome that enveloped western Canada and the north-western US, temperatures had nowhere to go but up. In Lytton, the Canadian national heat record was broken on Monday, smashed on Tuesday, and then obliterated on Wednesday when the local monitoring station registered 49.6C (121F).

After the insufferable heat came choking fire.

First, the forest burned, then parts of the town. On Wednesday evening, the mayor, Jan Polderman, issued the evacuation order. “It’s dire. The whole town is on fire,” he said on TV. “It took, like, a whole 15 minutes from the first sign of smoke to, all of a sudden, there being fire everywhere.” By Thursday, satellite images showed an eruption of blazes around the village and a widening smoke cloud across the region. Police stations and hospitals reported a surge in heat-related deaths – 486 in British Columbia, and dozens more south of the border. Roads buckled as asphalt expanded. At least one city suffered power cuts. The psychological, political, and economic impacts are harder to quantify, but for many, along with the horror came to a sense of bewilderment that these northern territories were hotter than the Middle East.

David Phillips, the Canadian government’s senior climatologist, summed it up in an interview with CTV. “I mean, it’s just not something that seems Canadian.” More people in more countries are feeling that their weather belongs to another part of the world. Across the border, in Washington state, the maximum heat measured at Olympia and Quillayute was 6C higher than the previous all-time record, according to the Weather Prediction Centre. In Oregon, the town of Salem hit 47C, smashing the previous record by 9C. Several areas of California and Idaho also saw new highs. The previous week, northern Europe and Russia also sweltered in an unprecedented heat bubble.

June records were broken in Moscow (34.8C), Helsinki (31.7C), Belarus (35.7C), and Estonia (34.6C). Further east, Siberia experienced an early heatwave that helped to reduce the amount of sea ice in the Laptev Sea to a record low for the time of year. The town of Oymyakon, Russia, widely considered to be the coldest inhabited place on Earth, was hotter (31.6C) than it has ever been in June. This followed a staggeringly protracted hot spell in Siberia last year that lasted several months. Carlo Buontempo, director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service, said there was a clear human fingerprint on this “very freakish” event.

Without emissions from cars, farms, and industry, he said, the record temperatures in the western north Americas would be expected only once in tens of thousands of years, but the probability rises along with the levels of the greenhouse gas. “In the present-day climate, getting an extremely hot June is common and is likely to occur twice in three decades. However, an analysis from many computer models suggests that by the end of the century these extreme temperatures are more likely than not. Human influence is estimated to have increased the likelihood of a new record several thousand times.”

Rising temperatures can be seen across the world. Even in the Middle East, temperatures of 50C plus were once outliers, but parts of Pakistan, India, Australia, the US, and Canada are now regularly approaching or passing that mark. But the intensity of the heat in the northwest Americas this year and Siberia last year has taken many scientists by surprise and suggested extra factors may be involved in northern latitudes. One theory is that the recent temperature spike might have been caused not just by global heating, but by slowing weather systems that get stuck in one place for an extended period, which gives them time to intensify and cause more damage.

This was an important factor in the devastation in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2018, which sat above Houston for several days rather than blowing inland and weakening. Blocked high-pressure fronts were also blamed for the blistering heatwave in Europe in 2019. Experts at the Potsdam Institute and elsewhere believe the rapid heating in the Arctic and decline of sea ice is making the jet stream wiggle in large, meandering patterns, so-called Rossby resonance waves, trapping high- and low-pressure weather systems in one location for a longer time. This theory remains contested, but Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, said this week’s unexpectedly fierce heat at Lytton and elsewhere should prompt climatologists to consider additional impacts of human activity.

“We should take this event very seriously,” he wrote in an email. “You warm up the planet, you’re going to see an increased incidence of heat extremes. Climate models capture this effect very well and predict large increases in heat extremes. But there is something else going on with this heatwave, and indeed, with many of the very persistent weather extremes we’ve seen in recent years in the US, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, where the models aren’t quite capturing the impact of climate change.” Regardless of which interactions are to blame, scientists are agreed that the simplest way to reduce the risk of further temperature jolts is to cut fossil fuel emissions and halt deforestation. “It appears that this heatwave is still a rare phenomenon in the current climate, but whether it stays that way depends on our decisions,” Friederike Otto, associate director of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, said. “If the world does not rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions like deforestation, global temperatures will continue to rise and deadly heatwaves such as these will become even more common."

But how did we arrive here? In 1958 a warning from NASA

In 1958, the fledgling early days of NASA first observed that changes in the solar orbit of the earth, along with alterations to the earth’s axial tilt, suggested solar activity was responsible for fluctuations in our planet's weather. In the year "2000," NASA did publish information on its Earth Observatory website about the “Milankovitch Climate Theory,” which was written in “1958,” one year after a record-breaking sunspot explosion revealing that the planet’s weather was, in fact, changing due to extraneous factors that had absolutely nothing to do with human activity. According to NASA, in 1958, the Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch hypothesized the long-term, collective effects of changes in Earth's position relative to the Sun was a strong driver of Earth's long-term climate and was therefore responsible for triggering the beginning and end of glaciation periods (Ice Ages), thought back then to be the cause of climate change.

Although this information never went mainstream, you can read the report on NASA’s Earth Observatory. Coincidentally, Milankovitch died in 1958. The record-breaking sunspot number observed during the solar cycle was 503 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1957 (by far the highest on record), causing intense red aurora displays and frightening people in Europe. They were visible from many US cities as far south as the 40th parallel. Coincidently, in 1957, Earth had an enormous, record-breaking no of major earthquakes, (mag 6 or higher) also in 1957.



Today, we are launching rockets into space all day and every day around the world. However, what NASA, our governments, and media have failed to tell us, is, every time a rocket is launched, it punches a hole into our ionosphere dumping massive amounts of toxic particulates into our atmosphere. Our climate warming problems of today lie not only merely with airlines, factories, and automobile pollution which, indeed, do spray toxic substances into our atmosphere, however, that amount is minuscule when compared to the incredible amounts of toxic crap dumped into the atmosphere by the military, space agencies, and the commercial satellite service.


As 2020 disappeared into the annals of horrible history, it brought to a close the warmest decade (2011-2020) ever recorded here on our planet. According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2020 ended as the warmest year ever, equaling 2016. The six warmest years have all been since 2015 and that is a fact even the most robust skeptic cannot ignore. The exceptional heat of 2020 came despite a cooling La Niña event. “Record warm years have usually coincided with a strong El Niño event, as was the case in 2016. What we experienced in 2020 was a La Niña event, which has a “cooling effect” on global temperatures but was not sufficient to put a brake on this latest heat record. Despite the current La Niña conditions, this year, 2021, has already shown record-breaking heat pulverizing the previous records of 2016.

But what causes this ever-increasing heat-rise which is supposedly destroying our planet. The experts claim we are the culprits but are we? NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) like to blame us, the ordinary Joe, working man. They say we are killing the planet because we drive around in gas-guzzling cars, use airplanes to reach faraway destinations and work in dirty emission-producing factories and live unsustainably. While this may be true to a small extent, NASA and NOAA along with the mighty militaries of the US, China, and Russia, along with other global space agencies and the commercial satellite service are actually doing more to harm the planet than we ever could imagine. Please let me explain.

When Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasts off on a plume of white smoke, hot gases shooting out of its 27 engines, creating a thrust equal to “18 Boeing 747 aircraft.” Upon reaching orbit, the world’s heaviest operational rocket will have burned about 400 metric tons of kerosene and emitted more carbon dioxide in a few minutes than an average car would in more than two centuries. That kind of a shock to our atmosphere is stoking concerns about the true effect launching into orbit has on Earth, and it’s surely about to get worse. Fuelled by surging data transmissions and the race for commercial space flights between Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc., the number of launches — including giants such as the Falcon Heavy and new mini-rockets — is expected to increase tenfold in the coming years according to a report by the LA Times

The Wonderful Space Shuttle!

Every time a space shuttle was launched, the solid rocket boosters released 240 tons of HCl gas, 26 tons of chlorine gas, 7 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas, and 304 tons of aluminum oxide into the atmosphere. The resulting hydrochloric acid “dissolved eight inches of concrete on the launch pad” during a Space Shuttle launch, raising the concentration of hydrochloric acid in nearby lakes to 3M, producing massive fish kills in the ocean, and destroying the paint on cars, leading chemists to believe that HCl is a major contributor to the holes in the ozone layer according to a report by SCRIBD.

The Space Shuttle made a total of 135 space flights during its 30-year career, which is more than 41,000 tons of aluminum oxide, 3,510 tons of chlorine gas, almost 1,000 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas, and 32,400 tons of HCI gas, all thrown into our atmosphere. That was is just the Space Shuttle, now throw into the mix Gemini, Apollo and Saturn missions, etc, the Russian Soyuz Space exploration, India and China and now Japan's contribution, the thousands of satellites launched into space, thousands of sounding rockets, (NASA's airborne researchers), military experiments, more than 2,000 nuclear weapons tests and you begin to imagine the damage mankind has done to our atmosphere, the ionosphere and the ozone layer since 1957. But let's go back to 1957, why was it so important? And why do we never hear about it?

In the early 60s, JFK and Lindon Johnson realized they had to find a way to control the sun's power, which, whether rightly or wrongly their team claimed, was affecting the weather here on Earth, (yes, they knew about it back then). However, Lindon Johnson apparently had more sinister ideas and wanted to use the weather as a weapon. In his subcommittee’s detailed summary statement, Johnson proclaimed that;

"our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space."Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” (which is exactly what is happening now, 60 years later!)

Johnson continued:

“In essence, the Soviet Union has appraised control of space as a goal of such consequence that achievement of such control has been made the first aim of national policy.”
“our decisions, more often than not, have been made within the framework of the Government’s annual budget. Against this view, we now have on record the appraisal of leaders in the field of science, respected men of unquestioned competence, whose valuation of what control of outer space means renders irrelevant the bookkeeping concerns of fiscal officers. - Vice President Johnson. “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather, and he who controls the weather will control the world” - Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962).

A prominent scientist at the time, called Harry Wexler, who was on JFK's team, warned the US government in 1962 that increased pollution from rocket exhaust was doing terrible things to our atmosphere. However, the military intervention made sure the experiments continued. Harry Wexler warned the government that chlorine and bromine were destroying the ozone which would eventually disrupt the jet stream which in turn would cause worldwide weather chaos. One of the biggest causes of extreme weather recently is the erratic behavior of a disrupted jet stream which causes horrendous storms, flooding, heatwaves, and bone-crunching cold along with countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Wexler died suddenly in 1962 of a heart attack before he could release his findings to the public. . . Magnetosphere modifications began almost immediately (Space-weather modification). They, the military-industrial complex have been shooting up the atmosphere ever since, while Al Gore, NASA, NOAA, et al have been blaming us.

According to Wikipedia, in 1958 Wexler was concerned that atom bomb testing may lead to a new ice age from a nuclear winter scenario. From 1959 until 1961 he proposed and promoted the idea of a World Weather Watch. In 1961 he served as the lead negotiator for the U.S. in talks with the U.S.S.R. concerning the joint use of meteorological satellites. He continued working at the bureau until his death in 1962. Wexler had been researching the link connecting chlorine and bromine compounds to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layers but died of a heart attack while on vacation in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Wexler had already accepted an invitation to deliver a lecture entitled "The Climate of Earth and Its Modifications" at the University of Maryland Space Research and Technology Institute. Another twelve years would pass before the first papers about the effect of chlorofluorocarbons on the ozone layer were published in 1974, during which CFC production had increased "Had Wexler lived to publish his ideas", author James Rodger Fleming would observe later, "they would certainly have been noticed and could have led to a different outcome and perhaps an earlier coordinated response to the issue of stratospheric ozone depletion." He was just 51 when he died.

Wexler's warning

Harry Wexler warned in 1962 that rockets were burning holes in the ionosphere, destroying the ozone layer, and modifying weather on a global scale (causing global warming). The year following his death, W. W. Kellogg from the RAND Corporation suggested expanding the use of sounding rockets (research rockets) to do just that: modify global weather. Wexler’s prescient work between 1958 and 1962 “On the Possibilities of Climate Control” reminds us that we are not the first generation to be involved with, or concerned about geoengineering. “The subject of weather and climate control is now becoming respectable to talk about.” So began Harry Wexler in his speech “On the Possibilities of Climate Control,” given in early 1962 to technical audiences in Boston, Hartford, and Los Angeles. Wexler, who studied meteorology at MIT and served as Chief of Scientific Services at the US Weather Bureau, supported his claim by citing, among others, President John F. Kennedy’s recent speech at the United Nations proposing, “cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control” and the State Department’s urging of “early and comprehensive study in the light of developments in outer space of the possibility of large-scale weather modification.”

Wexler assured his audiences that he was concerned not with the long and the checkered history of cloud modification leading to more-or-less localized precipitation influences, but with planetary-scale manipulation of the Earth’s short-wave and long-wave radiation budget that would result in “rather large-scale effects on the general circulation patterns in short or longer periods, even approaching that of climatic change.” These effects included increasing world temperature by several degrees by detonating up to ten H-bombs in the Arctic Ocean; decreasing world temperature by launching powder into an equatorial orbit to shade the Earth and make it look somewhat like Saturn and its rings; and notably, destroying all stratospheric ozone above the Arctic circle using a relatively small amount of a catalytic agent such as chlorine or bromine. Wexler was interested in both inadvertent climate modification, such as might be created by rocket exhaust gases or other pollution, and purposeful effects, whether peaceful or hostile. So, remember it was Wexler, about 50 years ago, who first claimed climate control was “respectable.” Wexler died suddenly in 1962. Harry Wexler on Geoengineering and Ozone Destruction 

800,000 years of carbon dioxide levels stability disturbed almost overnight!

Below is a graph from NASA, showing 800,000 years of carbon dioxide levels, (parts per million) and the sudden spike during the ‘50s jumping to today’s level. This spike, however, also relates to a gradual rise in sea and surface temperatures, global warming begins but more interestingly we see a similar rise in natural disasters, such as major quakes, volcano activity, droughts, extreme temperatures, famine, flooding wildfires, and Cyclones. Credit, Climate We have to ask ourselves at this point, just what caused the sudden explosion on our planet’s carbon dioxide level in the late ‘50s, after 800,000 years of reasonable stability? Factorie and automobile emissions, our Sun, nuclear weapon testing, or the Space Race?

The steady rise in natural disasters collaborating with the carbon dioxide data from NASA.

Another graph, this one from Our World In Data is clearly showing the steady rise in natural disasters, collaborating with the carbon dioxide data from the NASA graph above. The number of recorded natural disaster events, all-natural disasters from 1900 to 2019 is showing a considerable rise in the number of global reported natural disaster events in any given year. However, what we should be focussing on here is the steady rise after the year, 1957, or to be more specific, the late ‘50s, early ‘60s. The rise is undeniable. Our World In Data has supplied in the graph, disasters from droughts, floods, extreme weather, extreme temperatures, landslides, dry mass movements, wildfires, volcanic activity, and of course, earthquakes. 

Interestingly enough, 1957 recorded the then-record number of major quakes, in 1958 a record number of “confirmed volcano eruptions” were recorded. According to the Smithsonian Foundation archives, 1958 recorded 44 “confirmed eruptions” in one year. Since 1958 that amount has only been surpassed on four occasions, 1964 when 45 confirmed eruptions were recorded, 2004, the highest ever with 49 confirmed eruptions, and 2005 and 2008 also with 45.


Above another graph, this one from Our World In Data is clearly showing the steady rise in natural disasters since around 1957.

The beginning of Global Warming, or if you prefer, Climate Change

No Slow On Global Warming claims NOAA in the graph below but notice when global warming began, yes right-bang in our ball-park area of the late ‘50s, early ‘60s. It is generally thought global warming was first mentioned in the 19th century but didn’t really catch on until the late ‘80s. However, we can clearly see on the graph below, during the late ‘50s and the early ‘60s the evidence of the warming effect of carbon dioxide was becoming increasingly convincing. The fledgling NASA organization had discovered that maybe our “Sun” and not carbon emissions were warming the Earth’s climate. It is interesting to note that on NOAA’s graph below are the two extra spikes in global warming we can see during the two World War periods. We can clearly see a spike from 1914 to 1918, however, in 1940 a much larger spike was visible and a sudden drop off in 1946.  

 Death of our species

Untold billions of animals are being lost every year due to wildfires, drought, heat, cold, floods, disease, neglect, over-farming, and natural disasters and while the experts keep telling us we can stop the slide if we work together the problem is increasing dramatically every year and surely we have now crossed the tipping point of no return? Many billions of birds are dying around the world. Billions of fish have been overfarmed and are not being replenished which is causing a knock-on effect in our oceans causing other fish and mammals and seabirds to die of starvation, the pollution of our oceans is on an unimaginable scale. Crops are failing around the world for the same reasons mentioned above plus, soil erosion. Millions of farms are going bust due to Covid-19, pests, soil erosion, drought, heat, flooding, cold, and disease. Back in 1960, organizations and scientists began to realize many animal species around the world were beginning to disappear, in 2020, a damning living planet report by World Wildlife discovered insects, butterflies, fish, birds, and many other species had died off by more than 70% and some by more than 80% since the '70s and many will have gone forever by 2030. Soil erosion, pests, and disease had caused the same devastation in plant life and crops. The rain and temperate forests of the world, the very lungs of our planet are being systematically destroyed. Our oceans have become barren graveyards through overfishing and terrible pollution.

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Hawkeye said...

He who controls the weather controls the world. Hmmm, sounds similar to what is quoted here from 1962 doesn't it? Control space is to control the weather because all those horrible rocket launches are putting satellites up over our atmosphere and heads to control the weather!!! Can you see how it all connects? Yes carbons etc "sprayed in to the atmosphere" are adding to the rocket holes to get those weather satellites up there, BUT those spray disbursements are not miniscule, they are geoengineering chems in horrific amounts.

GW will never ever be solved or rectified or slowed or corrected or anything positive until the giganticly visible elephant in the room is realized, included in all climate discussions and admitted to the public. There would be less to none of those rocker launches if this weather control did not exist.
You cant fix a problem if you are not looking for the actual cause(s). The GW crisis is caused by radiation that comes from technology emissions, rocket launches, geoengineering spraying and frequency towers, all of which emit serious amounts of radiation (heat burn) and cause serious ozone depletion which allows extremely harmful amounts of solar UV radiation through our atmosphere. It's not the sun doing this, it's not the carbons, not any of what media reports, it is 2 big fat causes that are responsible for all the symptoms we experience....radiation from radioactive elements in geoengineering operations AND every single drop of radioactive nuclear shit that leaks and spills and is emitted massively from the 2 huge causes - nuclear energy/weapons/meds/spray. Stop that and all the rest of the excuses will cease to exist.
Delete this, ignore this, deny this....all increase the guaranteed extinction of this human race. It's that simple, but there is zero truth in this world to the point that you even deny what your own eyes tell you. That's why we are doomed to be poisoned until no one is left. Face it or it's face down folks. Are you ready to say it out loud yet?!

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rockets cause global warming? What a bunch of useless drivel