Tuesday 1 December 2020

Something just ain't right regarding this coronavirus: In the north of England, the poor are desperately looking to charities, church parishes and food-banks for meals but death rate of 75+ers is significantly lower than last year?

Homeless man sleeping in London, credit Allan warren, Wikipedia

I think you may agree, something is going on, something we can't quite figure out, but everyone knows, something just ain't right regarding this coronavirus. Our governments told us the virus would be a great leveller but once again, it is the poorest communities which have been hit the hardest.

In the north of England, the poor are desperately looking to charities, church parishes and food-banks for meals and many are suffering from hunger as their financial plight toughens in the wake of Covid-19. The old, needy, sick, invalids and the homeless in Englands most deprived areas in the north are suffering the most and their needs are colossal.

Even people with work can't make ends meet as minimall wages disappear just as fast they get them with unpaid bills swallowing them up as many of the poor have taken a large dip in wages due to the virus, increasing their money stress. The level of need in the poor areas is now unprecedented but never mentioned on MSM.

Help from the government is coming but "too little, too late," with many of the poor falling through the cracks. Loneliness, depression and mental health problems are soaring as poverty-stricken people are forced into lockdown after lockdown. Many people are becoming angry because the government is not listening to the poor, they are the ones who need help.

As the world approaches 100 million covid-19 cases and 1.5 million deaths I myself have some underlying doubts as to just what is really going on. Strange stories are circulating, things ain't adding up, statistics are not backing up the so-called facts.

In the UK, Boris Johnson and his government would have us believe the virus is running through the British Isles totally out of control but the stats tell us an entirely different story.

In a July report commissioned by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, scientists estimated that there could be 119,000 deaths in the UK if a second spike coincided with a peak of winter flu. last week that figure stood at 54,286 – less than half that.

In fact, the second peak seems to have passed – over the past week, there has been an average of 22,287 new infections a day, down from 24,430 the week before.

The slowing rate of increase shows the worst of Britain's second wave has already passed and fatalities could have peaked and are now falling again. This is backed up by daily Department of Health data that show coronavirus deaths in England appeared to peak on November 21 — around two weeks after the national lockdown was imposed — and then started to decline again. 

On average, 375 deaths were being recorded each day by the Government on November 21. This then declined to 351 on November 23, the most recent data and is thought to be still dropping. 

In mid-September, Sir Patrick made the terrifying claim that the UK could see 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day by mid-October unless more draconian restrictions were introduced. Yet we never got near that figure.

Death predictions and reality.

The Public Health England/Cambridge, led by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty estimated by late November England would be suffering more than 4,000 deaths a day from the virus, the true data is expected to under 500, still terrible but.

We keep on hearing of hospitals not coping with dying patients lying on beds in corridors. Last month UK government experts published a chart which suggested hospitals were severely under strain and at breaking point. According to the Daily Mail, only 13% of the UK's hospital beds were actually occupied by patients with Covid-19 last week.

The average hospital bed occupancy across England, Whales and Northern Ireland in 2020 are actually slightly less than at the same time last year!!! Once again, "the number of NHS hospital beds currently occupied in England is lower than last years average."

According to the Mail, on November the 5th, there was actually 1,300 fewer patients in hospital beds than last year's November average.

Now get this, on November the 8th, the number of occupied hospital critical beds across the British Isles was actually lower than the 5-year average from 2015 to 2019.

The huge Knigtingale hospitals which were speedily erected earlier in the year to help combat the covid "onslaught" have NEVER been more than 1.23% occupied.

Of those who have died in England, 95% of them had at least one serious pre-existing serious medical condition. Just 42 people of people under the age of 40 have died from covid without a pre-existing medical condition.

Are more people dying than last year?

Slightly more is the answer but there is a good reason for that. In the week to November 6th, overall deaths in England stood at  11,812 which is 14.3%, 1,481 higher than the 5-year average. The death rate would be significantly lower, however, but for the fact that record-breaking heatwaves this summer killed an estimated 2,566 excess deaths according to a government study this week. Full story here

According to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures – for October 2020 – in spite of all the Covid-19 deaths, the average death rate in the over-75s was significantly lower this year than it was last October – 6,901.7 per 100,000 people, compared with 7141.7 for last year.

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Anonymous said...

Worthwhile listen to an MD, who grew up under communism: https://vaccineimpact.com/2020/covid-vaccines-biological-weapons-of-mass-destruction-says-wyoming-medical-doctor-and-manager-for-wyomings-state-public-health-department/

The PCR test which is not suitable for diagnosis, is currently run at such high amplification cycles that any positive test result obtained from them are 'definitely false positives' - said Dr Fauci in summer 2020.

And what does he do? NOTHING all tests I and others have seen currently in use are above the 33 or even 35 cut off for any possible meaningful positive results, and run at above 40, mostly 45 amplification cycles!

Search for www.TheHighWire.com/false-positive-covid-tests-will-extend-unjustified-lockdowns-fauci-admits-miniscule-accuracy/

At that site scroll down for the link to the expert talk where Dr Fauci's whole conversation is played.

And these PCR tests search for a sequence of a virus that has never been isolated/purified, genetically characterized OR shown to cause all those flu-like covid-19 symptoms (37 nucleotide pairs were isolated but they could come from anything dead or alive in the lung sample they were found in; the rest of 'sars-cov-2" genome has been computer generated!)

So, how can any test be really reliable (incl. the 'antibody test')? AND covid19 and flu patients/cases/deaths haven't been separated by most governments, and US won't even count flu cases/deaths in 2021, just why.

Christopher said...

Hi Gary, We are witnessing "New Math" and a basket full of Plandemic lies. The Pandemic is over, but the Scamdemic is not. Humanity is being played like a fiddle into our own planned demise. Event 201 that happened back in October 2019 forecasted exactly what we are struggling through this year. This is our Satanic, Paedophile, Globalist attempt to collapse the world economy to achieve their "Great Reset".

If the USA's fraudulent election some how allows Beijing Biden into the White House the whole world will suffer sooner than later. I am not down for that and sense approx. 80 million other Americans are not down for that either. The fan is on high and there is a pile accelerating towards it. My common sense and intuition tell me next year is going to be way worse than this year.

As for the numbers not adding up. In February I told my nursing supervisor that I predicted deaths would go down because less people would be going to the doctor. Allopathic medicine kills 400,000 plus Americans annually. No wonder I do not want or need health insurance. What a F---ing nightmare.

Apology for cussing. I am feeling negative at the moment like I want to forarm smash Bill Gates and bust his birth control glasses! Take Care

Gary Walton said...

Thank you, Cristopher

john said...

The virus is just the first phase to soften up the UK zombie population. The number wearing masks gives the Govt. a good indication as to how compliant people are.
In January, phase 2 will begin, the food shortages, mostly blamed on the failure of the Brexit trade talks. They have already indicated that they expect food supply problems. The lockdown has hit the hospitality trade, which in turn will cause the collapse of the wholesalers. Once they are gone, then the food supply will be solely in the hands of the big supermarkets. They have already got shoppers used to rationing of certain goods.
Farmers have been told that their EU subsidies will be changed for a system which rewards them for returning the land to it's natural state, rather than using it to produce crops or graze livestock. They will be given no option if they wish to keep their farms.
When the food riots are underway they will drop the power grid and blame it on a Russian cyber attack.
It won't take long.

Gary Walton said...

Interesting John, we will see, thanks

Melly said...

The rapture is coming soon Gary, everyone take care until then, Amen. God Bless.

Gary Walton said...

God bless Melly

Slaterdom said...

I live in the north of England. Its shopping as normal. Everyone out for black friday deals... weekend deals. I'd like to know your sources. Turn the tv off and covid doesnt exist.

Gary Walton said...

Hi Slaterdom, stats come from The Public Health England/Cambridge, the rest is mostly my observations.