Saturday 6 March 2021

2021! The highest number of major quakes ever recorded in the first 65 days of a year! In all 42 major quakes, mag 6 or higher have rocked the planet: Astonishingly 26 have rocked the eastern margin of the Australia plate since the first day of 2021

Credit USGS; Almost 800 quakes mag 4 or higher with an astonishing 26 above mag 6 or higher have struck the eastern margin of the Australia plate since the first day of 2021 resulting in the biggest major quake total, mag 6 or higher in the first 65 days of the year.

By Gary Walton

In all 42 major quakes, mag 6 or higher have rocked the planet in just 65 days and we could be well on the way to recording the highest number ever recorded in a year which was 207 in 2011, the year of the Fukushima disaster. What makes the incredible number even more exciting is that the majority of the major quakes have been located along the eastern margin of the Australia plate. 27 of them in fact. What makes this total more incredible is that in the same period in 1921, a hundred years ago only 7 major quakes, mag 6 or higher had been recorded globally according to the USGS Data Base. Something big could well be about to unfold along with the "record-breaking" start to the year along the eastern margin of the Australia plate and the timing could well be crucial with the 10th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster next week. 

Of the 42 major quakes recorded this year only two, a mag 6.2 recorded in Mongolia in January and a mag 6.3 recorded in Grecce earlier this month have been outside the Pacific Ring Of Fire. Stranger still 36 of the 42 have been on the Western side of the Pacific Ring leaving the Western Coast of the US still waiting for the "big one!"

To emphasise the incredible total of major quakes so far this year, we have to go back to earlier years for comparison. Last year in the same period during the dark beginning of 2020 a total of 24 major quakes, mag 6 or higher had been recorded around the globe, coincidently not one recorded along the eastern margin of the Australia plate which is dominating this year's activity. Back in 2019, just 20 major quakes had been reported up to March the 6th, just 50% of this year's total. In 2018, 24 major quakes had been reported and in 2017, just 15, 2017 went on to record the lowest amount of major quakes this century. In 2016, 24 and in 2015, just 18. Coincidentally, the highest number ever recorded in a year was 207 in 2011, the year of the Fukushima disaster, however, in that year up to March the 6th only 30 major quakes, mag 6 or higher had been recorded.  

Seismotectonics of the Eastern Margin of the Australia Plate

According to USGS, the eastern margin of the Australia plate is one of the most seismically active areas of the world due to high rates of convergence between the Australia and Pacific plates.

In the region of New Zealand, the 3000 km long Australia-Pacific plate boundary extends from south of Macquarie Island to the southern Kermadec Island chain. It includes an oceanic transform (the Macquarie Ridge), two oppositely verging subduction zones (Puysegur and Hikurangi), and a transpressive continental transform, the Alpine Fault through South Island, New Zealand.

What is happening along the eastern margin of the Australia plate this year is similar to the great Honshu quake swarm on the Japanese Trench back in 2011 when around 70 major quakes, mag 6 or higher caused the destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and resulted in the deaths of 22,000 people. The 2011 total of recorded major quakes was the highest ever at 207.

Back in 1957 another swarm, 74 major quakes struck the Aleutian arc extending approximately 3,000 km from the Gulf of Alaska resulting in the then-record number of quakes in a year of 205. 

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Christopher said...

Hi Gary, What do you think is the driving force behind these clusters of earth quakes? Our Sun, Anthropogenic Activities, Nature? Several months ago I mentioned I was Reading a book called "Under An Ionized Sky". I am 0n page 267 of 352. I don't like to admit it but it but the book has taken me a year to read. I have had to put it down for breaks for various reasons. Plus it is depressing and a difficult read.

In the book Elana Freeland goes into depth and scale of how the USA and a plethora of other countries are participating in RFR weaponization of our Planet, Atmosphere and Space. Black Projects account for 1/3 of the USA Military Budget. These projects are overseen by unelected ass holes in the Pentagon. DARPA = DEVIL. To you and all of your readers, If you want to truly know and understand the Evil we are up against I recommend reading this book. The Book reveals the technologies used to create 6 meters of snow in Iran last March as well as causing Earth quakes, Volcanic eruptions, Droughts, Deluge and Flooding, Directed Energy Weapons or DEW's, Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown, plus a plethora of resources on how to survive the gauntlet of death and destruction we all face.

God Bless us All with a shield of truth, courage and love. Gary Thank You For Being a Beacon of Light in the encroaching darkness and shadow of night.

steve hudson said...

geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon says in his books that the number of quakes stronger than 6 has been increasing since 1970 -- possibly because the georeactor at earth's core is running out of uranium.

Gary Walton said...

Christopher, I know just as much as you, sorry mate...

Gary Walton said...

Steve, it happened in 1957, the increase

Christopher said...

Gary no offense, but I think You know more than I do in a lot of subjects. That is why I read TBW and dare to comment on your blog. Seeking the Truth is a Grand Adventure. Cheers!

Gary Walton said...

It certainly is Christopher, we are blessed to be alive in such wonderous times!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been hearing vague rumors that at least some of these quakes aren't "earthquakes" at all; they are military operations involving blowing up tunnels and bases and whatnot underground.
Looking at it from your vantage point, could/would you comment? Thank you

Gary Walton said...

Well, that's just nuts! why would they be doing that in the middle of nowhere? This is the South Pacific, I take it you are an American?

Omar Bonavena said...

Me acorde de q a principiosde año Luz de Maria una elegida q recibe mensajes de nuestra Madre y nuestro Señor, pidio oracion por Australia y Singapur..
Parece que va a pasar algo grande en esa zona proximamente, entre volcanes y terremotos..


Amado Pueblo Mío, fuertes terremotos causan estragos, oren por los países que les hemos solicitado orar, incluyendo a Singapur y Australia.

Gary Walton said...


I remembered that at the beginning of the year Luz de Maria, a chosen one who receives messages from our Mother and our Lord, asked for prayer for Australia and Singapore.
It seems that something big is going to happen in that area soon, between volcanoes and earthquakes ..


My dear people, strong earthquakes are wreaking havoc, pray for the countries we have asked you to pray for, including Singapore and Australia.

BillyMeierinfrench said...

You can see the work of Bill McGuire and Pietro Sternai who have written about the links between climate cahnge and the frequency of volcanic eruptions or you can read this explanation :
he climatic change does not change Earth alone, but it bears effects into the SOL system to the Kuiper Belt, and probably even much farther into space. If the ocean currents are intermingling, they create tremendous amounts of energy through their huge masses of water, which are influencing the gravitational field, besides the contraction and compression of the Earth’s atmosphere, which has already imperceptibly started. Through the whole thing of the already occurring climatic change, inevitably the first changes have arisen in the fauna and flora which are not yet been detected by the scientists, unfortunately, but from which sooner or later visible consequences will emerge. The time has already come that the climate change is moving around gigantic masses of ice and water through which dangerous pressure effects on the earth’s crust are created and tectonic shifts are provoked. This inevitably leads to more severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as is also the case with large reservoirs, which is still disputed by the bigoted scientists; not seldom because they don’t want to admit the truth or are paid for their false calculations by the billions-worth companies. However, what is not heeded with the necessary care is the fact that through the melting of the inland-glaciers of all countries, as well as the melting of the glaciers of Greenland, the Antarctica and Arctic, the sea level rises, which finally leads to disastrous geological consequences. Greenland's gigantic ice-surfaces, the two poles and the inland-glaciers of all countries with many billion tons of weight on the underground, which is pressed deep into the earth's crust, by which great depressions have been formed. If the gigantic masses of ice now are melting, the pressure on the underground diminishes and, as a result, it is moving very quickly upwards, and the relaxation leads to the disappearance of the depression. This is not harmless, however, because tectonic movements are resulting through the relaxation, through which earthquakes of all strengths are increasingly released. In another way, through the emerging melt-water the sea level is rising, through which the coastal regions are plagued by new hydraulic pressure. As a result, the underground is changing, however at great depths, where great magma-masses are moved and driven into volcanoes, which leads to new and increased volcanic eruptions. But the total of the immense increase of the water-masses in the oceans leads to another evil effect, because they (the water-masses) are influencing the rotation of the earth, in a way that the planet starts turning faster, and a change in the time of day is caused. However, this is not all that results from climate-warming because, truthfully, the human being is also negatively influenced by it in a physical, psychic and mental way. Thus depressions arise that are spreading more and more among many people on earth and are turning into chronic conditions. Disorders of consciousness also appear more frequently, and so states of anxiety as well as thoughts and feelings of loss are spreading more and more, just as the cooling of thoughts and the resultant callousness. Brutality, violence and unscrupulousness become ever more blatant and lead to the murder of fellow human beings. All evils are increasingly getting out of hand, just as greed for enjoyment and the addiction to alcohol, medications, drugs and the adrenaline-kick. This is happening because the human being’s mental health is damaged by the climate change, and the anatomy of the brain is changing, even if this happens only imperceptibly for the time being and has not yet been recognised by the scientists – and will probably be disputed, since I openly mention this fact and truth.